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1King Zeal (king·zeel) ''-noun-'' ²--> 1: a sovereign or monarch who also happens to be a {{troper}}. ²--> 2: [[BrickJoke See also: "Perfection".]]²²[[AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Greetings and welcome]] to the page. King Zeal doesn't enjoy talking about themself very much, but that can change very quickly depending upon the subject. Like many here, they are a writer who visits TvTropes frequently in order to improve their own work. ²²!!General Info²²'''Age:''' 34\²²'''Gender:''' Non-binary\²²'''From:''' TheWindyCity²²!!Tropes Which Describe Me²* TheAntiNihilist: I will do whatever I can to make the world a better place than the one I was born into.²* BlackAndWhiteMorality: I believe strongly in there being a clear "right" and clear "wrong". However...²** BlueAndOrangeMorality: I may not agree on what ''you'' feel is "right".²* BrainySpecs²* CakeEater: Hide your grandmas.²* ChivalrousPervert: I flirt with just about every person, male or female. If they're not interested, there's no hard feelings, but flirting is just in my nature.²* EthicalSlut²* ForHappiness: One of my three [[TheCommandments basic tenets.]]²* ForScience: Another of my basic tenets.²* HeroicBuild: Somewhat. I weightlift in my spare time.²** BigBeautifulMan: I'm also a bit pudgy.²** StoutStrength: I'm a short weightlifter with a bit of babyfat. Yeah.²* JustTheWayYouAre: I find 99.9999% of people attractive.²* LawfulGood: I'm ''trying''.²* LogicalFallacies: I'm on a personal mission to remove them from my thought processes. Help me out, would you?²* SafeSaneAndConsensual²* SmallNameBigEgo: ...wha? Who the hell put ''that'' here?!²* TheStoic: I get accused of this from time to time.²* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Some of my exes were either taller or just as tall as I am. (I'm 5'6".)²²!!Wiki Info²!!!Areas I most lurk:²* Trope Repair Shop²* On Topic Conversations²* YKTTW²* AskTheTropers²²!!!Tropes Launched:²* BadPresent²* GotTheCallOnSpeedDial²* ReplacementMooks²* ThatThingIsNotMyChild²* BoxingLessonsForSuperman²* NoOneSeesTheBoss²* TrueLoveIsBoring²* ExtraParentConception²* AccidentalPornomancer²* SuddenSequelHeelSyndrome²* EarTrumpet²* AntiClimacticUnmasking²* ComicBookMoviesDontUseCodenames²* VictoryByEndurance²* GenderedOutfit²* RecliningReigner²* RealWomenHaveCurves²* ActionFashionista²* WomenAreDelicate²* DaintyCombat²* TheseLookLikeJobsForTheSupermen²* SmallStepsHero²* JapaneseSpirit²* SuperiorSuccessor²* MicDrop²* UnexpectedlyRealisticGameplay²* ChosenConceptionPartner²* PowersDoTheFighting²* AntagonistAbilities²* WetBlanketWife²* IntimateMarks²* TheLawOfPowerProportionateToEffort²* TankTopTomboy²* EvenMoreOmnipotent²* SoNearYetSoFar²* TransgenderFetishization²²!!!Character Pages Launched:²* Comicbook.{{Robin}}²* Comicbook.LadyShiva²* Comicbook.RasAlGhul²* Comicbook.PoisonIvy²²!!!Works Pages Launched:²* Comicbook.AForce²* Comicbook.SupermanLoisAndClark²* Comicbook.{{Hercules 2015}}²* Comicbook.TotallyAwesomeHulk²²!!!Other Pages Launched:²* UsefulNotes.FightingGameCommunity ²** FightingGameCommunity.FGCAces²* Analysis/AccidentalPornomancer ²* Analysis.JapaneseSpirit²* Analysis.ChosenConceptionPartner²* Analysis.TimeToUnlockMoreTruePotential²* Analysis.BoxingLessonsForSuperman²* Analysis.{{Cuckold}}²²!!! Pet Tropes²* {{Favorite Trope}}s²** FunPersonified²** AmazonianBeauty²** MostCommonSuperpower²** BigBeautifulWoman²** Baby Got Back (You will be missed)²** {{Fanservice}}²*** DiamondsInTheBuff²*** GoodBadGirl²*** HeroicSeductress²*** PartialNudityTropes²*** ShamelessFanserviceGirl²*** WalkingSwimsuitScene²** TheFettered²** DistaffCounterpart²** KnightInSourArmor²** AttractiveBentGender²** LetsGetDangerous²** VillainessesWantHeroes²** RequiredSecondaryPowers²** SuperWeight²** CombatPragmatist²** TheCape²** XanatosSpeedChess²** PornWithPlot²** {{Applicability}}²** NervesOfSteel²** {{Polyamory}}²*** MarryThemAll²** BattleCouple²*** BadassFamily²²!!!Favorites²[[AC:{{Anime}} & {{Manga}}]]²* MiraiNikki²* {{Bleach}}²* {{Claymore}}²* {{Naruto}}²* BladeOfTheImmortal²²[[AC:{{Comics}}]]²* Books²** MarvelUniverse²*** UltimateMarvel²** DCUniverse²** CrossgenComics²** {{Powers}}²** YTheLastMan²** TheSandman²** {{Fables}}²* Characters²** {{Superboy}}²** CaptainAmerica²** {{Nova}}²** TheMightyThor²** {{Nightwing}}²** {{Magneto}}²** DoctorDoom²** LukeCage²** DoctorStrange²** {{Ka-Zar}}²** FantasticFour²** {{Spider-Man}}²** {{Ultimate Spider-Man}}²** Comicbook/TheIncredibleHercules²** Comicbook/{{Gambit}}²** Comicbook/{{Loki}}²** Comicbook/PoisonIvy²²[[AC:{{Film}}]]²* TheTerminator²* {{Inception}}²* IndianaJones²* MarvelCinematicUniverse²²[[AC:{{Videogames}}]]²* MassEffect²* ChronoTrigger²* SkiesOfArcadia²* TalesSeries²** TalesOfSymphonia²** TalesOfTheAbyss²* VirtuaFighter²* StreetFighter²* MarvelVsCapcom²** MarvelVsCapcom3²* FinalFantasy²** FinalFantasyII²** FinalFantasyIV²** FinalFantasyV²** FinalFantasyVI²** FinalFantasyVII²** FinalFantasyIX²** FinalFantasyX²*** {{Final Fantasy X-2}}²* WingCommander²* DevilMayCry²* PunchOut²* NinjaGaiden²* Videogame/{{Persona 3}}²* Videogame/{{Persona 4}}²²[[AC:WesternAnimation]]²* DuckTales²* DarkwingDuck²²!!!{{Pet Peeve Trope}}s²* IdiotHero²* {{Anvilicious}}²* DidNotDoTheResearch²* RetCon²* GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex²* ToiletHumor²* BoobsAndButtPose (outside of actual modeling)²* FauxSymbolism²* UnprovokedPervertPayback²* WetBlanketWife²* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor²* 90% of the tropes on WomenAreDelicate²* 60% of the tropes on MenAreTough²²!!Authorial Info²!!!Writing Style²* Mostly self-taught. Took a few writing classes in college, but that's about it.²* Heavy on dialogue and characterization. [[LawOfConservationOfDetail Only describes what's necessary.]]²* FunPersonified: I'd much rather someone enjoy my stories than analyze it...if I can't have both, of course.²* BeigeProse²* ViewersAreGeniuses: I'd rather do this than assume you're idiots.²* ShownTheirWork: I do insane amounts of research before I write about ''anything''.²* ArtisticLicense: If I have to, I will bump reality to the curb for RuleOfCool, RuleOfSexy, RuleOfScary, etc. ²* AuthorAppeal: I tend to put in a lot of things that attract/intrigue/interest/turn me on.²* GenreSavvy[=/=]DangerouslyGenreSavvy: One of my basic characterization rules is: "If the audience can figure it out, then so should my character."²* RougeAnglesOfSatin: Unforunately, as I get older, my typing skills seem be getting worse.²²!!!Current Stories²* Literature/MirrorDestiny²** LowFantasy²** UrbanFantasy²** BoyMeetsGirl²²²!!Vandalize here:²* What, no vandalism? Shame. - @/{{Spirit}}²* Zeal, we don't always agree (even if we usually do), but OTC would be not be the same without you. -@/{{Vericrat}}²* Bro! - TheStarshipMaxima (aka the WorthyOpponent to the aforementioned monarch)


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