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1It's me!²²I've been around here a while, and spend a lot of time reading but not so much writing. Never really had the nerve to submit something. Very shy, don't want to risk posting something people might disagree with. But finally got pushed to contribute by some small detail on a page for one of my own books.²²(Yay! I have a fan! But what's this? An example in my book being attributed to the wrong character? I have to fix that…)²²So, yeah. I'm an author too.²Now spending way too much time on here, making sure that whatever I'm twisting or subverting in the next book hasn't already been done to death, and getting lost down the ensuing rabbithole for hours.²²Yeah, feel free to leave comments here. Please, let me know that someone noticed me!²²²If anyone cares (and because I have no idea if it's acceptable to put these here, as well as listing them in Troper Works), here's a list of my books so far. Some of them might have their own pages (one of which I created myself, because I'm impatient, but I don't have a big enough ego to fill in a whole load of examples):²²* Literature/SandpaperKiss - novel; investigative journalist meets catgirl in the middle of the jungle²* Literature/MrHooksBigBlackBox - web serial; going to be a novel at some point. Really, really, really want to see some WMG so I might have a guess if my foreshadowing is too obvious or too subtle²* Literature/TheUnknown - novella; we finally put a man on Mars, but we weren't the first²* Literature/InsideTheBox - novel; some things have to be kept out of the public eye for their own protection, but someone disagrees²* Literature/ABoredGod - written as a set of short stories for different writing challenges, and later woven together into a larger narrative²* Literature/PastsAndFutures - collection of sf short stories (including the Kindle-only collections ''A Dozen Skies'', ''A Dozen Tomorrows'', and ''A Dozen Experiments'')²* Literature/IntoDreams - collection of fantasy short stories (including the Kindle-only collections ''A Dozen Quests'', ''A Dozen Curiosities'', and ''A Dozen Secrets'')


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