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1[[quoteright:311:]] ≤''[=OviPets=]'' is a WebGame that's mostly accessed via Website/{{Facebook}}. It is a CreatureBreedingMechanic game that features over 25 species of pets that can be bred. The focus of the game is to breed successive generations of pets with more and different mutations. ≤≤It is a free-to-play game but does have a pay feature that gives added perks. ≤≤!!This game provides examples of:≤* AllegedlyFreeGame: Downplayed. It's free to play and most features are readily available, but one has to buy credits with real money at least once in order to gain access to some extra features such as various genes and gender splicing, sending credits to others (placed as a countermeasure against funneling start-up credits from multiple accounts), and researching species that the player doesn't currently own as well as top tier of research for each species.≤* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Pets can come in any color possible on the RGB color wheel via generation or breeding - there are even some colors which will give the pet a little badge should it bear one of them (such as pure colors and gemstone colors).≤* BunniesForCuteness: Lepus are a species based on bunnies.≤* CallARabbitASmeerp: All the species have fancy latinesque species names.≤* CoolHorse: You can breed horses with frozen, mist or flaming manes and tails, plus horses with dragon mutations.≤* CreatureBreedingMechanic: The game's central focus is breeding various animals to achieve different colorations and mutations.≤* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Cebidae are based on monkeys.≤* FriendlyPlayfulDolphin: The Cetacea, which look just like dolphins. Unless they receive [[ThreateningShark shark mutations]].≤* LastOfHisKind: Ovi, the only remaining member of the Ovus species, the gameís beta period species. Sadly heís been sterilized, meaning that even if a female is found, he canít breed.≤* TheMarvelousDeer: Rangifers, especially if they have the mutations that give full neck fur and various types of antlers.≤* {{Megalodon}}: Halloween '18 introduced Megalodon mutations for the Cetacea species.≤* MixAndMatchCritters: The mutations allow this. You can have a lizard that looks entirely like a platypus, an eagle with butterfly wings, a chicken with pigeon mutations, a dolphin that looks like either a shark or a seahorse, or a wolf with a cat head and tail to name a few.≤* NobleWolf: The Lupus are based on wolves and are also gentle and caring according to their description.≤* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Unlike most other species which are based on animals, Draconis are based on dragons. ≤* PantheraAwesome: The Feline species, which is based on big cats and can also receive mutations from the same (such as a saber-tooth cat head).≤* RaptorAttack: The Raptor species, which is based on predatory dinosaurs.≤* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Pets belonging to players that don't have Ovi+ subscription can starve and die. Some players intentionally let pets die when unwanted or if they donít want to care for them but want the option to revive them for use later on.≤* WhaleEgg: All of the pets hatch from eggs, even the mammals.≤* WingedUnicorn: Possible with the wings and unicorn horn mutations on Equus.≤----


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