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1[[quoteright:350:]] ≤ [[caption-width-right:350:The cover art for the UpdatedReRelease ''God Eater Resurrection'']]≤≤In the early 2050's, unknown life forms called Oracle Cells began their uncontrollable consumption of all life on Earth - of individual life forms at first, and then, from this, as amalgamated life-form constructs that varied massively in shape and size. Their violent nature and god-like adaptability earned them the name "Aragami". Facing an enemy completely immune to conventional weapons, modern society collapsed as humanity was driven to the point of extinction.\≤One last hope remains. Following the Fenrir Organizationís development of God Arcs, Oracle Cell-based living weapons, their wielders are organized into an elite force of God Eaters. Your mission is to defeat the Aragami and gather material from them for research, but you come to realize that you are being drawn into a giant conspiracy that will determine the fate of humanity...≤≤Released in Japan on February 4, 2010 for the UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable, Creator/BandaiNamcoEntertainment's ''God Eater'' established Namco's foothold in the "Hunting RPG" genre (going up against the ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'' franchise) and kicked off [[VideoGame/GodEater the franchise of the same name]], with ''[=GE1=]'' establishing how ''GE'' differs from ''MH'' by way of its faster-paced combat, easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics, as well as [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters having a wide list of characters]] and an actual plot (which, at the time of ''GE'''s release, was unusual for a game of this sort). An UpdatedRerelease, titled ''God Eater Burst'', was released on October 26, 2010 in Japan and March 15, 2011 in the rest of the world with an ''enormous'' raft of improvements based on user feedback (all of which later became standard for the games). It also added a second storyline which expanded upon the original and answered some of the lingering questions. A [[VideoGameRemake remake]] using the ''VideoGame/GodEater2 Rage Burst'' engine, ''God Eater Resurrection'', was released in Japan on October 15, 2015, June 28, 2016 in North America, and August 30 in Europe for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4, UsefulNotes/PlayStationVita, and UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} (and, especially on the latter platform, was a package deal with ''Rage Burst''). It adds yet another storyline (bridging the gap between ''[=GE1=]'' and ''2''), as well as the new weapon types from the sequel, improved graphics, and the Predator Styles, which add several variations on the Devour move.≤≤The aforementioned ''VideoGame/GodEater2'' served as the game's sequel. [[Anime/GodEater An anime adaptation]] started airing during the Summer 2015 season, though its conclusion only came out in Spring 2016.≤----≤!! This work provides examples of:≤* AlwaysInClassOne: All of the main characters are part of the 1st Unit. {{Justified|Trope}} in that the 1st Unit has the highest survival rate for rookies, so obviously Fenrir would want the recently-minted New-Types to get some experience.≤* AnyoneCanDie:≤** Hammered into you early on with Eric der Vogelweid, who gets devoured just as he's introducing himself to you. He doesn't look at all like cannon fodder at the time, so it really comes out of nowhere. It's used to play up Soma's reputation for other God Eaters dying in his proximity.≤** This is followed by [[spoiler:Lindow]]. However, [[spoiler:he comes BackFromTheDead by the end of the ''Burst'' story]].≤* AutobotsRockOut: Avenging [[spoiler:Lindow]] in the fight against the Dyaus Pita is set to "No Way Back", a vocal rock track.≤* TheBait: Kota's "[[spoiler:[[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Lovely Lindow Luring Line-Up]]]]" plan uses a team of female-only God Eaters as bait to lure out [[spoiler:Lindow]]. After it ended in failure he reveals "Version 2" which is Version 1, but with beer.≤* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind: In the Burst storyline, [[spoiler:the Protagonist goes through this in order to save Lindow from the Corrosive Hannibal infection]].≤* BigDamnHeroes: The First Unit (the one the player character is in) is considered to be this trope by the Second and Third Units. Each member gets a BigDamnHeroes moment before the group heads out to stop Arda Nova in the ''God Eater'' storyline. ≤** Pulled by the protagonist during the ''Burst'' storyline when [[spoiler:s/he saves Tatsumi from the Corrosive Hannibal.]]≤** In chapter six, [[spoiler:Alisa saves Sakuya upon arriving at Aegis, then proceeds to take this trope UpToEleven after the director finishes his MotiveRant.]]≤* CanonName: Yuu Kannagi ([[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute Shinji Kagura]] in [[CulturalTranslation overseas]] version of ''Resurrection''), Aki Tamashiro (the latter's name revealed in the pachi-slot game) for ''God Eater'', and Lenka Utsugi for the anime.≤* CutscenePowerToTheMax:≤** Early on in the game, the group tackles a group of endgame-level Aragami. Several of them already have a reputation of being able to take on such powerful Aragami from the start, though.≤** [[spoiler:Much later on in the game, during the new ''Burst'' story line, your HeroicMime speaks to Lindow, {{Dual Wield}}s his/her God Arc ''and'' Lindow's, then proceeds to ''rip the final boss's mouth open.'' It's as awesome ''looking'' as it sounds.]] Immediately subverted when [[spoiler:Ren informs the protagonist that said dual-wield attack actually dealt relatively little damage to the Aragami. Ultimately a double subversion, as the last story mission makes it clear that Ren wanted the protagonist to head off to a BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind.]]≤** In the promotional OVA, the characters rip through Aragami like, well, Aragami rip through humans. Handwaved by many who say that Aragami have evolved since the years in the OVA.≤* DubNameChange: The title of the game itself as well as the player character's profession was changed from "God Eater" to "Gods Eater" (although the "s" is not spoken in dialogue) in ''Gods Eater Burst''. This change was most likely done due to skittishness over offending [[MoralGuardians any concerned parties]] in the Anglophone market. Once Namco-Bandai began to publish the series through their own subsidiaries (including the ''Resurrection'' re-release of ''[=GE1=]''), this was undone.≤* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Soma is considered all but cursed because supposedly any squad he's in has an unusually high casualty rate, not because of anything he does but simply because they keep falling into bad situations. Eric's death drums this in during Soma's introductory mission. You're not actually at any risk using Soma in your squad, though.≤* HeroicBSOD: Happens to [[spoiler:the protagonist]] upon discovering that the Hannibal is [[spoiler:actually Lindow transformed into an Aragami.]]≤* InconsistentDub: [=D3Publisher=] did a fairly poor job hiding the fact that the DubNameChange of their release to ''Gods Eater Burst'' was a last minute thing. While the in-game text uses "Gods Eater" for all relevant references, the spoken dialogue uses "God Eater".≤* InfoDump: Paylor Sakaki's lectures on the nature of the Aragami, which also provide some extremely subtle {{Foreshadowing}} when he mentions [[spoiler:the possibility of Aragami that have "learned" to imitate humanity. Not only does this clearly foreshadow Shio, but in a more blink-and-you'll-miss-it way it ends up reinforcing Alisa's brainwashing that leads her to attempt to kill Lindow under the belief he was the Aragami that killed her parents]].≤* InterfaceSpoiler: [[AnyoneCanDie Eric's death]] isn't quite so surprising -- every mission starts with a squad list, which is automatically filled out for story missions. Soma's on the list for that mission but Eric isn't, so while the cutscene starts by passing him off as a companion, you should realize that something is about to remove him from the equation.≤* ItMayHelpYouOnYourQuest: See those raven feathers? The ones that are indicated as VendorTrash and sell for 4000fc? The ones the merchant constantly urges you to sell? Better keep three of those.≤* NoahsStoryArc: This is [[spoiler:[[MeaningfulName Johannes]] von Schicksal]]'s plan in ''Burst''. Basically, The [[spoiler:Aegis Project]] was just a front for a secret [[spoiler:Ark Project which involved a certain MacGuffinSuperPerson being some sort of key that will [[GodhoodSeeker give Johannes the power of God]], where a select few population were to be shipped to the moon while the rest of the world are to be nuked to oblivion along with the Aragami]]. It should be noted though that [[spoiler:Johannes [[NoPlaceForMeThere had no intention of being with the ones to repopulate the earth]] though, knowing well how extreme his actions are.]]≤* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Lindow's profile unlocked at the very beginning of the game states that he's the only God Eater to take down an Ouroboros alone. This kind of power, along with the CutscenePowerToTheMax example above, isn't really borne out in gameplay... maybe he's too distracted trying to protect your lame rookie ass?≤* OfficialCouple:≤** Lindow and Sakuya. [[spoiler:At the end of the ''Burst'' storyline, they get married.]]≤** In the the manga and light novels, Alisa and Yuu (the canon name for the Burst protagonist).≤* PlayableEpilogue: ''Burst'' adds one after defeating Arda Nova. it's ''about as long as the main game itself'', since it continues the subplot about Lindow going AWOL. After finishing that one, you can play through ''everything'' again(though the same goes for the first half, but it's not technically the end of Burst, but the original GE) plus new bonus chapters that allow you to unlock new postgame {{Infinity Plus One Sword}}s (there are several because of the game's equipment tiers) and other equipment and rerecruit [[spoiler:dead or AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence]] characters.≤** ''Resurrection'' has an additional one that takes place after the ''Burst'' storyline, which deals with [[spoiler: a Nova fragment devouring multiple Aragami and mutating into a MixAndMatchCreature]] and gives more closure between the characters that leads into ''2''.≤* SecretAIMoves: Inverted, the PlayerCharacter is initially the only one with a MorphWeapon God Arc, and even after Alisa joins they remain the only one who can use certain techniques like the Blast Gun's Oracle Reserve. Some base conversations justify it by pointing out the player's New Type nature makes them highly resilient and compatible, and therefore a perfect subject for field-testing these things. Taken further in ''Resurrection'' where the player is the only one with the option to use polearm-type weapons - not only is nobody else in the Far East Branch trained in that combat style, but [[WrenchWench Licca]] explains that the central control unit has to be shipped from the [[VideoGame/GodEater2 Europe Branch]] and it's a complicated mess of moving parts and small tolerances. She can barely keep up with her work just keeping yours going.≤* ShipperOnDeck: In the manga and light novels, all the members of the 1st unit ships Yuu and Alisa, including Soma in his own way.≤* ShipTease: The manga and light novels were pretty obvious that there are some "Yuu X Alisa" moments anywhere.≤* SpoilerOpening: ''Burst'''s intro, which was also used in ''Resurrection'', spoils several plot points such as [[spoiler: Lindow's death, Alisa's brainwashing, Kota being chosen for the Ark Project, Lindow taking over Johannes' place as Branch Director, Shio ending up on the moon, Lindow turning into an Aragami, and Ren being connected to Lindow.]] Most are a blink-and-you'll-miss-it deal, but after progressing through the story a bit, some spoilers can become more apparent.≤* TriggerPhrase: [[spoiler:A Russian count of "one, two, three," dubiously transliterated as "Ajin duva touri" in the English language release for ''Burst'', is the phrase used for Alisa. This is corrected to the more widely accepted romanization of "''Odin, dva, tri''" in ''Resurrection'''s redone dub and script.]]≤* UpdatedRerelease:≤** ''God Eater Burst'', which adds a new storyline dealing with [[spoiler:Lindow's fate]]. Since the original release never came out in the West, this was the first version English-speaking gamers could play.≤** A second one, ''God Eater Resurrection'', was released for Vita, [=PS4=], and Steam. In addition to the visual and performance upgrades inherent with remaking a PSP game for modern systems, it also retrofits the sequel's additional weapon types into the game, cleans up the localization, and adds yet another storyline which ties into the sequel.


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