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1''Anti-Aircraft'' is an Creator/{{Atari}} UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame from 1975. [[PlayerVersusPlayer Two players]] control anti-aircraft guns and try to shoot down aircraft that fly left or right across the top of the screen. The planes don't shoot back, the objective is to shoot down more planes and [[ScoringPoints score more points]] than your opponent. The game ends when you [[TimedMission run out of time]].²²Ported to the UsefulNotes/{{Atari 2600}} as the anti-aircraft games in ''VideoGame/AirSeaBattle''.²²----²!!''Anti-Aircraft'' provides examples of:²²* AntiAir: Two rather crudely rendered UsefulNotes/WorldWarII style large-caliber flak guns.²* UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame²* AttractMode: The planes fly while the guns fire continuously.²* EasterEgg: Though not one the player can find. Modifying the hardware turns the aircraft into [=UFOs=].²* EveryBulletIsATracer: And ends in a visible explosion.²* LeadTheTarget: The bullets are kind of slow, so you have to fire at where the target will be.²* NoPlotNoProblem: It's never stated ''why'' you're shooting these planes, it's just a shooting gallery game with planes.²* OneBulletAtATime: Justified in that these are large, slow-firing flak guns.²* OneHitPointWonder: The aircraft.²* PlayerVersusPlayer²* ScoringPoints²* ShootEmUp: An early example of the classic ''VideoGame/SpaceInvaders''-style side view shooter, but with only two targets that don't shoot back.²* SideView²* TimedMission: Score more points than your opponent before time runs out. That's all there is to it.²* WrapAround: The aircraft if you don't shoot them down.²²----


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