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1''[=ReVOLUTION=]'' is a Science Fiction FirstPersonShooter game. It was developed by FUN Labs, and published by Activision Value. It was released in 2002.
3In this game, there is a mega-corporation that has taken over every part of life known as The Corporation. You play as a new janitor named Jack Plummer for this organization. This janitor eventually comes to realize that The Corporation is engaging in something evil. He ends up joining a resistance movement called The Resistance.
5The backstory says that the environment is damaged, and that the human race has been modified to enhance strengths and minimize weaknesses. The Corporation seems to have a project called "New Breed" that ostensibly is for advancing the human race.
7For other works by this name, see {{Revolution}}.
9!!Tropes that appear in this VideoGame:
10* AlmightyJanitor: Jack Plummer starts out as a mere janitor of The Corporation. [[spoiler: He becomes the first experiment of the "New Breed", becoming so much more]].
11* MegaCorp: Known as The Corporation. It has taken over every facet of life.
12* MsFanservice: Jack Plummer meets Juana, a member of the Resistance, who is not shy about showing off a lot of skin.
13* ObviouslyEvil: The Corporation has a logo resembling a big, evil-looking winged skull. It also has posters saying "Power And Control," as well as "The Corporation Is The Sun Of Your New Life!" plastered all over the place.
14* OperaGloves: Juana, a member of the Resistance, wears these.
15* LaResistance: Jack Plummer eventually joins up with a group opposing The Corporation. This group is called the Resistance.
16* PropagandaMachine: The Corporation makes use of this. You'll see more than one poster saying "Power And Control," as well as "The Corporation Is The Sun Of Your New Life!"
17* RebelLeader: The Resistance has one, and his name is Marcus.
18* SequelHook: [[spoiler: Jack goes after the magnate guy, and on the final level, in the very end, we see a car fly away. The ending cutscene shows Jack just standing there, and then Marcus, the resistance leader, comes with his car, says it's over Jack, let's go, they go away, and then the staff roll goes by]]. However, a sequel has never been made.
19* YouNoTakeCandle: There is quite a bit of broken English in this game. The company FUN Labs is Romanian, so they might not have native English speakers on hand.