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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛''Liar Liar'' is a short {{visual novel}} created in UsefulNotes/RenPy by by the Website/{{Tumblr}} user [[ Tokimekiwaku]]. Originally an experiment on how to write [=VNs=] and plot flags, the game's popularity exploded about a day after it was posted, leading to a slew of fanart and a sequel, ''Pants on Fire''.˛˛Liar Liar follows the story of Yukari, an adorable middle schooler with [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair green hair]]. She asks the player to assist in killing her boyfriend. Along the way, she may find love, or she might die horrifically.˛˛The first game's description and download [[ can be found here]]; [[ the sequel is here]]. Tokimekiwaku ended up making a GaidenGame featuring ''Pants On Fire'''s Wakabayashi based off an old AprilFoolsDay joke, which can be downloaded [[ here]]. A remake of ''Pants on Fire'' is also in the works, with the [[ demo]] released in March 2017.˛˛Please do not confuse it with the [[Film/LiarLiar Jim Carrey movie]].˛----˛!!This game provides examples of:˛˛* ActionSurvivor: [[spoiler:Tanaka]] might count, as he'll save [[spoiler:Yukari's boyfriend]] if you kill [[spoiler:Miho]] (thus preventing her from saving [[spoiler:Yukari]] from [[spoiler:Tanaka]] saving [[spoiler:Yukari's boyfriend]].... it gets complicated.)˛* ALoveToDismember: [[ Apparently]], Yukari keeps her victims' (or at least her favorite victims') heads in jars in her personal collection. Also, [[spoiler: Tohru to Tanaka.]]˛* AmicableExes: It isn't mentioned in-game, but WordOfGod says that Yukari and Tanaka [[ used to date,]] but [[ broke up on good terms.]] This still doesn't mean [[spoiler: Yukari won't try to kill him for getting in her way though.]]˛* ArtStyleDissonance: Even when horrifically gory violence occurs, the art is cute and usually is in bright pastel colors. The main character is pure SugarBowl cute, even when covered in blood!˛* AuthorAppeal: This game carries all the staples of Tokimekiwaku's art: deceptively cute characters with sinister personalities, lots of pastel colors, and plenty of gore.˛* AxCrazy: Everybody [[spoiler:except Tanaka, Yukari's unnamed boyfriend, and possible her childhood friend Nao.]]˛* BadEnd: Boy howdy, are some of them bad. The second game is even worse, as the difference between bad and good ends is fairly ambiguous, and there are more story branches than the first. You can even get one ''on the first choice'' - if you refuse to help Yukari, she'll kill you.˛* BuriedAlive: [[spoiler:Tanaka]], the poor guy. See ChewToy.˛* ChewToy: [[spoiler:Tanaka]], to ridiculous lengths. He survives being stabbed, dumped into a bathroom stall, stabbed AGAIN a few hours later, ''buried alive'', and some further damage in the second game, depending on route. At this point, it wouldn't be surprising if he shows up for a third game.˛* CompoundTitle: With its sequel, ''Pants on Fire'', making, the phrase, "Liar Liar, Pants on Fire".˛* CrapsaccharineWorld: This cute pastel world is a DysfunctionJunction of {{Stepford Smiler}}s, jerkass middle schoolers, abuse, murder, and general apathy, where the only good people are either picked on or dead. ˛* DeathOfAChild: Kids are killed and they kill others, plus [[spoiler:Yukari has been killing for years]].˛* DoubleDoubleTitle: ''Liar Liar''.˛* GaidenGame: ''Blood Idol Wakabayashi'', which mostly centers on Wakabayashi trying to become an idol.˛* GoryDiscretionShot: Zigzags. Makes sense, as it's a VN, so going in-depth with the various murder/torture scenes is both difficult and potentially disillusioning. There's a few bloody scenes, but for the most part, the violence isn't visible. The descriptions tend to be discreet but illustrative as well.˛* HandHidingSleeves: Yukari's long sleeves look as though they're of the Cute variety, which only masks how unhinged she is. However, her overly long sleeves are actually meant to hide that she has [[ dermatillomania]].˛* KidsAreCruel: To say that about a good chunk of the cast and what they get up to is a vast understatement.˛* KillEmAll: The second game ends [[spoiler:with almost every named character dead.]]˛* KillerRabbit: Yukari, Miho, [[spoiler:and Yukari's sister]]. Other characters may count, depending on your definition of cute. See the AxCrazy description.˛* LivingLieDetector: Tanaka, apparently, which is why [[spoiler:Yukari has to bump him off first. Or at least try.]]˛* MultipleRouteMystery: Somewhat applies to the second game since, [[spoiler:the player can only discover that Thoru is a Yandere by playing his bad end, and the reader can only know the reason why Akira is a Yandere by playing one of his endings.]]˛* UnusualEyebrows: Yukari's eyebrows are heart-shaped.˛* VillainProtagonist: The game is about a girl murdering people after all.˛* {{Yandere}}: Tohru towards Tanaka.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Yukari's natural color appears to be green (her adorable, heart-shaped eyebrows match, and her sister is the same), and Tanaka's is pink.˛----


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