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1[[WMG: In the future Penny will marry an older version of [[WesternAnimation/TheIncredibles Dash.]]]]²²[[WMG: Penny has a [[InterspeciesRomance special]] relationship with Bolt.]]²²Can I be the first to say: EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!²²[[WMG: Penny received a name change at some point and was at one point [[ComicBook/AvengersAcademy an actual superhero named Veil]].]]²²Seriously, Veil looks exactly like an older version of Penny.²[[WMG: Alternatively, she received a name change when younger and Penny's old name was [[WesternAnimation/PrepAndLanding Grace Goodwyn]].]]²As above, Grace looks like a younger version of Penny. Then again Penny Forester could be a fake name so it could be her actual name. It could go either way.²²[[WMG: Rhino actually does have superpowers.]]²They might be of the [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Charles Atlas Superpower]] variety, but he's been shown to keep pace with trucks on the highway and drag ladders around by himself with nothing more than his hamster ball. That's unusually fast and strong for a hamster, even one as big as Rhino. So how is he managing that?²²[[WMG: The Bolt TV series is a spinoff, sequel, or remake.]]²Of "The Adventures of Thunderbolt" from 101 Dalmatians. The premise and name are similar, and characters from Lady and the Tramp appear in 101 Dalmatians, so it makes sense for all the dog Disney movies take place in the same universe.²²[[WMG: Bolt and Mittens are a past incarnation of Mouse and Mister from the Dresden Files]]²Because, let's face it, the similarities between Bolt's pretend powers and Mouse's actual powers are just way too ridiculous. You have Super Strength, Super Speed, Indestructibility, and a really loud Bark. Now, who am I talking about? On top of that, both have a little girl they look after, both act as though they are the owners (explicit for Mouse, more implicit with Bolt) and are both very big softies. Plus, the idea of Mouse and Mister talking nostalgically of the 'good ol' days' while everyone else stares on with ridiculous looks is way too hilarious.²²[[WMG: The show's director is [[ComicBook/SpiderMan Quentin Beck]], more commonly known as Mysterio]]²The show's supposed to specifically be real enough to fool one dog, one very specific dog, but what little of the show was seen (the beginning part at least) seems like it'd take a lot of complicated special effects and similar trickery to pull it off. And such tricks and illusions are exactly Beck's cup of tea, and if memory serves, Beck was a temperamental 'artist' sort, and like the director, lacks a sense of ethics. Presumably, when the show ends up getting scrapped, or got sacked after the fire happened, one way or another, he loses his could serve as easily turning into an origin story if he can't really find any work afterwards.²* My Yeses. Take them all. ²Also, automatic headcanon. ²Also, cross-over with the MCU. ²WHERE'S GAMORA!?²²[[WMG: Bolt and Penny died.]]²Simple enough. What’s the cliche of where a dead dog went when you feel like your child is too young to understand death? A nice farm. Bolt and Penny are in heaven, and time moves differently so you’re not without your loved ones for long. It also explains the one odd thing about the ending: the entire movie worked on a strict animals talk to animals, humans talk to humans and never shall they mix. So, how did the alien plot show up in the show? Either there was a scientific breakthrough in-between scenes, or it’s part of Bolt, Penny, Rhino, Mittens and Penny’s mom’s Heaven, inspired by the pigeons.²[[WMG: the studio published [[graphic novels] based on the tv series after it was cancelled.]] ²Many tv shows aimed at kids have supplementary materials like this. A publishing company got their hands on the series rights and began publishing graphic novels based on the in universe series that were much better received than the show.


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