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1[[quoteright:219:]]²After the flop of ''VideoGame/BombermanActZero'', Hudson decided to make it up to Xbox 360 users with a downloadable ''VideoGame/{{Bomberman}}'' title more in line with the main series. Teaming up with Backbone Entertainment, Hudson produced ''Bomberman Live'', a downloadable title available on the UsefulNotes/XboxLiveArcade in 2007.²²Because of the space requirements on XBLA titles at the time, ''Live'' focuses almost entirely on the multiplayer aspect of the game (in essence being the antithesis to ''VideoGame/BombermanHero''). There's no story or campaign mode, with single player simply pitting the player against anywhere from 2 to 7 CPU opponents. Up to 4 players can play locally, and online play allows for 8-person battles. To make up for lack of single player, the games allows players to customize their Bomberman in a variety of themed costume parts. In 2009, a [=PS3=] version of the game was released under the title '''Bomberman Ultra'''.²²In 2010, Hudson teamed up with Pi Studios to release a sequel, '''Bomberman Live: Battlefest'''. The sequel continued the multiplayer focus of the first game, with more themed stages, costume parts and power-ups to play with.²²! The ''Bomberman Live'' games provide examples of:²* ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself: ''Battlefest'', in addition to the standard costume customization parts, allows players to user their Xbox Live Avatar as their player character.²* MissionPackSequel: ''Battlefest''.²* SuperTitle64Advance: An odd variant, as the "Live" in the title does not refer to the Xbox 360 console the games have been release on, but rather the Xbox ''Live'' online network they're available on.


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