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3'''Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes!''' is a licenced 2001 ActionAdventure game, based on the ''Creator/CartoonNetwork'' animated show ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', for the ''UsefulNotes/GameBoyAdvance''.
5The story is relatively simple and true to the show's tradition. Our protagonist, Dexter, boy genius is working on his latest invention when his rambunctious older sister Dee Dee sneaks into the lab and messes around with his Clone-O-Matic machine. The machine not only clones Dee Dee, but splits her up into many tiny clones of herself. One Dee Dee was bad enough, now Dexter has to deal with hundreds of them!
7The miniature Dee Dees now run amok in Dexter's lab. Its up to Dexter to hunt them all down, return them to the Clone-o-Matic to put Dee Dee back together, all before Mom calls him to dinner.
9''Deesaster Strikes'' has a simple structure. You take control of Dexter as he explores different sections of his titular lab in his mission to capture the Dee Dees. He can grab them with his grappling arm, and send them through the chutes spread throughout the levels, which stores them into his Clone-o-matic. However, its not that simple, Dexter also has to fend off rouge robots out to kill him, avoid deadly traps and fix broken machines with various tools, some of which are hidden inside of enemies.
12!!This video game contains examples of:
14* AntiFrustrationFeatures: Black colored teleporters automatically return Dexter back to the main hub. By accessing the computer from the Hub, he can select the stage and sub-sector he previously visited by going back through the transporter, significantly cutting down backtracking.
15* BleakLevel: The Abandoned Laboratory from "Lab of The Lost" episode is one of the stages.
16* BlobMonster: They reside in the Chemical Lab. Watch out, as they take a spiny form to attack Dexter.
17* CollisionDamage: If it moves, and it isn't a Dee Dee, it probably hurts you.
18* EternalEngine: The entire game takes place in the titular Dexter's Laboratory.
19* EverythingTryingToKillYou: [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Robots. Plants. Robotic Plants.]] Aliens. As the theme song goes, there is doom and gloom while things go boom in Dexter's Lab.
20* GameBreakingBug: In the final stage, there is a part where you have to use the wrench to fix a sink, but upon doing so, the wrench disappears from your inventory, preventing you from using it again, and rendering the level UnintentionallyUnwinnable. There is a patched version of the game that fixes the glitch, and players at the time could have sent their glitched copies of the game to the publisher to get them replaced with the patched versions.
21* GoombaStomp: Dexter can hop on enemies, but it is probably much easier to just punch them out.
22* GottaCatchEmAll: There are well over ''100'' mini Dee Dees to capture. Of course, more levels and sections of the lab are unlocked when enough Dee Dees are captured.
23* GrapplingHookPistol: How Dexter catches the Dee Dees.
24* GrimyWater: Beware of spilled chemical puddles in the Chemical lab, and slowly drain Dexter's health if he stands in it.
25* ItsAWonderfulFailure: If you lose all of your tries, rather than a proper GameOver screen, you are treated to an ominous shot of a worried Dexter surrounded by rogue robots that irises-out before returning you to the title screen.
26* JungleJapes: The Botanic laboratory.
27* MechaMooks: Dexter's own robots are occasional enemies.
28* MesACrowd: Dee Dee, thanks in part to the Clone-O-Matic.
29* NonLethalBottomlessPits: Falling off the stage only takes off a little bit of health.
30* PlotCoupon: The tiny Dee Dees.
31* PunBasedTitle: ''Deesaster'' Strikes.
32* SpaceZone: The Space lab.