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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:This is just the start.]]²²''Run'' is a 2008 3-D [[WebGames browser-based]] EndlessRunningGame by [[ player_03]]. It's much like other endless runners, except that every time you touch a wall, [[GravityScrew it becomes the new floor]]. [[RecycledInSpace In space.]]²²It has two sequels. ''Run 2'' introduces another player, adds optional bonuses, and makes the levels significantly blockier. ''Run 3'' reverts to the old tunnels, adds an infinite running mode, an ExcusePlot, and plenty of new characters.²²Run can be played [[ here]]. Run 2 is [[ here]]. Run 3 can be found [[ here]], and it has a free [[MobilePhoneGame mobile app]].²²Not related to the book ''Literature/{{Run}}''.²----²!!The Run series as a whole provides examples of:²* AlienGeometries: Random, infinitely long tunnels (or scattered rectangular platforms) in space for no reason.²* EndlessRunningGame: Subverted; there are levels, which ultimately end. Played straight by the Infinite mode in Run 3.²* FacelessProtagonist: The Runner, and the Skater as well as of Run 2. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] since we only see them from the back in the first two games. Averted in the third game, when we see them from the front.²* FloatingPlatforms: The tunnels are essentially this. Run 2 plays this straighter by having rectangular prisms that the character jumps on.²* FreewareGames: All games are completely free.²* GravityScrew: The game's gimmick. Touch a wall? Or a ceiling? Weaponized by certain characters in the third game:²** The Child holds a balloon, which allows him to glide.²** The electromagnet in [[GeniusDitz The Gentleman's]] hat pulls him to power cells.²** The Student can flip gravity if she jumps for long enough.²* HeroicMime: The player character never talks. [[SubvertedTrope Until the third game, that is.]] Even then, it's only in speech bubbles.²* LevelGoal: Each level ends once you reach a hallway which lacks any holes.²* MalevolentArchitecture: It's not actively trying to kill you, but it's certainly not making forward progress easy.²* NoOshaCompliance: Gaping holes in the floor to the point where it can barely be called a floor? Why are you even here? Lampshaded by the barrier at the beginning of Run 3 that warns you of unsafe ground.²* NoPlotNoProblem: You're in strangely geometrical tunnels. Who cares why you're there? Just run!²* OneHitpointWonder: Fall? You have to start from the beginning.²* VideoGameRemake: Run was originally supported on Adobe Flash. Due to Flash's discontinuation in December 2020, Run is being remade with a new camera called [=Away3D=], which is supported by [=HTML5=].²²!![[AdaptationExpansion Run 3]] provides examples of:²* AdaptationExpansion:²** Has significantly more content (in terms of both story and gameplay) than either of the first two games.²** The mobile app adds even more content, like an achievements system and an infinite running mode.²* CloudCuckoolander: The majority of the cast.²* ExcusePlot: Some of the characters want to go home. Some of them would rather explore. Some of them are animals. Well, it doesn't really matter; just run.²* SamusIsAGirl: Turns out that the [[FacelessProtagonist Runner]], the main protagonist of the first two games, is female.²* SuperJump: Some of the characters can do this, namely the Rabbit and Lizard.²* TemporaryPlatform: Type 1. Grey tiles (and all adjacent ones) fall if you touch them. Luckily, you have time to jump.²* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Averted. The characters are either male or female (with the exception of the Bunny and Lizard), but there's no clear way of telling which is which.²----


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