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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛Mushiking: The King of Beetles (甲虫王者ムシキング Kōchū Ōja Mushiking) is a CCG developed by Sega and released in Japan and other Asian countries such as the Philippines. The game involves battles between cards describing various beetle species, where the cards can be scanned in by an arcade machine, which will both carry out battles and dispense new cards.˛˛The story takes place in a forest full of trees inhabited by insects and fairies. A fairy, named Popo, was a friend of the insects of the forest. He is a friend to a particular Japanese beetle called "Mushiking". One day, giant beetles from parts unknown arrived in the forest to wreak havoc, under the control of Adder, a wizard exiled from the forest who wishes to conquer it. Popo enlists the player's help to fight against Adder.˛˛!! This show provides examples of:˛* ArtisticLicenseBiology: ˛** Perhaps to improve their aura of menace, every single beetle has their unique battle cry. However in real-life, apart from the sound of the beetles' horns clashing, the battle between beetles is rather quiet compared to it's CCG counterpart.˛** In the game, the Beetles often use their wings to perform certain moves. Beetles in real life rarely use their wings when battling, however.˛* AssistCharacter: Special skill cards allows the player to summon other insects to aid you in battle. Although each special skill cards have different summoning condition, the player usually have to win in order to summon them.˛* BattleCry: After being summoned to the field, the beetle will "roar". Every single beetle has their own unique battle cry.˛* BattleIntro: After being summon to the field, the beetle will do a AssKickingPose based on its type of finshing attack.˛* BigBad: Adder˛* CharacterNameAndTheNounPhrase: The title contains "Mushiking", a special Japanese beetle that is a friend of Popo.˛* CombinationAttack: In 2v2 mode, after both players input their attack, a recycle sign will appear in the middle of both sides of buttons, if the player press any button again, the attack(provide the player wins) will become a combination attack. This also switches the beetle that is on the field.˛* DoppelgangerSpin: The super finishing attack for Micro Stag-beetle.˛* DynamicEntry: If the player successfully pulls off a combination attack in 2v2 mode, another beetle jumps into the field, accompanied by their roar.˛* EarthyBarefootCharacter: Popo.˛* EvilWearsBlack: Being the big the BigBad, Adder wears a black robe.˛* FakingTheDead: The super finishing attack for Feisthameli Stag-beetle. Yes, it's as cheap as it sounds.˛* HumanHammerThrow: The super finishing attack for Grant White Beetle and Japanese Beetle.˛* JapaneseBeetleBrothers: Mostly Coincidental, but you can force the "Allies" relationship to happen by using a beetle and a stag beetle in 2v2 mode.˛* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: A total of 72 beetles (excluding the special characters) is present in the game.˛* PaletteSwap: For a strict example of palette swap, there is the Hercules Beetle(dynastes hercules) and the Blue Hercules Beetle(dynastes hercules lichyi).˛* {{Parody}}: Parodied in ''[[VideoGame/{{Yakuza}} Yakuza Kiwami]]'' as ''[=MesuKing=]'', where all the insects are actually women in CosPlay of varying scantiness. The name "[=MesuKing=]" is a pun, with the Japanese word for "female" (''mesu'') switched for the one meaning "insect" (''mushi'').˛* PowerOfLove: The special skill cards "Power of Venus" summons a female beetle on to the field, temporarily boosting the beetle's power. The effect's duration depends on the amount of technique points the beetle you control has.˛* PrettyButterflies: There are two kinds of butterflies that you can summon, one decreases the opponent's timer, another one [[HealingHands heals you]].˛* RapidFireFisticuffs: The super finishing attack for Golden Stag-Beetle.˛* RedEyesTakeWarning: Every single one of Adder's minions has this trait.˛* SlayingMantis: The special skill Card "Special Skills Stopper" summons a mantis on to the field. If a mantis is on the field, it negates the opponent from summoning anything for once.˛* SpinningPiledriver: The super finishing attack for Hercules Beetle.˛* SpinOff: This game has a more well-known(at least in the west) spin-off called ''VideoGame/DinosaurKing''. The game is an effort to pander the western audience as the bug collecting/battling hobby is much more perennially popular in Japan than in the US. Instead, everyone there loves dinosaurs.˛* SwitchOutMove: If the player successfully pulls off a combination attack in 2v2 mode, the game switches out the player's beetle that is on the field.˛* TagTeam: The game's 2v2 mode.˛* {{Tykebomb}}: Some of adder's minions.˛* WipeTheFloorWithYou: The super finishing attack for Speciosus Stag-beetle and Saw Tooth Stag-beetle.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Popo's hair is salmon pink.˛----


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