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1An index for all the actors and actresses with their own page on TV Tropes who have appeared in the ''[[Franchise/TheMatrix Matrix]]'' franchise, and the characters they play. ²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²!!Films²²[[folder:''The Matrix'']]²!!Appeared in ''Film/TheMatrix'' (1999):²* Creator/MarcusChong: Tank.²* Creator/LaurenceFishburne: Morpheus.²* Creator/CarrieAnneMoss: Trinity.²* Creator/JoePantoliano: Cypher.²* Creator/KeanuReeves: Thomas A. "Neo" Anderson.²* Creator/HugoWeaving: Agent Smith.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:''The Matrix Reloaded'']]²!!Appeared in ''Film/TheMatrixReloaded'' (2003):²* Creator/MonicaBellucci: Persephone.²* Creator/EssieDavis: Maggie.²* Creator/HarryLennix: Commander Lock. ²* Creator/HaroldPerrineau: Link.²* Creator/JadaPinkett: Niobe.²* Creator/LambertWilson: The Merovingian.²* Creator/AnthonyZerbe: Councillor Hamann.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:''The Matrix Revolutions'']]²!!Appeared in ''Film/TheMatrixRevolutions'' (2003):²* Creator/BruceSpence: Trainman.²[[/folder]]²!!Animation²²[[folder:''The Animatrix'']]²!!Appeared in ''Anime/TheAnimatrix'' (2003):²* Creator/PamelaAdlon: Jue in "Final Flight of the Osiris".²** Manabu in "Beyond".²* Creator/TerrenceCCarson: Clarence in "A Detective Story".²* Creator/OliviaDAbo: Rox in "Matriculated".²* Creator/DebiDerryberry: Kid in "The Second Renaissance, Part II".²* Creator/JohnDimaggio: Crewman in "Final Flight of the Osiris".²** Kaiser in "Program".²* Creator/TomKenny: Operator in "Final Flight of the Osiris".²* Creator/PhilLaMarr: Duo in "Program".²* Creator/TressMacNeille: Housewife and Kenny in "Beyond".²* Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson: Thadeus in "Final Flight of the Osiris".²** Cop in "Kid's Story".²** Agent #2 in "World Record".²* Creator/DwightSchultz: Townspeople, Policeman and Exterminators in "Beyond".²** Nonaka in "Matriculated".²** Miscellaneous voices in "The Second Renaissance, Part I & Part II".²* Creator/KathSoucie: Pudgy, Masa and Sara in "Beyond".²* Creator/TaraStrong: Crew woman in "Final Flight of the Osiris".²** Nurse in "World Record".²** Misha in "Beyond".²* Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor: Ash in "A Detective Story".²** Raul in "Matriculated".²** Miscellaneous voices in "The Second Renaissance, Part I & Part II".²** Miscellaneous voices in "Kid's Story".²[[/folder]]²²!!Video Games²²[[folder:''Enter the Matrix'']]²!!Appeared in ''VideoGame/EnterTheMatrix'' (2003):²* Creator/WallyWingert²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:''The Matrix Online'']]²!!Appeared in ''VideoGame/TheMatrixOnline'' (2005):²* Creator/GinaTorres: Niobe.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:''The Matrix: Path of Neo'']]²!!Appeared in ''VideoGame/TheMatrixPathOfNeo'' (2005):²* Creator/ChrisBritton: Swordsman.²* Creator/JenniferHale: Trinity.²* Creator/JamesHoran: Agent White.²* Creator/MichaelERodgers: Doberman.²* Creator/FredTatasciore: Agent Johnson.²[[/folder]]²----


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