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1%%˛%%˛%% DON'T REPLACE THIS PAGE WITH "MOSTLY HARMLESS" - we already have that at JustForFun/Earth.˛%%˛%%˛%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:˛%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.˛%%˛[[quoteright:274:]]˛[[caption-width-right:274:[[Creator/CarlSagan The only home we've ever known]].]]˛[floatboxright:˛'''Profile'''˛* Diameter: 12,742 km˛* Mass: 1 Earth (5.97237×10˛⁴ kg)˛* Density: 5.514 g/cm³˛* Surface Gravity: 1 g (9.807 m/s˛)˛* Semi-major Axis: 1 AU (149,598,023 km)˛* Orbital Period: 365 Days˛* Rotational Period: 24 Hours˛* Axial Tilt: 23.44°˛* Average Surface Temperature: 15° C˛* Atmospheric Pressure: 1 atm (101.325 kpa)˛* Number of Moons: 1˛]˛˛->"''You realize our planet's name means '''dirt''', right?''"˛-->-- '''Rick Sanchez''', ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty''˛˛The Earth (sometimes known as Terra) is the planet we all live on. It is the most ConvenientlyClosePlanet. It is the only planet Wiki/TVTropes exists on. All {{troper}}s were born and live on Earth, unless we have someone currently on the International SpaceStation. There are over seven billion humans living on Earth. To learn more about Earth, all you have to do is [[RealLife go outside]], but [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife we don't blame you if you don't want to]].˛˛Earth is really weird when compared to the other planets. The first and most obvious difference is it is the only known place life exists. It is the most tectonically active[[note]]having volcanoes and earthquakes, etc[[/note]] planet in the Solar System (Io is more active, but it's [[UsefulNotes/TheMoonsOfJupiter a moon of Jupiter]]). It has the largest moon in comparison to its parent body's size in the solar system. Earth is the only planet with vast oceans of liquid water on the surface.˛˛The human race [[UsefulNotes/{{Evolution}} evolved on Earth]] OR [[{{Panspermia}} arrived there at some point in the past]] OR [[CreationMyth was placed here]] by ThePowersThatBe. [[HiddenInPlainSight It took us a while to realize]] that we were on a planet, and not [[EarthIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse the center of the universe]]. It took us a bit to realize it was round, not [[FlatWorld flat]], that it spun around on its own, and that it went around the Sun — not the other way around.˛˛The Earth is the standard we use to measure the universe with. The atmospheric pressure and gravity are considered "1" when compared to other planets, which are either higher or lower than that number. We call dirt "earth", even when talking about the dirt on other planets.[[note]]Then again, the common noun "earth" predates the proper name "Earth" in English as well as various other languages; most cultures simply knew Earth as "the world" or some similar term — again, because it took us a '''long''' time to realize it's just as much of a planet (i.e. moving object) as Venus, Mars, and other long-recognized planets in our sky.[[/note]] Our moon is called simply ''the'' "Moon"[[note]]though it does have a name, Luna, which is Latin for "Moon"[[/note]]. We measure the distances around the solar system in "Astronomical Units" ([=AU=]) — the distance from the Sun to the Earth.˛˛For the "[[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Mostly Harmless]]" version of this article, see [[JustForFun/{{Earth}} JustForFun: Earth]].˛˛!The Earth in Fiction˛All fiction is set on Earth [[LikeRealityUnlessNoted unless otherwise specified]] — because of this a list of fiction set on Earth would be incredibly unwieldy and encompass probably 95% of works. This is because MostWritersAreHuman and they [[WriteWhatYouKnow write what they know]]. Fiction set off Earth is usually called {{Fantasy}} or ScienceFiction, unless [[SciFiGhetto it's not]]. We also have tropes specifically about Earth itself, all listed on ThisIndexEarth, and PlanetaryTropes also includes several tropes that either can apply to Earth or involve comparison between it and another (often fictional) planet.˛˛----


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