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1%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²²%% I uncommented the articles temporarily in order to get a better look at the page. They will be fixed ASAP.²²''Nintendo Nightmare'' is a fangame by [[Creator/AdrienDittrick Supmaster004]] that can be downloaded for free [[ here]]. It is made in the style of ''VideoGame/SuperMario64''... Sort of. The game is available in both English and French, included in the same download.²²The story begins with an unexplained AlienInvasion, with Princess Peach being ([[DamselInDistress of course]]) kidnapped. After escaping the initial onslaught, Mario discovers that it was not Bowser behind the attack, but Microsoft. Mario is then told that, to put a stop to Microsoft's schemes, he needs to obtain documents containing data on classic Nintendo games.²²'''The below contains far too many spoilers and so you are at your own risk when reading this.''' Furthermore, as the creator uses a ParallelUniverse-esque version of himself within the game, it is understood that 'The Programmer' refers to said character and /not/ the actual creator of the work. Any other terms such as 'game developer' that aren't explicitly talking about the storyline are referring to the actual creator of the work.²----²* AbilityRequiredToProceed: Link's half of the game is exactly what you'd expect from ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda''; you collect an item from one dungeon and use it to defeat the respective boss and enter the next dungeon. In particular, you need bombs to progress through Luigi's Mansion and Gyrog's Tower, the hookshot to enter the Volcano Temple, the hammer to enter World -1, the Pokeball to capture a Machamp guarding the Space Station (where you enter the Death Egg from), the jetpack to enter the Temple of Sand, and finally the hourglass to progress through the Temple of Sand. These restrictions also mean that Mario can't access any of the dungeons himself, since he can't acquire any of Link's items.[[note]]The Death Egg is technically an exception, but the rooms that Mario enters are completely disconnected from the rest of the dungeon.[[/note]]²* AlienInvasion: [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime The Shroobs]] are back and are deadlier than ever.²* ArtificialIntelligence: Every single character, except for their creator, [=Supmaster004=] and the occasional reference to users on various GameMaker forums.²* AuthorAvatar: [=SupMaster004=] appears as the creator of the world, and the BigBad.²* BigBad: Bill Gates, until you meet TheManBehindTheMan.²* BookEnds: The beginning of the game shows Mario reacting in shock to the Shroob invasion and going down a warp pipe. In the true ending, where you are still in control of Link, a "reset" takes you back to the opening invasion, but this time you prevent the events of the game from happening by killing Mario before he reaches the pipe. ²* TheChessmaster: Eggman and [=Supmaster004=].²* ChekhovsGun: Mario comments in the first court case how he would have a reason to be on trial for killing the Shroob king if was aware during their battle that a glitch allowed him to shoot without carrying a gun. If you actually exploit the 'glitch' and kill the leader, a secret scene is shown where the (invisible) original killer hurls you off the battlefield (which has the same result as when you normally lose in the fight).²* CreatingLifeIsBad: [=SupMaster004=], the creator of the world, is the BigBad.²* CrisisCrossover: The game serves as one between Nintendo and non-Nintendo franchises.²* DecoyProtagonist: Mario dies approximately halfway through the game after being shot by a worm from ''Videogame/{{Worms}}'', and Link takes over as protagonist for the rest of it.²* DiabolusExMachina: If you win against the Shroob Leader, the assassin meant to kill him pops up out of nowhere and kills you for messing up the plan.²* DisguisedHostageGambit: The Shroobs enslaved by Eggman and forced to fight after the death of their leader.²* DiskOneFinalBoss: Darth Vador (A ShoutOut to ''Franchise/StarWars''), AKA Luigi is the last boss you fight during the first part as Mario, [[DecoyProtagonist right before his death]].²* {{Foreshadowing}}: The spaceship serving as the base of operations for Darth Vador is the [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Death]] ''[[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Egg]]'', not the [[Franchise/StarWars Death Star]]. Sure enough, Dr. Eggman is revealed later in the game to be TheManBehindTheMan. ²* GodIsEvil: [=Supmaster004=] is the creator of their world, and also the villain of the entire game.²* GoldenEnding: The player can access an alternate ending by completing all of the missions.²* HopelessBossFight: The initial battle with the Shroob leader. Even if you manage to win, the assassin meant to kill him pops up out of nowhere and kills you for messing up the plan.²* IdiotBall: A recurring theme throughout the game, [[CrazyEnoughToWork sometimes resulting in success for the characters involved]], but for the most part backfiring and causing utter hilarity.²** The Shroob leader is stupid enough to think that blackmailing The Programmer with a little bit of tax evasion would somehow work.²** A Bob-omb Buddy in [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 Bob-omb Battlefield]] tells Mario to go 'kill the black guys', referring to the Black Bob-ombs they are at war with, and mistakenly appears racist.²*** Subverted by the fact that it was revealed by the developer to just flat out be bad wording, and completely unintentional.²** Darth Vador is called into court and presented the supposed weapon used in a murder. He promptly says the weapon was not the murder weapon furthermore going on to say his own lightsaber was the weapon. Said court also believes that a shotgun could somehow chop someone's head off.²** Egadd mistakenly believes he is [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime The Hero of Time]] at one point, and actually says so ''in front of'' [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Link, The Hero of Time]].²** Pretty much the entire resistance for never questioning what was really going on after Eggman does [[TheReveal his big reveal]].²* INeverSaidItWasPoison: When Darth Vador (a ShoutOut to ''Franchise/StarWars'') is called into court during the second court case and shown the shotgun, [[VideoGame/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Phoenix Wright]] says it has Vador's fingerprints on it. Vador then says that that's irrelevant, since it wasn't the weapon used in the murder. Nevermind the fact that Vader hadn't been told how the murder had been committed. He even goes on to say that his own lightsaber was used to commit the murder.²* LaResistance: The player wages one against Microsoft.²* RecursiveReality: The computer simulation created by [=Supmaster004=] is a reality contained within another. I.E. the simulation contained in [[ParallelUniverse something very very close to the real world]].²* TheReveal: used multiple times in the game's complex plot.²** [=Supmaster004=] confessing in court to killing the Shroob Leader.²** Eggman in the second-to-last bossfight when he reveals that Bill Gates wasn't involved in the events of the game.²** [=Supmaster004=]'s reveal of being the true villain and [[GodIsEvil creator of their world]].²** Mario arriving at the very end to reveal that he was never dead.²* RuleOfThree: Most bosses, particularly the ones who are fought by Link, must have their weaknesses exploited three times in order to defeat them.²* SequentialBoss:²** In the Lost Woods, you fight a giant green mushroom by tricking it into breaking the floor on the arena. Once you collect the backup, the mushroom manages to transform you into a red Pikmin, and after a brief interlude of working and producing more red Pikmin, you have to fight off an invading blue Onion. What veers it into this trope is that you're not allowed to go back to [[HubWorld Hyrule Field]] while you're still transformed, forcing you to fight both the mushroom and the Onion in one go.²** The two Gyrogs of the eponymous Gyrog's Tower are fought back to back. You first cripple the blue Gyrog by [[GoForTheEye striking its eyes]], then grapple onto the red Gyrog and do the same thing while the blue Gyrog continues to attack you.²** [=Supmaster004=]'s battle in the Temple of Sand involves three Pokemon being sent out at you, one at a time. In order, these are Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard (who itself has the same moveset and weakness as the Fire Spirit in the Volcano Temple).²* StandardEvilEmpireHierarchy: Microsoft has one of these in the way the various villains work for them.²** TheEmperor: You assume it is Bill Gates at the beginning, but after finding out Microsoft was not involved, it turns out to actually be Eggman.²** TheManBehindTheMan: [=Supmaster004=] AKA The Programmer was the one giving the orders to Eggman. It's fairly easy to notice once you consider that [[TheCakeIsALie Microsoft was a lie]].²* SuddenlyVoiced: A number of HeroicMime characters (and a few inanimate objects) jabber a lot in this game. This includes ''the warp pipe''.²* TomatoInTheMirror: At the end Mario pops out of nowhere and reveals the truth about the events of the game. It's not virus sent by Bill Gates or even Nintendo. They are actually part of an elaborate computer simulation created by the true villain of the game: [=Supmaster004=].²* TomatoSurprise: At the end Mario pops out of nowhere and [[TheReveal Reveals]] that the story of this game is not what [[ArtificialIntelligence you]] think it is.²* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Corporal Shroob (the alien leader) is an example of this as he foolishly attempts to blackmail [=Supmaster004=] with something as stupid as [[IdiotBall tax evasion]].²----


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