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1-> ''"When will young people learn that Dungeons And Dragons won't make you cool?!"''²-->-- '''Fry''' in '''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''', "Bender's Game"²²In mainstream media, roleplaying as a whole tends to have a very bad reputation. It's been accused of everything from making teenagers antisocial to turning them into mass-murdering Satan-worshipping neo-Nazis that eat kittens for breakfast and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking trip old ladies in their spare time]]. Naturally, none of this is true, at least not about roleplayers as a whole.²²Roleplaying is difficult to define exactly, except for the obvious "Roleplaying is when you're playing a role." More specifically, it's where you take up a character and play out the situation how you think that character would act. Think "improvised acting" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what roleplaying actually is. It's also been compared to playing "pretend" with your best friend when you were little, except for, well, grown-ups.²²With such a broad definition as simply "playing a role," there are a myriad of forms in which to RP. However, most of them fall under the following three:²²* Computer-based RP, such as a chatroom or an MMORPG,²* Pen-and-paper RP, such as ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'',²* {{LARP}}, or Live Action Role Play, which best fits the "improvised acting" definition.²²Not all roleplayers choose to take part in all three, although some definitely do.²²As mentioned before, RP has gotten a ''really'' bad reputation in the media, particularly ''Dungeons & Dragons'', which was subject to an intense hate campaign by many MoralGuardians. Several books were written on the subject, as well as a movie made, most of which aren't very well-known. LARP and chatroom RP haven't seen as much grief from the media due to the obscurity of [=LARPing=] and the fact that there are many, many better things to complain about on the internet than RP.²²Of course, to RP, one needs to act as a character. A significant amount of [=RPers=] roleplay a character from the favorite book/TV show/movie/whathaveyou (JournalRoleplay in particular revolves around this,) but many still come up with completely original characters to use. In an MMO, expect the player to use their in-game avatar.²²Although mainly centered around ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' RP, the website [[ RP Made Simple]] is a very good resource for information about roleplaying.²²----


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