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1께께Hello there tropers and tropettes and whatever. I am a [[CaptainObvious troper]]. I use [[SchrodingerFu Zappa, Faust]] and [[LightningBruiser A.B.A]] in GuiltyGear and [[MightyGlacier Iron Tager]] in BLazBlue.... Hope you enjoyed the completly pointless information.께께Video Games I like:께* GuiltyGear* LittleBigPlanet* BlazBlue* StreetsOfRage 2* WarioLand* DarkStalkers* SamuraiShodown* SengokuBasara 3께콭nime/Manga I like:께* JoJosBizarreAdventure* DeathNote* OnePiece* {{Akira}}* NinjaScroll께께[[SarcasmMode Best article ever]]께[[WikiMagic Feel free to vandalise.]]-------쾆ropes that apply to Severed Khan:* TestosteronePoisoning (Or at least, your choice in avatars fits this =P ) ~ {{Tropers/Everzwijn}}께-------콼ovely.께Severed KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! - Tropers/LeighSabio께Muahahaha! I have vandalized ye! >=D ~{{Tropers/Everzwijn}}께Helloooooo? You alive in there? - [[Tropers/MsieurLapin a Hazama user]]께KHAAAAAAAAAA- Oh, did someone say that already? - {{@/Hobgoblin}}께Your name can be heard from outer space! - @/AmusedTroperGuy께Save me, Chaka- whoops! I mean...Save me, Severed Khan! - @/SMSoldier께----


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