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1I'd put a bio here, but I'd prefer to let my actions speak for me. Also, maybe if I do this, people will think I'm mysterious and exciting.˛˛----˛˛'''Vandalism and stuff'''˛˛* Oh, hello. It is another pure and innocent, vandalism-free page. Not anymore! :D ~[[Tropers/TheIndefiniteOne theindefiniteone]]˛** Oh noes! My page's innocence has been sullied! Whatever shall I do?˛˛* I bet your real name is Belgium. :P -@/{{Hydrall}}˛** ...DAMN. There goes my secret identity, I guess :P˛* SANITY IS FOR THE WEAK! -changes voice- hi. -@/{{desdendelle}}˛** Hey desden!˛*** [[@/{{desdendelle}} This Troper]] declares that he is now a quasi-minion of yours. Except when he isn't. -[[@/{{desdendelle}} des]]˛* Hello. Though I don't know you that well as of yet, I look forward to roleplaying with you. Cheers. -@/{{troydenite}}˛** Same here. ^_^˛* Clearly your name is Pakistan. I've discovered your terrible secret. - @/DoctorThunder˛** ...I think I preferred Belgium :P˛* I'VE BEEN VIOLATED!... In other news, Hi! :D - intoxicatedlayman˛** Muahahahaha~ *cough* Yes. Hi.˛* KIRRRRII! Where have you gone!? I miss chatting with you! :( -@/{{Fusionman}}˛** Oh, right... I keep forgetting to post in discussion... *corner of shame*˛*** Aw I'm not mad. I was just worried and sad... :( -@/{{Fusionman}}˛* ~Vandalise Vandalise Vandalise~ -whistles- -@/{{Abicith}}˛** I SAW THAT, ABI.˛*** ~[[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Can't prove it]]~˛* Wow. So... you are a fan of HarryPotter, DeltoraQuest, and TheLordOfTheRings at the same time?... I'd always figured I was one of a kind until now! I'm no longer alone in the world!... oh, and "Hi!" @/{{Dragon573}}˛** FANTASY GEEKS UNITE! -brofist- 8D


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