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1[[quoteright:296:]] ²'''''The Feeble Files''''' is a 1997 cartoony adventure game from Adventure Soft, creators of ''VideoGame/SimonTheSorcerer''. Its half-serious, half-comical plot serves as a rich source of references and shout-outs to ''Series/BlakesSeven'', ''Franchise/StarWars'', ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'' and many more.²²The player's character is Feeble, an alien whose job is to make CropCircles on Earth. He is fanatically loyal to the ObviouslyEvil totalitarian system of Omni Corporation, led by the central entity [=OmniBrain=]. However, one day, Feeble commits a terrible mistake, which puts him on the way to learn the truth about his society. Alongside fellow rebel Dolores and robot SAM, he marches forward, liberating the galaxy.²²----²!!''The Feeble Files'' provides examples of the following tropes:²²* ActionGirl: Dolores, though she doesn't really do much, except for one shooting sequence, where she is assisted by the player.²* AdaptationInspiration: While the game is obviously, though loosely, based on Orwell's ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'', ''Feeble Files'' does seem to divert from the anticommunist (albeit not antitotalitarian) message of the novel quite a bit. The Freedom Fighters address one another as "comrade", the EvilEmpire is referred to as "the Company" (the founding of which is elaborated on in a Bible-like book), the Metro Prime spaceport is a flashing center of commerce and paid entertainment, citizens are required to confess their crimes against the [=OmniBrain=] via confessional-like boxes, etc. One of the key differences between the novel and the game is that the Freedom Fighters' only problem with the [=OmniBrain=] is the political tyranny and brainwashing of citizens whereas no mention is ever made of any sort of poverty within society that actually does not seem to be the least bit prevalent anyway.²* AIIsACrapshoot: [[spoiler:The Founder decided to devise a simple program that would control the Corporation while he went to take a nap - a nap that ended up taking thousands of years. Meanwhile, the program, which he based on one of the simulation games he liked to play, ended up trying to "win" by conquering everything and ruling everyone as an omnipotent god.]]²* AirVentPassageway: Feeble has to crawl through a bunch of vents in the last sequence of the game in order to solve a number of puzzles.²* AnAxeToGrind: [[spoiler:The holy relic of Feeble's species. It's used to destroy [=OmniBrain=].]]²* AncientAstronauts: Interesting case where aliens (in this case Feeble's brother Filbert) are playing gods to other (primitive) aliens.²* AsleepForDays: [[spoiler:The Founder of the Corporation decided to take a nap that unintentionally ended up taking thousands of years.]]²* AsteroidThicket: Feeble ends up inside one during the intro.²* BloodlessCarnage: Played straight throughout almost the entire game, but averted when [[spoiler:Feeble deflects a projectile against TheDragon, causing him to take note of the blood coming from his chest before he dies]].²* {{Brainwashed}}: The Cygnus Alpha prison uses some kind of hypnosis to have the prisoners do what they are told.²* CainAndAbel: Feeble's brother has no issues setting his brother up to be erased by the authorities if it means finally getting a promotion.²* ComedicSociopathy: When SAM leaves Feeble's jerkass brother trapped in his lab, the entrance explodes shortly afterwards. He notes with a chuckle that he probably shouldn't have left all those explosives behind. ²* ComicallyMissingThePoint: When Feeble escapes from Cygnus Alpha and then discovers that his face is all over the news, his biggest concern is that they got a bad picture of him.²* ComplexityAddiction: You know that you're going to be in for some heavy cases of {{Moon Logic Puzzle}}s when the intro shows Feeble trying to get past a huge asteroid by attempting to blast a tunnel through it, instead of maybe ''flying around it''.²* CrackIsCheaper: InUniverse, a small bottle of fresh Charisma X pills costs 300 credits. When Feeble gets his hands on 400, he notes that this is more money than he's ever seen in his life.²* CropCircles: Feeble's job is to create them on Earth to scare innocent farmers.²* DidntThinkThisThrough: After returning to Metro Prime from Cygnus Alpha, Feeble is able to go to the automated Confession Booth and then "confess" that he is a rebel and that he will do what he can to overthrow [=OmniBrain=]. Later on he hears an announcement saying that he's become this cycle's top confessor, and that he should go to the nearest Confession Booth to receive his "reward". Feeble remarks that what he just did was probably a really bad idea.²* DiegeticInterface: Feeble's Oracle watch serves as both the pause menu with access to all sorts of options as well as the inventory.²* DisguisedInDrag: When Feeble becomes the number one most wanted criminal, he puts on [[PaperThinDisguise a dress and a wig]] to walk around the Metro Prime unopposed. Everyone completely falls for it.²* FelonyMisdemeanor: The Corporation's directives are an absolute ''minefield'' of those. For instance, if Feeble attempts to talk to a police officer in a simple attempt to start a friendly conversation, the officer is quick to twist his innocent intents into a big enough of an affront towards the Corporation and [=OmniBrain=] to consider it justified to send him for personality restructuring; the only reason he doesn't is because he chose to be "merciful" that time. Also, if one of the Happiness Robots catches you being unhappy for any reason, then he has no qualms about [[DisproportionateRetribution erasing you from existence on the spot]].²* GodGuise: Feeble's brother puts on one in order to get the natives to do what he wants.²* {{Hammerspace}}: Feeble's Oracle watch is somehow capable of holding an undetermined amount of items.²* HawaiianShirtedTourist: The local zoo at Metro Prime has one as a visitor. Feeble needs to steal his camera in order to complete a puzzle.²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:SAM ends up getting killed when trying to fight off the enemy robot who guards the center of the Corporation's operations. He does get better in the ending though.]]²* HowManyFingers: Before Feeble gets sent to Cygnus Alpha, the Investigators try to break him into mindless devotion to [=OmniBrain=] by asking him how many fingers they're holding (three) and repeatedly zapping him until he says "as many as [=OmniBrain=] wishes".²* ImmortalitySeeker: [[spoiler:The Founder of the Omni Corporation did not want to accept his incoming death and the inability to continue controlling the Corporation, so he tasked his subordinates with devising a room in which he could live forever, never aging nor needing to drink, eat or use the toilet. Unfortunately for everyone, not long after he got bored of trying to control everything by hand and decided to devise a program that would control everything for him, while he took a nap that ended up lasting thousands of years.]]²* IndyPloy: This is how Dolores goes about capturing a new prison ship to use as a way to get into the rebels' base.²* InsecurityCamera: Feeble is perfectly able to render a prison camera useless by lobbing some goop onto the lens. [[FailedASpotCheck While standing right in front of the camera.]]²* {{Jerkass}}: Feeble himself can be this at times, one of the examples being the fact that he has absolutely no issues tricking some random pilot at a bar into getting erased by a police officer, just so Feeble can steal his permission to dock. He also causes a random woman to break up with her boyfriend and get erased as a result, just so he could use the phone booth she was occupying to change his clothes.²* JustTestingYou: Feeble jokingly tells the local bar's bartender a made up rumor that [=OmniBrain=] is merely a falsehood devised by the rebels. The bartender responds that he will have to report Feeble saying that to the authorities. Feeble then responds that he was merely testing him and that he would have to report HIM if he said anything else.²* LaResistance: Feeble ends up joining one after getting sent to Cygnus Alpha. They want to overthrow [=OmniBrain=].²* LaserGuidedKarma: The minister of the Corporation sends Feeble to Cygnus Alpha because of the former accidentally causing a human satellite to damage the building of the Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty. [[spoiler:Later on Feeble gets his revenge by tricking the minister into drinking [[IAteWhat Miracle Mud]] and then sending HIM to Cygnus Alpha.]]²* LawfulStupid: The guy who works at Metro Prime's docking station insists that the pilot of the big ship that currently resides there cannot dock unless he has the correct permission to do so. Even though the pilot repeatedly explains to him that it would be in his best interest to just let him dock anyway.²* Letters2Numbers: The name of a puzzle-relevant ship is "[=KICKA55=]".²* ListOfTransgressions: As the game goes on, Feeble's Oracle watch gets filled with more and more entries of all the directives he violated.²* LogicBomb: Feeble manages to trigger one in Cygnus Alpha's guardian android by changing the channel of the prison's TV to a traitor network and then removing the power button. The android is then presented with the mutually exclusive issues of having to stop the TV from displaying the traitor channel, which would require him to destroy the TV, but it being against the rules to try to destroy Corporation's property. The android overloads as a result and powers down.²* LuckBasedMission: Trying to walk around the prison while the guardian android is still working. He visits the different floors of the complex completely at random, so it's down to pure luck as to whether he just so happens to show up on a given floor while you're still on it.²* {{Microts}}: The game's characters frequently use "cycle" and "click" when referring to various amounts of time. It's never made clear what ''exactly'' is the amount of time these two are supposed to represent.²* MoleInCharge: [[spoiler:TheDragon somehow manages to become the leader of the Resistance, and tricks everyone into getting themselves captured. It becomes Feeble's task to save them.]]²* MortonsFork: A freighter pilot is accused of transporting contraband material, and tries to talk his way out of it by claiming he was forced to transport the contraband by anti-government rebels. The security officer carrying out the interrogation decides that if he's telling the truth, he deserves death for knowingly conspiring with rebels; otherwise he's lying to a security officer to save his own skin, which is also an executable offence, and shoots the freighter pilot dead. ²* OverlyLongGag: The pilot and the clerk who handles all ships that land on Metro Prime's docking station talk for ''quite'' a while about how the former cannot dock without the correct permission.²* ShootTheBuilder: The guy who devised the security systems on Cygnus Alpha gets sent there as a prisoner shortly after. When Feeble asks him why, he says it's because the information on those systems became classified and he still had them in his brain.²* ShoutOut: Just as with ''VideoGame/SimonTheSorcerer'', the game world is built on them, sometimes on multiple ones. For example, Company's penal colony is named [[Series/BlakesSeven Cygnus Alpha]] and it looks roughly like an [[Franchise/StarWars Imperial Star Destroyer]].²* SlippingAMickey: Feeble slips some expired Charisma X pills into the drink that he gives to the guy occupying the phone booth, just so the guy becomes uncharismatic enough that he breaks up with the girl he was talking to.²* SolveTheSoupCans: There is a puzzle where Feeble has to take a chair from a bar... but he's not able to take one until he uses DJ machinery to shine light onto it. Even though the chair that Feeble is supposed to take is still visible without it and nothing holds it in place, nor is it out of his reach.²* TakingYouWithMe: When Feeble and Dolores steal a ship to escape from Cygnus Alpha, one of the guards that was thrown into outer space ends up landing on their windshield. He takes this opportunity to shoot one of their engines before being thrown back into space again. It results in the ship being forced to crash land on the nearby planet.²* TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat: Feeble ends up talking to his long-dead grandfather in his tomb through a hologram that is inexplicably capable of correctly responding to what he says. Though the game never really makes it clear whether it's this trope or it literally being a holographic ghost of the grandfather.²* TechnicolorScience: Feeble is forced at one point to concoct a potion by mixing differently-colored potions in the right order.²* TeleporterAccident: Dolores attempts to use a teleporter that Feeble's evil brother described as malfunctioning, thinking that he only said that to dissuade them from using it, and she ends up being turned into a squid.²* TriggerHappy: SAM is a robot specifically designed for mass destruction, and tries to find every possible excuse to try solving every problem he comes across by shooting at it. He's not happy that other characters, especially Feeble, do not share the same sentiment and keep ordering him to stay civil.²* UnexpectedGameplayChange: There is a brief RailShooter segment where you have to shoot at guards who pop out from behind cover.²* UnexplainedRecovery: When Feeble finds Dolores in Cygnus Alpha, she's had her leg broken for several days and had to stay in the garbage dump, unable to move. But when Feeble manages to steal a ship and get Dolores onto it, her injury is not mentioned again and she's perfectly able to walk and run with no issues.²* UselessSecurityCamera: In addition to the Insecurity Camera example above, there's other cameras in the prison that are clearly working and Feeble doesn't even attempt to tamper with them, yet they completely fail to pick up on the fact that there's a prisoner walking around the prison at night.²* VengefulVendingMachine: Used as part of a puzzle. Feeble tries to buy an item from a vending machine, which takes his money and refuses to dispense. Do this three times and he'll kick the vending machine in frustration, then feel guilty about it, which opens access to the confession booth area.²* WayPastTheExpirationDate: Feeble buys a bunch of very cheap, but also ''very'' expired Charisma X pills. As it turns out, they end up having the opposite effect when expired, causing the user to get very uncharismatic.²* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: We get a brief slideshow montage of what each major character does after the ending, and then the credits roll.²²----


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