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1[[quoteright:350:]]''Monster Truck Madness'' is a monster truck racing PC game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft, in 1996. A sequel, ''Monster Truck Madness 2'', was released in 1998.!!The ''Monster Truck Madness'' series as a whole contains the following tropes:* AnnouncerChatter: 'Army' Armstrong, who narrates everything from trucks jockeying for position to spectacular crashes to insane jumps. His narration often crosses into LargeHamAnnouncer territory:** ''(Truck goes off-track or crashes through barrier)'' '''GRAVE DIGGER''' ''is looking for a detour!''** ''(Player truck starts leaning on two wheels)'' '''''Lean''''' into it!** ''(Truck starts driving on water)'' '''MONSTER PATROL''' is ''walkin' on water!''* ConvectionSchmonvection: The only thing driving across magma fields or the lava-filled insides of a volcano does to your truck is slow it down like it was on dirt.* MadLibsDialogue: 'Army' Armstrong's AnnouncerChatter is assembled from smaller voice clips.-->''''Army' Armstrong''': [Monster Truck 1] is doing '''''it in the air'''''!* OverturnedOuthouse: The announcer will yell "Hey! I'm in here!" if the player knocks over a port-a-potty with their truck.%% RacingGame: With monster trucks.* WreakingHavok: For starters, trucks can knock down road signs and push traffic cones.!!The original ''Monster Truck Madness'' contains the following tropes:* AluminumChristmasTrees: Yes, [[ monster trucks really can drive on water]], if not quite in the "differently-textured floor" way the game handles it.* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The only game in the series to have events which actually resemble your typical monster truck rally and allow monster trucks to [[RunningGag drive on water]].!!''Monster Truck Madness 2'' contains the following tropes:%% {{Mayincatec}}: The "Excavation" circuit.* OldSaveBonus: If you own the original ''Monster Truck Madness'', the sequel will let you import and play the original tracks.* SecretLevel: [[{{Hell}} The Pit]], only accessible by finding the hidden entrance on one of the regular tracks.* ShowsDamage: Trucks get deformed once they go tumbling.* ProductPlacement: For Wrestling/{{WCW}}. Aside from adding WCW-themed monster trucks to the existing roster, several WCW-themed, multiplayer-only track types were added.* RecycledInSpace: The game's new multiplayer-only tracks all boil down to the concept of professional wrestling WITH MONSTER TRUCKS!


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