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1I'm a contributor from {{Montreal}}, [[ Canada]]. I studied music at [=McGill=] University, and I like to write and to make cookies. I like this website a lot!²²My [[BoobusTuber sister]] and [[Tropers/{{ManWithoutABody}} one of my friends]] also have contributor's pages.²²-----------------------------------------------²²'''Some tropes that describe me in some way:'''²²* BerserkButton - In high school, my berserk button was when anyone called me by my first name. (I'm usually called by my middle name.)²* BigNo - I did this when my computer game froze.²* CanadaEh - I live there.²* CherryTapping - One time I killed a final boss in a computer game by dropping my weapon and slapping him to death.²* ADogNamedDog - While playing The Sims 2, one of the first families my sister and I created was a gay couple and their adopted daughter. The two men were named Papa and Daddy, and the girl was named Girly.²* TheEeyore - I can be this at times.²* EverybodyHatesMathematics - well, I do, anyway.²* EverythingIsAnInstrument - I've used coffee cans, cookie boxes, and pencils as instruments.²* EverythingsBetterWithChocolate - also my TrademarkFavouriteFood.²* FingerlessGloves - I've worn them while playing music in cold places.²* FunWithAcronyms - My initials spell "KEG."²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar - I sent in a poem to the website of a newspaper comic. They printed the poem on their website, unaware that the first letter of each line formed a dirty acrostic.²* GRatedDrug - I feel high after drinking lots of caffeine. I also sometimes treat chocolate like a sort of drug.²* HollywoodPudgy - I'm not fat, but also not thin.²* {{Kwyjibo}} - my usual way of playing Scrabble.²* LineOfSightName - No, my name isn't one. But I play Sims, and I often name my Sims after some object or word found near the computer.²* MeasuringTheMarigolds - I was showing my friend a Matisse painting. I started explaining why I thought the painter painted the painting, but my friend stopped me, saying that he just enjoyed paintings for what they were and didn't try to analyze them.²* RapunzelHair - My hair is long.²* SdrawkcabName - Once in a concert, I had written one of the pieces of music that was performed. In the program, my name was written backwards instead of forwards.²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial - I said to a friend once, "No, I did not just record a video of you on my camera, and it's not going on Facebook."²* SweetTooth - I have it.²* TetrisEffect - I've gotten Tetris effects from everything from painting boxes to actual Tetris.²* TheTropeSong - My [[BoobusTuber sister]] and I wrote a song called The Vaudreuil Song.²* TWordEuphemism - I sometimes refer to the word "foodie," which I hate, as "The F word."²* VisualPun - One year, my sister and I gave our mother some Lindt chocolate for Christmas. We took some chocolates out of the box and replaced them with lint from the dryer.²* WikiWalk - I like to go on these, especially on this website.²* WhyCantIHateYou - I've encountered people I just can't hate.²²²-----------------------------------------------²²'''Some tropes I have used in my own writing:'''²²* ChekhovsGun²* DisproportionateRetribution²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin²* IronicHell²* IShouldWriteABookAboutThis²* NoNameGiven²* PainfulRhyme²²-----------------------------------------------²²'''Some tropes I have observed in real life:'''²²* AllLowercaseLetters - I know people who do this in their emails.²* {{Arcadia}} - When I was a McGill student, I found an Arcadia in the middle of downtown Montreal, in the form of the McGill campus and the music building steps. Odd, I know.²* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking - I saw a comment on a forum that said, "Stealing, lying, and wearing socks with sandals are all downright wrong."²* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter - Although I haven't actually seen this trope firsthand, I read a magazine article about this trope. A teenage girl had many problems, including drug problems, but decided to clean up her life when she had a baby.²* BeautifulDreamer - A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of her boyfriend sleeping, and commented that it was cute.²* BigFriendlyDog - I've known some.²* BigFun - I'm sure we've all known a few of these good people.²* BigShutUp - My mom does this.²* CatsAreMean - Actually, I'm a cat owner and cat lover, and most of the cats I've met have been wonderful creatures. But one time, there was an evil black cat in my yard. Most cats I find outside run away when I come towards them, but this black one hissed at me whenever I went near it, and looked like it was about to attack. I had to chase it away with an umbrella.²* DeusExMachina - One time, I had to bring a big heavy contrabass clarinet from the music store to school. I had no idea how I'd bring it there. Suddenly, my teacher appeared in the store and offered to drive me to school with the instrument.²* DontExplainTheJoke²* {{Gasshole}} - Unfortunately, I've had to sit next to one in long rehearsals. It was not pleasant at all.²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar - I found a package of rolls in a store. Twice on the package, there was the phrase "master bakers."²* IAmTheNoun - A friend of mine once declared, "I am Bulgarian music!"²* INeedAFreakingDrink²* InsufferableGenius - I've known a few, unfortunately.²* IntelligibleUnintelligible - I get this effect from a guy in my class. The class is in French, and I can usually understand it, but this one classmate talks so fast I can't understand him. Much of the rest of the class, being native French speakers, can always understand him.²* InVinoVeritas²* MarySue - I know someone who [[strike:seems to be]] is one.²* MassiveNumberedSiblings - I know a girl who has five sisters.²* MathematiciansAnswer - A conductor told me I was playing out of tune. I said "Am I sharp or flat?" and he said "yes."²* OrwellianEditor - A moderator on a forum I'm a member of was like this. Thankfully, she hasn't been around the forum in a while.²* PermaStubble²* RichInDollarsPoorInSense - I know of someone that this trope describes well.²* RidiculouslyCuteCritter - I've owned some.²* RougeAnglesOfSatin - One of the more annoying tropes that I've seen in real life, my particular pet peeves being "lose" spelled as "loose," "defiantly" used when "definitely" is meant, "flare" instead of "flair," and "peak" instead of "peek."²* ShlubbAndKlumpEnglish - A writer for a local paper here uses this kind of language, often using malapropisms.²* SmallNameBigEgo - I've encountered composers who are like this. Not all composers are like this, though.²* SleepCute - I've seen a photo of two of my friends that could qualify as this.²* TinMan - I had a teacher who claimed he had no heart, but I have evidence to the contrary.²* TomDickMyNameIsHarry - My father does this.²²-----------------------------------------------²-----------------------------------------------²²'''Messages:'''²Write me a message here if you like.²²Sorry, I just had to say, looking at you siblings one, i had to say that my dad had 11 siblings lol. Sorry, just had to say that. Good night anyways. @/{{Leoganado}}²²How odd. I know of another Emily G. in Montreal. She just finished cegep though. Anyways, fellow Montrealer here. Music at [=McGill=], huh? That sounds pretty awesome. :O What was it like? ({{iamdatroper}})²--EmilyG here. Music at [=McGill=] was fun, now that I look back at it. Very difficult, but I met a lot of cool people.


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