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1[[quoteright:299:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:299:Featuring the CowboyCop that Sega swears isn't Bruce Willis.]]˛˛''Dynamite Cop'' (known as ''Dynamite Deka'' in Japan) is a small series of [[UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame arcade]] [[BeatEmUp beat 'em ups]] from Creator/{{Sega}}. It was born in the context when the 3D technology was quickly becoming the industry's standard. The games were designed and directed by Makoto Uchida, who's previously responsible for ''VideoGame/AlteredBeast'' and ''VideoGame/GoldenAxe''.˛˛In this game, you assume a role of Bruno Delinger (and his colleagues), who must rescue a daughter of the United States' president held by terrorists.˛˛''Dynamite Cop'' series is pretty well-regarded for an early attempt at 3D beat 'em up (especially when compared to Eidos' mediocre ''Fighting Force'' for [=PS1=]), but it's also remembered for its over-the-top humor, topped with 80s action flick cheese. Unfortunately, the series became all but forgotten after the second game, although Bruno Delinger eventually showed up in 2013 crossover game ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone''.˛˛The series consists of the following games:˛˛* ''Die Hard Arcade'' / ''Dynamite Deka'' (1996) - Ported to Sega Saturn, [=PlayStation=] 2˛** The first game that was released for Saturn-based system ST-V. As Bruno Delinger and Cindy Holiday, you're on a mission to rescue the president's daughter, Caroline Powell, from terrorists led by Wolf "White Fang" Hongo. For the international debut, Sega decided to tie it with then-popular action flim ''Franchise/DieHard'', which also happened to be about terrorists seizing a skyscraper. Outside DubNameChange, nothing else was changed to match it to the film.˛* ''Dynamite Cop'' / ''Dynamite Deka 2'' (1998) - Ported to Sega Dreamcast˛** The second game developed for the more advanced Sega Model 2 system. Once again, the president's daughter has been kidnapped by a band of modern-day pirates. Bruno Delinger, joined by other allies Jean Ivy and Eddie Brown, must fight through levels on board a cruise ship and a deserted island to save her.˛* ''Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite'' (2007)˛** Informally a sequel, but in terms of gameplay, it's a remixed version of ''Deka 2'' with a wacky Asian theme and several changes on the gameplay mechanics (for instance, instead of being an ImprobableWeaponUser, the player characters can transform into different characters with their own fighting styles by picking up items). This time, Bruno is joined by a grown-up Caroline Powell as well as the newcomer Jennifer Genuine in fighting through Asian-themed stages. Only released in Japan and Asia (in Asia, it's only referred to as "Asian Dynamite"), and didn't receive a port to any home system.˛˛Because of TitleConfusion between the English versions, the individual games will be referred to as the Japanese ones, in a way like ''Deka 1'', ''Deka 2'', and ''EX''.˛˛----˛!!The ''Dynamite Cop'' series contains examples of:˛* ActionCommands: At various points when entering a new screen you may get a quick time event to deal extra damage at the beginning of a fight.˛* AerosolFlamethrower: The spray can, which merely stuns enemies for some damage, becomes this if you find a lighter.˛* AffectionateParody: Of '80/90s Hollywood action movies. ''Asian Dynamite'' throws some Asian action movies from Hong Kong into mix.˛* ArtifactMook: The "Tax Collector" enemy in ''EX'' shows up on just about every screen.˛* BeatingADeadPlayer: Enemies will endlessly taunt and mock you during the continue countdown.˛* BilingualBonus: The opening sequence of ''Asian Dynamite'' starts with news reports from different Asian languages, especially Japanese, Chinese and Korean.˛* ClothingDamage: In ''Dynamite Cop'', your characters lose clothing the more they take damage.˛* DenserAndWackier: The first game is this to ''Film/DieHard'', and the second and third games are progressively this. It culminates in ''Asian Dynamite'' where the player characters can transform, among other things, to a ChineseVampire.˛* DieHardOnAnX: Well yeah, the first game ''was'' inspired by ''Die Hard'' and just meant to use Expies of the characters. SEGA managed to get the rights to legit make it a tie-in to ''Die Hard'' (despite only barely resembling the film in terms of story i.e a building and terrorists taking it over). The second game is pretty much ''Die Hard on a Cruise Ship'' and the third is ''Die Hard in a Asian District''.˛* DownloadableContent: The Dreamcast version of ''Dynamite Cop'' got one in the form of the Detonator Pack, known as the Elements of Deka Pack in Japanese. This DLC adds Cindy Holiday[=/=]Kris Thompson as an alternate costume for Jean Ivy, and also serves to update the existing game to its revised arcade counterpart in Japan, ''Dynamite Deka 2.1''. Has sadly become PermanentlyMissableContent with the Dreamcast's death, outside of alternative methods. ˛* DubNameChange: In the international version of ''Deka 1'', the protagonists of the first game were named John [=McClane=] and Kris Thompsen, the former being the main character of ''Die Hard''. Likewise, the final boss is known as Gruber.˛* EverybodyWasKungFuFighting: ''Asian Dynamite'' does this in full-force.˛* EvilChef: The second game has 3 chef bosses who are fought on different routes: A French chef on Route 1, a Japanese chef on Route 2, and a Chinese chef on Route 3.˛* FightingYourFriend: If the final boss is defeated in multi-player mode, the president's daughter declares she'll give a reward to the stronger player, triggering a fight between the two.˛* GameOverMan: In ''Asian Dynamite'', a chef serves you a bowl of GameOver rice.˛* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: One of the bosses in ''Deka 2'' is a wholesale and thoroughly pissed [[GiantSquid kraken]] that's beneath the engine room for some inexplicable reason. [[spoiler: Ending 3 in ''EX'' implies it may be an alien]].˛* ImprovisedWeapon: ''Deka 1'' has [[PepperSneeze pepper, which can incapacitate enemies for a moment]]. ''Deka 2'' has even stranger collection of weapons, including a freezing tuna and a toilet. The fact that many handheld items can be weaponized is made as the selling point of the second game.˛* ItsAWonderfulFailure: Get a game over in Deka 2, and your treated to a view of the cruise ship sinking in the background while one of the boxes float by with the word "Game Over" on it. [[spoiler: Though in the game proper, this'll happen regardless with the final stage taking place in the pirates hideout.]]˛* KilledOffscreen: The penultimate boss the second and third games is a MasterOfDisguise / Shapeshifter who has pulled a KillAndReplace on the heroes' superior.˛* MarketBasedTitle: The first game was internationally released as a licensed product of ''Franchise/DieHard'' series.˛* MsFanservice: Cindy Holiday, who spends the second half of the first game dressed in a sports bra and shorts. Jean Ivy in the second game, especially when she suffers from ClothingDamage.˛* PaperThinDisguise: While Mask De Pedro's disguise as the captain is completely perfect, he's revealed as an impostor much earlier on Route 3, yet the heroes still fall for his WoundedGazelleGambit later.˛* PepperSneeze: You can use the pepper shaker in every game to do this.˛* PressXToNotDie: All games have these between areas; failure means either taking damage or having to fight extra enemies.˛* RightUnderTheirNoses: Caroline in ''Deka 1'' hides right under the desk of the boss' room, and yet the terrorists are too daft to realize it until the players enter the last stage.˛* SequelTheOriginalTitle: An odd inversion. Some arcade cabinets for the second game bear the title ''Die Hard 2: Dynamite Cop'', though the game itself still just used ''Dynamite Cop''.˛* TookALevelInBadass: A grown-up Caroline is one of the playable characters in ''EX''.˛* VocalDissonance: The reuse of assets from the second game in the third means Jennifer Genuine, a white female, has the voice of Eddie Brown, a black male.˛* WeCanRebuildHim: Hongo gets more mechanical in each sequel. The Kraken as well in ''Asian Dynamite''.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: In all 3 games, the rest of the hostages besides the president's daughter are never seen being rescued.˛* WouldHurtAChild: When cornered in ''Deka 2'', Hongo tries to throw the president's daughter off the top of the ship you're on. On Route 3, He and De Pedro sadistically rough her up prior to taking her to his hideout.


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