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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²²->[-RUN RUN PONPOKO-]\²[-TO EAT THE FRUITS-]\²[-JUMP BOUND AROUND-]\²[-WITH YOUR BIG BELLY OUT-]²-->-- AttractMode song²²''Ponpoko'' is a 1982 UsefulNotes/{{Arcade|Game}} PlatformGame. Though originally produced in Japan by Sigma Enterprises, it [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff became most popular in South Korea]], where it is known as ''Neoguri'' (너구리).²²The player controls a {{tanuki}} named Ponpoko, who goes around single-screen levels collecting fruits, climbing ladders, avoiding enemies, and jumping over spikes and gaps in the platforms.²²Not to be confused with ''Anime/PomPoko''.²----²!!Tropes appearing in this game:²* ChestMonster: "?" pots release either bonus points or snakes.²* EdibleCollectible: The object of each level is to eat the eight "fruits" (which may be vegetables or mushrooms).²* EndlessGame: The game only has 20 "patterns," and the 20th one just repeats after you beat it.²* EveryTenThousandPoints: The player gains an extra life at 30,000 points, though (as usual) difficulty switches can change this behavior.²* FallingDamage: Even falling one level is fatal, which makes it necessary to use the ladders.²* JumpPhysics: Not particularly generous by modern standards, though both a high jump and a low jump are available.²* SelectiveGravity: All the enemies move from left to right and back with no regard for gravity.²* ShaveAndAHaircut: This is used as the GameOver jingle.²* SpikesOfDoom: They may only be pins, but they're still pointy and deadly.²----


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