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1[[quoteright:240:]] ²''Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade'' is a 2004 European [[NoExportForYou exclusive]], made for [[UsefulNotes/IBMPersonalComputer PC]], UsefulNotes/PlayStation2, UsefulNotes/Xbox, and UsefulNotes/GameCube. It is about Paul, young Templar Knight. He has been sent on a mission to uncover the evil conspiracy.²²An [[SinisterMinister evil bishop]] has kidnapped Adelle, a mysterious young girl who has divine powers and he wants to use her to perform dark rituals in Holy places to desecrate them and gain access to the Gates of Hell.²²It's basically ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' series meet ''Film/KingdomOfHeaven'', and with soundtrack from ''Music/WithinTemptation''. ²²It also received a sequel a year later, titled ''Knights of the Temple II''. It was on the same platforms as the original besides Gamecube, due to the poor performance of the original there.² ²!!The game contains examples of:²* BadassPreacher: The very first enemies that you encounter in the game, are monks armed with knives.²* BeautyEqualsGoodness: Adelle is very beautiful, and she is the purest and most innocent character in the game. She is the one who through her divine powers, guides Paul through his quest to stop the Bishop.²* BigBad: Lord Bishop. Satan himself takes that role in the sequel.²* BlackAndWhiteMorality: The player is a young noble Templar Knight, while the BigBad is a Satan-worshipping fanatic.²* BlackKnight: Shows up as a boss twice.²* CarpetOfVirility: The shirtless executioner (first boss in the game) has hair on his chest.²* ChristianityIsCatholic: Justified since the game takes place in medieval times, few centuries before Church Reformation.²* DualBoss: Hell Knight and the Black Knight.²* EqualOpportunityEvil: Lord Bishop recruits both Christian Crusaders and Muslim Saracens into his cause.²* FinalBoss: In the first game, it's the Bishop and in the sequel, it's TheDevil himself.²* FireAndBrimstoneHell: That's the game's literal depiction of hell.²* HolyCity: Part of the game takes place in Jerusalem.²* LightIsGood / LightIsNotGood: Paul wears white Templar armor with the red cross, but the Bishop also wears white and gold ornate clothing.²* SaintlyChurch: How the Church is presented in the game.²* SinisterMinister: Lord Bishop betrayed the Church and plans to release Hell upon the world.²----


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