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1Typical troper who mostly adds logos and some decent/shitty tropes, nothing special. Now that's how you do TheUntwist!²²You'll usually find me occasionaley creating pages of upcoming/new works I'm interested in, or pass by other pages to add a couple more tropes. I also like hanging around the forums, fun stuff!²²I'm also a big fan TheEighties and good videogames, yeah.²-----------------²!Some of my favourite book authors²* Creator/HPLovecraft²* Creator/GeneWolfe²* Creator/GeorgeRRMartin²* Creator/HunterSThompson²* Creatir/StephenKing²* Creator/WilliamGibson²²!Some of my favourite games²²* Videogame/BaldursGate²* Videogame/TheBardsTaleTrilogy²* Videogame/{{Fallout 2}}²* Videogame/FalloutNewVegas²* Videogame/{{Helldivers}}²* Videogame/IcewindDale²* Videogame/PillarsOfEternity²* Videogame/PlanescapeTorment²* Videogame/RocketLeague²* Videogame/SystemShock2²* {{Videogame/Thief}}


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