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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²''Meadow'' is a MMO WalkingSimulator game released on UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} in 2016 by the Swedish company Might and Delight as a part of their ''VideoGame/{{Shelter}}'' franchise. It was dubbed by the developer as a "forum in game's clothing" where you play as a forest animal, explore the world and interact with other players using simple emotes, symbols, actions and sounds, in order to unlock new playable animals, skins or emotes and generally have a good time. Unlike the other ''Shelter'' installments, ''Meadow'' does not feature any survival elements or enemies, going instead for a relaxing atmosphere of exploration and friendliness. The developers interact actively with the fanbase, and the game gets regular updates.²²----²!! This game provides examples of:²%%* ActionBar²* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Animals' skins vary from bland to downright trippy.²* AndYourRewardIsClothes: That is, skins and voices for your animal.²* AnimalTalk: The symbol-based communication is implied to stand for this, the way the usual MMO chatbox stands for actual human talking.²* AwesomeButImpractical: The eagle can only be purchased for (quite a bit of) real money, is unable to pick up collectibles and has very limited "vocabulary". The view from the top of the world, however, can be more than enough to compensate.²* CarnivoreConfusion: Unusually for [[EverythingIsTryingToKillYou a Shelter game]], no one eats anyone.²%%* CaveBehindTheFalls²* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Pink, blue and gold puzzle pieces let you unlock (respectively) new emotes, new coats/voices, and new animals.²* CrystalLandscape: One of the caves is ''made'' of this.²* CuteButCacophonic: A bunch of excitable badger cubs may occasionally turn into this.²* CuteKitten: The lynx cubs, with their adorable emotes and high-pitched voices.²* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: The only way to "die" is to fall off the world's edge... and then you wake up on the last cached position after what seems to have been a "faceplant".²* ADogNamedDog: Default setting for all animal avatars. You can name your animal whatever you want, but only you will ever see the name in-game.²* EdibleCollectible: Fruit trees and shrubs are scattered across the world, and their [[GiantFood larger-than-life]] gifts can be consumed by [[CarnivoreConfusion everyone]].²* FallingDamage: Averted as such, but you "faceplant" if you fall long enough and have to wait a few seconds to be able to move around again.²* FlatWorld: The entire place is an irregular(ish)-shaped chunk of land, [[WaterfallIntoTheAbyss water running off the edges]] and everything, suspended inside a cylindrical {{skybox}}. Nobody knows why.²* FungusHumongous: Some of the collectible mushrooms are as big as a wolf. The shelf mushroom platforms on the central tree are also big enough to support three or four animals.²* GhibliHills²* HighOnCatnip: There's an achievement for that.²* InformedSpecies: The supposed goat looks (and sounds) less like a goat and more like a deer with chamois horns stuck on it.²** Since the February 2018 update, different goat skins can have different sets of horns/antlers... [[MindScrew while the animal is still called the goat]]. Go figure.²* InterspeciesFriendship: A necessity for getting collectibles from obelisks, which require more than one animal to break them. ²* LighterAndSofter: than other ''Shelter'' games²* NoisyNature²** Only one of the fox voices (#3) actually sounds like a fox yelping. The other two sound more [[AllAnimalsAreDogs like dogs]]: #1 whimpers, #2 snorts.²** The eagle screech, although loud and refreshingly non-red-tailed-hawky, sounds nothing like the bald eagle.²* PatchworkMap: There are obvious seams between [[GreenHillZone green]], winter and [[ForestOfPerpetualAutumn fall]] areas.²%%* SceneryPorn²* SignatureRoar: With a bit of practice you can tell from a vague distant sound not only the animal, but the stage of customization progress it is on. The piercing "tweet tweet!" of the eagles is especially attention-grabbing.²* SlidingScaleOfCollectibleTracking: The Individual Identification kind. Each type of flower (or mushroom) is unique, makes a different sound upon collection (depending on its rarity), and all the plants you collect are added to your menu screen.²* SuperNotDrowningSkills: Even pheasants can swim here!²%%* TreeTrunkTour²* WaterIsBlue: And with a Japanese-style pattern.²%%* WaterfallIntoTheAbyss²* WoodlandCreatures: The game world's population consists of badgers, lynxes, frogs, foxes, bear cubs, rabbits, hedgehogs and wolves, plus slightly more exotic pheasants and eagles, and chamois goats instead of the traditional deer ([[InformedSpecies or so the game says]]).²%%* WorldInTheSky:²* WorldTree: The immense tree in the center of the world serves as the players' main spawn point, meeting place and landmark.²----


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