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1[[quoteright:213:]]²[[caption-width-right:213:Would he lie to you? ]]²²Oh no! Yurt vandalized my page!²²[[folder:Vandalism]]²²²* You have the honor of being vandalized first by me. -@/{{Landorkus}}²** And second by me. - @/PhysicalStamina²*** And third by the person who was first, so I do not believe that I need to sign. I will anyway. - @/{{Landorkus}}²* c----€========> - @/{{Landorkus}} yet again²** If that's what I think it is, I am most dissapointed in you. Most dissapointed.²** Looks like a sword to me. - @/JimmyTMalice²** It is a sword. @/{{Landorkus}}²** I know, why you gotta be bringin the sword of damocles up here in this page?²* I love dogs, too~! - @/{{YinHachiko}}²* What would Abe Lincoln say if he were alive today? Get me outta this coffin!²* Always interesting to meet another individual who is a cuckoolander when they are not a cynic. [[Tropers/NESgamer190 NES]]²* Hail New Yggdrasil!-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666²* Darkness it consumes all...-Tropers/XiphosOrochi666²* How's the view of Eldritch? Is it good? - [[@/NineTailedCat Nine-Tailed Cat]]²* This page has been claimed in the name of [[TheManWhoSavesTheWorld YOKO JACKSON]]. ~[[{{@/Prometheus136}} YOKO JACKSON]]²* I think this is the first time that I've vandalized your page. - @/SBaneN²* ALPHABETICAL ORGANIZATION!!! - @/{{Eternal Noob}}²** NEVER!²* So what's with sending '''P'''ink-'''E'''yed '''W'''hites at me? - [[@/NineTailedCat Nine Tailed Cat]]²* I have appeared to vandalize your page. This is going to be fun... I guess. - @/SBaneN²* You've been vandalized, Eldritch one. - @/{{Quag15}}²* Hello, O creepy one! - @/{{rockmanx}}²* Did you see that, Eldritch? Clear as a crisp spring morning! "F K" ... In the coffee! I knew I could count on it! It never fails! [[TheUnSmile -creepy freakin' smile-]] - @/{{thespacephantom}}²** [[]] '''One Winged York approves.'''²* Hail to thee, my friend! Is not madness & HAM the most delicious combination of all?!- {{Tropers/CrimsonChampion}}²* [[NonSequitur RUMBA]] [[SayonaraZetsubouSensei RUMBA]] [[IncomingHam RUMBA]] [[EarWorm RUMBA]] [[CloudCuckooLander RUMBA!]] -@{{Voyd211}}²* <Insert proper followup to above rumba-age here> -@/MobileLeprechaun²* [[RunningGag RUMBA RUMBA RUMBA RUMBA RUMBAAAAAA~]] -@/{{Danniiee}}²* Nice to see you around the coven, my man. -Tropers/MokonaZero²* ... Vandalized from the dimensions of time and space and anti-matter... - @/SBaneN²* "@/{{Rivux}} was here! Seer's a loser!"²** '''I WILL MAKE YOU PAY! THE BLAROG WILL BE ON YOUR PAGE NEXT! [[EvilIsNotAToy WAIT! NO! BALROG, NOO-]]'''²* scoop a doop full of poop hiiiiiiii - @/{{fancywig}}²* y halo thar -- @/{{Boxen}}²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Dream Journal]]²²So, i have a vague remembrance of the beginning²²It took place is some rusty, metallic looking death trap, with flame throwers and robot galore, and my comrade and I were there looking for treasure.²²He get's killed rather early on, so I go it alone, and the I discover a room with a laser-mine²²Which is a mine that shoots lasers until it explodes, I blow it up, and I think I destroy most of the goodies in the room, how ever, and old monitor survives, and a fat, dirty man with a beard reveal that I was originally down there to go to a messy organic part of this flying city. To help with the leaders plan.²²I ask to look around a bit more, and he says he can wait.²²Now, some how, I come across a recording by a dead body, that records the leader saying this expedition is not to save the city, but to kill the New Men of the Forgotten Quarter (Some new evolution of humanity that came to be on the ship).²²So I rush back to the monitor, and tell the beard man what this is all really about, and he is absolutely appalled, in disbelief at first, but then I let him hear the recording.²²He says we must go to the Pore (The organic part) to destroy the project's resources, so we should pretend to go along for now.²²So the room itself rises up, and links in with an aircraft, which begins to fly us over to the Pore, which is at the bottom of the city, so we didn't seem much of the city itself.²²And then the walls were torn off the vehicle and we were surrounded by flying mech's, while the leader flew in on a jetpack.²²He mentioned how he was disappointed in us, and how he expected us to understand that the New People were pigs. He then laughed, as the beard man jumped off the vehicle, as it was now close to the ground, and I attempted to murder the leader, however, he was to quick, and flew off, I jumped off...²²And then gravity broke.²²The surface city was much more similar to [[BioShockInfinite Columbia]] then the small bit I saw from the sky.²²As in, there had four large wood spires with gold trimmings surrounding a beach, with lots of party thing around, it was all very nice looking, and they seemed to be having a game where you guess The Infinite Number, which no one ever guesses. And there are very strange, ornate flying machines the sky, one of which seems to cause the leader some difficulty, causing him to land a city in the distance²²So I land, and gravity resumes working, and I'm left wondering why it broke. And then being determined to hunt down the leader.²²'''End Dream'''²²----²²So I'm reading a CMOA page on tv tropes, about some work of fiction.²²So I decide. "Hmmmmmmmm... let's look into this."²²Cue me looking into it.²²So this girl is in a car, with an old man, driving through an icy tundra.²²They eventually reach a cabin, and he spouts cryptic non-sense.²²She open the weird folding doors, and see the place is ''way'' bigger on the inside, and it is now a sprawling building. in the middle of the crossroads between corridors, there is a small wooden booth with folding doors, she closes the doors to the building and enters the booth.²²Enter two people in bell boy garb outside, they're muttering about how someone ordered soup, and how the guy with the soup will get here soon.²²Enter humpty dumpty, carrying a tray of fifty bowls of soup. For some reason, I think he was in a managerial position. Humpy Dumpty apologizes for being late, and says "Poor guy, I bet hes hungry up there, without his soup."²²One of the bells boys says, "I know what you mean."²²The booth begins going up.²²They treat that as if they had missed the elevator, and begin grumbling and tapping their feet and such.²²The girl takes out a doll of black beard, and stares at it. Confused, since she doesn't own that doll. In any case, she sees several floors go by, and then she sees the big bad wolf and several more bell boys having an argument over a few spilled bowls of soup.²²So the elevator stops at a floor with the lights out, and she walks in.²²I only vaguely remember that something like Kirby from ThereWillBeBrawl lectured her, and creeped her out. But she got back into the booth, and went up.²²After a while, the doll of black beard emitted a nursery rhyme.²²"And if the sun never comes up... Then your luck is up..."²²It is referring to the black beard doll, which has now become a doll of an eldritch zombie pirate, she is unsettled, and hurls the thing down to the bottom floor. And exits the booth, on to another light less floor. There, a little girl in a creepy fuckin' mask berates her for throwing the doll, and then runs off. So the girl who we're following sits down in a cubbard with a light on, and to her left is the creepy girl, only without her mas, and instead slasher smile, and beginning to resemble our girl, and to her left is the kirby creature, who muses "If she is taking on traits from you, perhaps you are taking traits from her?", the creepy girl only chuckles, and the other girl just looks very distressed.²²'''END DREAM.'''²²----²²So there is a cabin at the lake (Which really does exist), and through the open kitchen leads into a stone-y labyrinth bathed in orange and green light.²²Some bird creature dies at the mouth of the labyrinth and suddenly there is some mess with time lines an endings, and we mention that if an elk outside dies, some woman is coming to cut us up with a cleaver.²²An elk outside dies, just after I lock the door.²²The woman kicks open the door, and no one notices as she chases me into the living room, where she slits my throat with a cleaver.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²I remember one dream that was interesting to me.²²There was some sort of claustrophobic, dark, medieval fort/castle, that was under siege by an army of men in elaborate uniforms, kaiser helmets, and the identical, pale faces.²²They launched spheres of fire everywhere, and I was attempting to escape, I ended up in some secret passage way, in which three people, two men, and one woman, in ratty leather coats were consorting about how to find a stash of weapons and treasure, and I had the distinct impression they had sold out the city.²²Apparently there was now a large bomb about to go off, so I ran through the tunnels, while the other three examine a glyph on the wall, which unveiled a secret room full of guns, ammunition, and explosives. It ended up exploding in their faces.²²I had found a clean looking steal door, which was funny considering the decrepit Victorian sewer feel of the passages, though the door, was a bunker, which was pristine, full-on AsceticAesthetic, with a heavily make-up'd fat woman cleaning about with a vacuum.²²Outside, it was day, with a lush field and a few trees outside.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²So it played out like a game.²²There was what I assume was a shooting at this muesum apartment-ish place, and our thugggish hero, and his doctor friend are looking around, while the police are doing an inspection of the crime scene.²²Suddenly, a corpse outside takes a chomp out of a person outsides neck.²²Suddenly all of them re-animate, and we follow a cop with a mustache for a while, he kicks ass, hard, and goes for head shots, but then he gets bitten from behind, after a zombie talks, "i'm in pain!", he shoots it in the face and says "Ya fuckin' think!?" and shoots himself.²²The thug and the doctor are on one of the upper floors when thugs in skull masks and all gray outfits attack, the ones on the ground floor used guns, the ones every where else charged like psychos.²The thug just head shots them quickly, but then and the next floor down, they become nigh-invulnerable and just keep taking bullets, it eventually goes down, but it was a pain.²²Things get fuzy and the ground floor, but one was taller than the rest and was a beast, slowly walking towards you, just soaking up bullets.²²And then I remember waking up in a dark courtyard of buildings in somewhere tropical, China was going to war with the US with Russia aiding them in two days, and everything had a distinct 80s/90s feel. Someone had been harboring chinese and russians agents and was taken under arrest.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²This one was set in some grand palace, had the strangest feeling of having been there before, as if it were a staple of my life. It was a heist, for something like the [[TheElderScrolls Thieves Guild]], they were all calling it the heist of the century, I was on a rising platform with them, we arrived in a large room, full of imperial guardsmen, all standing in front of a large door at the front of the room, while two unguarded doors went to the right and left.²²I had a feeling killing too many guard would implicate us in this too much, and that we should sneak about.²²If failed, they noticed us quickly, and charged, we killed them all.²²Next room.²²We ventured to find a room with a large pit in the middle.²²But it had been desecrated, the physics were warped, the halls was were non-elucidian and twisting every which way. It was burning, collapsing. The nobles were mad, roaming the halls with blades, taking as much of their old riches as they could carry. While the mad Emperor droned on about this history of this place.²²By this I mean that the room was burning, along with most other things. There we bits and pieces of ornate metal everywhere, and the Emperor wouldn't shut up about "And This was divined by Maximus, to his son Feldraeus." like a tour guide.²²In the main room, there was a noble who still retained loyalty to the Emperor, and lead the charge against us, while the Imperial Metalworker retreated back, closer to the gap.²²They failed to stop us, by the nearly killed the priest/mage who looked like Martin Septim, and nearly knocked his head into a fallen bit of rotating blade work.²²The Metalworker retreated to a giant disk of spinning blades, that was sprialling along rails up a gap in the ceiling. I followed him, and we dueled as he lectured me about my failures. And how the only thing awaiting up there for my fate was death.²²I killed him by knocking him off the disk to his death, and arrived at the top floor shortly after, a distance away from the Emperor's Throne.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²it's game of thrones related, and it's a dream²²so it takes place at the ''very'' end of the series, a lot of characters are dead, and yet, somethinng mystical happens, at a grave yard ''way'' in the north, outside a small village called "Slope" or "Haven" or "Solace" or something like that.²²It zooms in on the grave stone of a man named "Lord Craster" (Ha ha, it's funny because Craster is an asshole wildling0²²and then zooms in on a bunch of other gravestones, like catlyn stark, robb stark, samwell [SOMETHING], Gilly and her baby, [THAT ONE GUY WHO HAS TO MARRY A FREY DAUGHTER WITH ROBB].²²And then, suddenly, they're all standing there, alive and well.²²Everyone is overjoyed to see each other, and then the shot pans to the right, and there's a modern day casino very close to the graveyard. Along with a street and some street lamps.²²They investigate a bit.²²'''END DREAM.'''²²----²²So [[Roleplay/OurAvatarsWereInARoomTogetherTheContinuation Hawthorne!Cloud]] is having strange dreams every night, I don't know how the rest happened, but it did.²²A guy and a man with a light Swedish accent infiltrate his dreams, coming into a dark dungeon area, they begin their trek up the dark place, which is always ascending and built into a shadowy mountain. They ask what's and the top, and Cloud says he's never reached it. They ask why, and he says something stops him.²²Later, a thing that looks like a floating black skull begins hunting the Swedish Guy down, he curses in fear and then they were out of there.²²Cloud says that if you do things like curse, it removes you from there, he claims he thinks the castle is giving him a way out to make sure he grows, and wants to reach the top.²²They go back in, and they encounter the skull again, they tried to escape it, but it was too fast, and the Swedish Guy was about to swear when it caught up with him. The only thing the other guy heard was his screams of agony, so he cursed right before the skull came after him.²²They were now in a gray, foggy field, there was a pile of gore in the center, Cloud says that if you die in the dream, it, well, does that.²²They re-enter, and are now in a different part of the castle, with a creepy little girl with pits for eyes standing in the doorway, she leaps onto the guy, and starts twisting his head around, she stops, and notes he doesn't have any bites, so she has no reason to kill him.²²He then meets some Jawa-Looking things that are cloaked in fancy red robes, they're incredibly xenophobic, and scream at him until he leaves.²²He then leaves the castle, and is now outside in a large, decaying cyber-punk-esque place, there is a massive space station above everything, and they say it is populated with the Jawas, or as they say, Celestials, who abandoned them, trying to keep them out. This place reaches out a bit to the rocks orbiting the station, which are like the slums, since they are routinely attacked by the Celestials.²²'''END DREAM.'''²²----²²So it's about some of the last levels of KnockKnock, now completely different.²²The world outside the cabin is full of sand, a vast and endless desert, and the lodger is wearing some kind of gas mask, mumbling about how this was caused by whatever darkness terrorizes him, I get the feeling that the clock counts down to destruction.²²Then, the next night, the world is gone, only total darkness outside, the house is full of dark green fumes and the lodger still wears his gas mask, patrolling his house, the dream ended when the clock hit zero.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²I had two dreams. One was about Dark Souls 2:²²The opening game was narrated by Nito, who had the voice of James Earl Jones.²²Gwyn was a character early in he game, the game looked a bit more gray than dark souls.²²Another was about Mac Duffy:²²So he comes up with this game fro everyone to play, and links it.²²It's this NintendoHard maze-like RPG where it seems impossible to win.²²I go backwards at the start and am now at the final boss.²²It's Spaz. I fight and somehow win, she goes into phase two, then phase three, then phase four, ascending in a sort of pillar the whole time, like dancing mad.²²When phase four is done, the top section of the pillar pops open to reveal a giant tape recorder labelled "PENT", play it.²²It laughs at me, end of game.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²My dream was about this first person shooter set in this weird resort amusement park thing in mexico.²²The main character was this guy who looked like the lovechild of Gordon Freeman and Brad Jones, and was investigating this shitty albino rat-filled house of mirrors-esque "Moonhouse Hall", his buddies joke around with him, and he moves slow because he's wheel-chair bound, but is good at everything else.²²They try and withdraw some funds from a computer, and you can see all their faces and how they react reflected in the screen.²²An evil AI haunting the resort mockingly stops them, and they all sarcastically clap.²²'''DREAM END'''²²---²²So I was flying over to Engerland for some reason to see the coronation of the king.²²I think it was Richard III, anyway, I got caught up with some stuff I can't remember, ended up posing as a knight, this knight named Thatcher began tailing me and menacing me and asking questions. I got into the viewing chamber, with Thatcher being revealed to also be a minor lord and viewing it with everyone else.²²He made sure I got a shitty seat and could barely see past a bit of the castle.²²However I got to see thing king and his shitload of daughters on stage, and they were all singing and being jolly. But then the king jumps up and starts running then spirals to the ground, everyone keeps trying to sing but then one runs over to their father and everyone stops, because the king was shot through the eye by some assassin.²²Thatcher immediately suspects me because I didn't answer his questions well enough and comes to grab me.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²So it was in this modern city, at night.²²It followed this Osmosis Jones-esque cop who dealt with gang violence, which became more and more severe, to the point where it nearly took over the city, however, he and his crime-fighting cohorts had to deal with a big issue outside of the city, so they return.²²The city is very calm, and desolate, the all go to their separate homes.²²The blood knight of them is pissed at how quiet it is, and wants to crack some skulls together.²²The cop sees a high-tech fighter thing flying around, which is obviously owned by the gang, so he jumps into the cops' version of it, and flies after him, the enemy fighter begins firing at him, and he notes that his type doesn't get paid much, and he should just give up.²²It eventually shoots him out of the sky after a dogfight, and then is horrified at what he sees.²²A side of the city has been overrun with these abominations, a massive one clings to a skyscraper and spits projectiles out, while the voice of the baddie tells them to "Kill! Go on! Kill them all!"²²The cop bemoans the fact that these monsters existed at all, and then goes into the fray.²²Meanwhile, the blood knight is assaulted by massive numbers of small abominations, and is cornered near a tower.²²A purple translucent square surrounds him, with faces like the greek death mask on the sides, he begins to fly up, and more of the squares assemble around him, while the baddies taunts him.²²When he reaches the top, which seems to be some kind of hilly landscape, he nearly escapes, but is dragged back in by some invisible force, and mocked that he will never escape.²²Right next to the tower of portals in the hilly place is a small, white, square-ish building, with the Three Sages standing in front of it, the Green, the Red, and the Blue.²²They enter their building, and now everything looks like ocarina of time in the sense everything looks like it's rendered on an N64, the white building is actually like the temple of time, except the main entrances lead down a simply massive descending staircase around the entire perimeter of the building, the Three Sages talk about the chaos. The Blue Sage is so distraught that they must help in this evil, and so heartbroken that they can do nothing to help, shaming the ancient heroes legacy.²²The Green reminds him that the ancient hero was prudent, and would find a way, but The Blue doesn't care for that, and reminds him that the hero loved all living things, and then jumps off the staircase to his death.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²in facility, rather advanced looking, two men fighting and killing several people in hallway near me, these men are an inquisitor and a paladin, fighting for the greater good²²the men they're fighting are dissidents or demon or robots or something, when they're not killing, as the men come in waves, they're snarking at each other and allow you to get pretty close²²i eventually leave the two merry gents to get on a bus²²the bus begins driving, and i discover that there is a robot aboard, with the intent to kill everyone²²i begins exploring, and find that the driver is a likely suspect, i come at him with a knife and his attacks reveal him to be a robot, he angrily speaks about "HOW WE ALL MUST COOPERATE! WHY!? WON'T!? YOU!? JUST!? '''COOPERATE!?'''", i best him, and have to take the wheel of the bus that won't stop²²my friends come up from the back, slowly²²the first one to find me is acting very suspiciously, and is reaching for something, in a panic, i stab them in the throat, they fall, dead, i cannot be sure if i have done the right thing²²another comes up, also acting suspiciously, i stab her, too²²the rest come up and are appalled at this, the second one a i stabbed gets back up and harangues me for acting rashly, still with a cut throat²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²dreamed²²City scientist in poor graphics, works in various laboratories around a city, all inherited from his grandfather. His grandfather died under mysterious circumstances, and he works with the chief of police to find the cause. He investigates his main lab, right near the town square, and finds empty bottles of liquor all around.²²He heads into one of the hallways, and a phone begins to ring, he picks it up, and chats with the chief of police, they devise a plan to lure a mysterious killer out into the open by making the doctor pose as a town drunk.²²The doctor decides to take one last look around the lab, and on his way into a dining room, is assaulted by some shadowy, oily for that writhes and wraps around him, he has to struggle to get it off, all with no sound, and eventually gets it off. It slithers into the hallway, and drags a corpse with it, revealing the metal wiring projecting from its form.²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²dream²²so i was a scientist some really out there theories on science, including an invisiblity formula, however, i was a raging asshole about it so the whole community hated me²²i had successfully turned myself invisible, so i hatched a plan to unveil myself in the grand scientific conference at the university, along with testing my formula publicly there so i was believed, however, by some misfortune my formula was made illegible during the conference, so i pleaded with some of the other scientists to go to my lab to fetch the formula, all of them made conditions to satisfy their own greed. I told them to piss off, and leaped out the window to get it myself²²as i walk out, i can hear them handing out scientific awards, and then one i had clamored for most had gone to some bigwig hack who had stolen parts of MY research. they knew he was a plagiarizing imbecile, but the whole scientific community was working against me²²i began laughing, tore up my already ruined notes, and began heading back to the university. i continued laughing. it was pointless to get them to listen to me, to be remembered by THESE people, i looked at the scarlet notes in my hands, and then the trees all round, they were red too. the notes reminded me of seeds, i would plant the seeds of memory into all these people's minds, i would do it with fear²²i began climbing the university, and made it to the roof. i tore a spire from its place and began making strikes at certain spots to make the roof unstable, and then savagely bashed at the windows at the top of the roof²²it collapsed in, but miraculously i was unharmed, i heard the groanings of survivors, they knew who had done this, time to have my revenge²²the first to die was the head professor of the university, i beat him to a pulp ²²the second was the policeman who had been my biggest bother, i stabbed him²²the last was the vigilante who had terrorized me, he was terrifying in combat, but eventually, after a very long and tough fight, i strangled him²²i left the university, victorious, set on becoming the invisible terror²²----²²dream²²so i was in this pseudo=victorian land with grand bays and canals and a perpetually gray sky. it seemed like it was a black and white movie, actually²²so i saw the grand city as the people went about their lives, being mundane in a city full of floating carosels over the water and mad-scientists going around in the streets, all under the oppressive look of the barker-street orphanage²²so i am in a modern looking sky scraper, seemingly waiting for something, the woman in charge breaks from whatever program she was on and demands we all go do some demented task, i refuse and run away. only to be caught by my father, i tell him what's going on and he admits that's bad, and decides to take me right to where i need to go himself²²he takes me to a large house boat thing, on the top of it are twelve beds around the permiter of the boat, he says that he'll be back in the morning, and while i sleep think of anything but what is coming for the boat in the night, he then leaves, as night descend²²i make a good effort, but then i begin thinking about vampires and i hear someone, later some people, ascending the stairs²²four or five people files into the top of the boat, two are generic silhouettes, but to are familiar as the woman, and the other as [[ count orlok]]²²they begin arguing, orlok wants to "Eat all the children now, I'm sick of waiting, three days without food!" while the woman wants them to take only one in the night, as to not draw attention²²orlok begins to get frustrated, and goes to reach for me, not going to take me, but just as a gesture of impatience, i didn't know that however, so i pull out a knife and slice his hand, for a moment they all stand there, shocked²²then orlok cries "IT'S ''HIM!''"²²²i jump off the boat, gripping the rail right beneath the edge, trying to fake them out²²orlok commands the others to find me and not let me get away to spread the knowledge of them, he speculates that i went down west-abbey street, the others file out, as orlok and the woman remain²²lightning flashes across the sky, i jump back up for a moment to smile at them as they scream in rage, and then i jump back into the water, where i am surrounded by horses made of porcelian, who begin dragging me in a water chariot, along with the water-carousel, down all the canals, to a strange place made of two-dimensional platforms hovering in the void²²i see my father, my uncle, and two cousins there, and jump over, telling them what i've seen²²'''END DREAM'''²²-----²²so there was this grand, lush, beautiful landscape with magnificent architecture and blue water, i walk up a white bricked path, knowing i have found what i've been looking for, i check the picture i have with me, a specific cluster of buildings and gate. i need to find this place, whether to mourn or to get something accomplished, this place was built at great cost to save great amounts of lives²²one of the many architects's voices speaks to me, it is an older sounding woman, she begins talking of the necessity of this place, keeping a calm, if insistent tone, mentioning how i must think she's a monster, she speaks of how while all those architects with children had to sacrifice them, she did not have children, but she still has to live with being complicit with the death of more than ten thousand workers to build this place, her tone begins getting more accusatory, mentioning that it's short sighted fools like me who make her work impossible and asks what do i even plan to do²²this place is vast, and completely desolate. i feel i am the first one here in a very long time²²'''END DREAM'''²²----²²it was sprawling, and filled with eerie green light, most of the corridors where broken and filled with debris, but some lead to more corridors, the whole place felt like a maze, and in the center was a large chamber filled with these beautiful ethereal women, they were translucent and they varied from shades of lime to mauve²²i began to float in turn, and saw that the air was filled with small pearls, i went to grab one, and as i touched it one of the sirens in front of me underwent a dramatic transformation²²the song that had filled the chamber had been replaced by screams of rage, and what was once a serene, content expression has turned to an cannibalistic snarl, and he face became lined and inhuman, all of the sirens did, and i tried to run away as they...²²they didn't follow immediately, but slowly they hunted me²²toying with me²²occasionally coming at me, the rest of the time just waiting and stalking in the walls or in dark corners²²----²²it was all pixellated, like the game mcpixel²²it was about a young man learning magic in the hold of a boat, he started small and slowly got involved with bigger spells, to the point where if anyone knew he would be one of the best and brightest in his field, slowly things get more sinister, and eventually he does something that summons his mother²²his mother is an abomination, some kind of demon, and she congratulates him on meeting his destiny finally, and coerces him to bring the end-times at the expense of his life²²the end times isn't pixellated, it's a massive landscape, now barren and gray, like ash, the sky is blackened and filled with clouds, it is seen from a massive staircase coming from huge walls with strange architecture, everything so very dark²²meanwhile, a man enters the same boat hold as the boy, he wears a trenchcoat and begins looking around, he experiments a bit with magic and while he shows some skill he fucks a lot of it up, throwing things around and breaking shit, eventually he pieces together what happens, as armed men break into the hold, it has expanded into a larger chamber, with exhibits like a muesuem, and now has a large pillar in the center, making it impossible to see someone on the opposite side as you²²he begins trying to escape and fighting his hunters with a gun. but it is all for naught as the mother's voice gently calls, and some of the left over parts of her son destroy him ²²----²²i had a dream in where i was patrolling a ruined medieval courtyard, that was supposedly infested by walking corpses, and yet was vacant, filled with skeletons and smoke²²i entered into the tower walls and found my path set forward, i removed my gun and went forward, stumbling across a group of cub scouts preparing for a battle with walking corpses, but were actually faced with girl guide scouts²²when the cub scout director saw this and was offended that the girl guide scouts would nearly get their own girls killed to scare off the cub scouts²²the girl guide director comes in and gets very passive aggressive with the cub scout director²²and then it turns into a town meeating with a whole bunch of rednecks and hillbillies²²and then three molars and the gums just come out of my mouth, it felt very strange²²then i see a glimpse into someone elses life²²a girl is being kidnapped by zombies, her guardian is terrified since the room she's in is blocked by a metal door, he can't open it, when his estranged brother comes in and begins talking to him about the atv he gave him as a kid that broke his leg²²the man is oissed and tells him not to be such a knob when his daughter is probably being eaten²²his brother continues, and then the man realizes he's been implying they could use to to break down the door²²they do so, but the girl is gone²²a note has been pinned to the escape route, with a lot of little pins, and strange hand writing²²"[[AC:Come come catch her if you can]]"²²and then i see where they took her²²a huge dank, dark, open cavern, with slimy, fleshy stone²²i see close views of all the ladders down into it, all sticking out vicious needles and pins to disembowel unwelcome visitors and further mutilated the corpses who use them²²i see many corpses with but one eye, and see the details of how parts of the head have been caved in an gored until it was barely human looking, it gazes at me²²a speaking zombie named "dormin" carries the girl in his arms like an infant, she sarcastically asks if there is an option for his servants that doesn't involve removing an eye, he speaks with a soft, deep voice, and says {[AC:Yes. ''I'' have two eyes.]], she responds with "Yeah, but you're in charge, that isn't fair."²²dormin is strange²²his lower body is just ornate stone in the shape of a pyramid that fuses into his upperbody before its peak, he has a large, staring eye at the base, his upper body is normal and unscarred, but his face has a massive, bloody maw with many tiny sharp teeth that runs ear to ear, but both his eyes are in place and he may have been handsome once, his hands were absolutely full of pins²²----²²I was a low lying member of an internal affairs organization, we were in the mountains checking on something in our disused, rusty, ill-maintained shithole of an outpost, when we got a call from a voice that spoke in a piercing falsetto, it seemed to believe that I was a member of another organization, and was calmly informing me of their plans, I tried as hard as I could to remain quiet but acknowledged I was there at my supervisor's request.²²We eventually found the call was coming from a prisoner in a cell in the outpost, an incredibly pale man with strange facial feature, nothing I can describe, his face was just wrong. He wore dark clothing. And yet despite the signal coming from him, he wasn't talking nor holding a phone. Part way through a sentence he abruptly stops, and look at the camera.²²"You're not a real one."²²And then he vanishes like smoke. We review the footage to find out what the fuck happened. He was never there. As we check we see him there again, staring at the camera.²²"We know what you've-"²²We fastforward an hour and he's there again.²²"-done."²²He speaks with the exact same inflection, finishing the sentence. He vanishes again, this time for good. I feel like he could be lurking in any shadow, despite my supervisor assuring as that there is a rational explanation and these are just a drill to keep agents on edge and frosty.²²And then I had another dream.²²It was kind of like the Legend of Zelda, I suppose, just a town of very strange people that reminded me from things of Zelda, they were taking a town photo when they are informed of something going very wrong in containment, and cut it out for a moment, a man with flesh and wires and such has arrived where he shouldn't be and it requires the Admin's attention. And a total containment breech occurs, and everyone panics. They begin trying to leave the strange cyber-space where they are. And one is trapped in a machine, conscious, due to a power-outage. He's trying to get out of the thing, it's open top, just a tablet with blue holograms around him, and an image of DNA beneath his body, he speaks to the technicians and they assure him he'll be out in a moment. They're just working on it.²²Then they become incredibly alarmed as parts of the DNA hologram turn orange, and a percentage meter pops up reading: Genetic Corruption: 1%. The orange is a foreign thing invading the system and somehow entering his body, released in the breech. They begin bearing down to get him out as his genetics are corruption, knowing that 60% is irreversible. They are about to free him when another power disturbance frazzles their systems and forces them to work from square one, they also don't know how corrupted he is. The systems come back on and he's at 55% corruption, they try uploading the program. The man mentions how this doesn't hurt as much as he thought it would. The counter turns to 60% and the man screams.²²----²²on a beach, i was walking along, it was sunset²²it was a shallow beach, lots of sandbars, other people were talking about movies, i walked away from them for a second and crawled to a shallow since i like keeping in the water²²then i noticed²²little things²²loathsome, black, squirming things, fat and slimy²²fucking leeches, leeches with mouths like lamprey²²there was one already on me, getting bloated already, they were popping up everywhere, somehow i flew into the sky and tore it off, but when it landed, it became the size of an ox, and there were more ox sized leeches, crawling about dozens of them, they were vaguely greenishly tinted, and there were even more little ones²²and then the dream shifted²²there was a woman who had just inherited a house with a long history i couldn't remember, i had been there with the entire family line as some sort of trusted friend, the woman was in the throws of a stress induced breakdown, having vivid hallucinations i could see²²a grey train car, full of twitching, shifting men who were never quite there and always were somewhere else, they only thing with color was their eyes, which were vivid blue, they all had the same, strong face, with well kept hair, the shadows on them were cross hatched²²they smiled, one appeared right in-front of my eyes and began to smirk before thrashing around and i could swear for brief moments it became something dark before vanishing²²there was a second delusion i can't remember, and the woman snapped out of it²²she ran downstairs, this floor was odd²²it was very dark, and here, bad things waited in the dark, but she braved it anyway, the walls were metal, but had been roughly torn open in spots to revealing wiring that had been torn on²²inside, a noise like a heartbeat kept thumping, the woman continued though the dark, despite how deep it was on all sides, and found in the wall, a square machine with many lights and buttons that was the perch of a perfect, chrome sphere which turned a metallic blue²²a synthesized female voice came to life, telling her to turn on the lights, the woman did so²²i forget what she said after that²²but what i do remember is the woman descending into a long dark tunnel i had long been meaning to go into myself, the room was transparent glass and domed into the walls, with metal support structures reminiscent of art deco about, faded paint chipped to reveal rust, and i couldn't see anything²²and then the dream ended²²----²²sherlock holmes and watson were about, looking for something, don't recall all of their exploits, but their travels took them to a very strange, open, egyptian looking tomb²holmes insisted that there was something off about this, while watson took a stand and said that this was stupid, holmes is lowered on a giant platform in the middle of the room, and yells at watson to stay there, this is only for him²²the tomb below him is eerie, like a maze²²and then i saw this massive, looming figure, with no visible eyes or mouth, it was suited, not the slender man, it was too porky for that, it's face had a weird texture and it began walking towards holmes, my view was now first-person, at an angle like my neck had been jerked up and i was unable to right it, he kept walking backwards through the maze as the thing came for him²²then another came²²and another²²they were gainging, some more fat than the others, some did have mouths or eyes or rotting skin, they clawed and began to throttle holmes but he would escape, until it was futile²²by the end he looked, and there were dozens of them walking around in the small confines of the corridors, they drag holmes into the crowd and all that is left is a grotesque, mangelled head²²----²²i was at some sort of social event, in a strange, ugly, crowded kitchen with green wallpaper, trying to make an kindly older man custard to go with the ice cream he had requested, as i worked, i heard strange music in my heading, it had a very latin sound and the lyrics changed between french, spanish, and english²²from what i understood, it was about a man who was raised in poverty singing about the tragedy of his life, i think he compared himself to the tower of babel a few times, and i got in around his rise to fame, where he and his friend had opened a restaurant that specialized in shrimp, chicken, and sauces, it has just taken off like a rocket and everyone was cheering, but the man lamented that soon it would be his pride that would destroy him²²skip ahead to darker elements, the country (it was a fictional one) was a totalitarian dictatorship, and i viewed a map of the nation, which was snakey, but nopt very thin, and all the provinces therein, some flashed red on the screen as white text that read: Sjio Agent Found in [strange city name] three provinces where marked, and a pinpoint presumably representign the city appeared, the text changed to "Prepare For Salvation." i assumed they were going to bomb the city²²cut back to the man's story, a year or so after he made his fortune, he seems bitter and arrogant, he sort of betrayed all his friends and left them all in the dirt for his own gain, and he is looking out of his window at all the roman-ish palaces around him as a man rushes in and tells him his parents just killed themselves, he is actually dismayed, he says that years later he found out why, his parents were always hated by the poor because his mother wanted so badly to be rich se acted like a snob, while his father always fiercely defended her²²when his parents became rich from the money he gave them, they were fucking absolutely loathed by the aristocracy, because his mother was from a different, french-y nation, they were so hated that his parents weren't able to leave their upscale house. his mother, so disillusioned with wealth and life and defeated, kills herself, his father discovered her body and killed himself afterwards after despair²²the man only says this was the beginning of his sorrows, but the dream ended well before the story did²²---- ²²i was in a dark, dingy office, though it was quite large and my very sleek, egg-shaped chair could rotate and lean back, the wide, mechanical door to the facility beyond and perhaps even outside was wide open, the switch to close it was on but would not respond to my touch, so i leaned back, content, for the malicious thing that stalked the corridors could be kept at bay if i kept it in my sight and occupied it somehow²²a short while later, the chair that shared my curved desk receive and occupant, a yellowed skeleton, two eyes rolled into its sockets. it spoke to me in a non-threatening, very high-pitched, nasally male voice. i lured it into a talk about the situation and tried to convince it to cut me some slack, which it refused to do in a faux-sympathetic tone. i kept the talk going, asking it various questions about itself and this place. it would occasionally move closer to me but couldn't actively harm me²²eventually it began teleporting around, trying to escape my vision, even wrapping its arms around me and the chair at one point, as red lights flashed from the warning light above the door, it spoke right in my ear as it grasped the chair like a cephalopod. its eyes were full of malice and it began grow impatient, for if i could keep it here till the lights came back on it couldn't kill me²²eventually it escaped my sight by slithering around on the floor, and then snuck up on me from behind, killing me²²i recall that in future nights i witnessed the skeleton in some great machine in the open, full of crossbeams and tiny gears, it was in the center of its head on a rotating base, trapped in some strange, broken down mechanical apparatus of some kind.² ²----²²all i can remember is watching this very lanky, large gray thing with a staff try to break a man's neck, rasping and panting²²it actually tried to crack it off at some points²²----²²i was watching shitty minecraft videos when i got a phonecall, it was from some distant uncle of mine²²he was condescending and passive-aggressively mad because the whole family was getting emails from my tumblr account, specifically, for some odd reason, regarding game spazzer²²i told him i didn't know what he was talking about, thinking it would be really awkward to discuss, and he starts getting angry at me, i start getting angry back²²i'm in a very dark hotel room, but i notice a man noiselessly walk in as i talk, he seems none-too-bothered, as if he were standing in the lobby or something like that, and stands at the foot of my bed, looking at the far wall²²i call my uncle an asshole as he screams at me on the phone and hang up, thinking to ask this man if i can help him, the second i turn off the phone and ask, my voice fades mid-question, i don't know this man, he's not family, the only reason he hadn't advanced on me or done anything was because i had the phone on²²he turns to face me, he has a small, dreamy smile on his face, and walks around to the left side of my bed, closer to me, i tell him to back off when he pulls out a string tied between two of his hands, i frantically tell him to get away and begin trying to shove him off, but he's quite strong and gos to wrap the sting around me throat²²----²²i was in some hotel-esque building, it was long rather than wide, and had a sharp bend to the left, in the corner was a elevator and it was painted in light blues and greens and oranges.²²it was getting dark, but the people there seemed to welcome me, they said that i'd best be careful, as the lovebugs are going to be fiercer tonight, after a bit of exposition it was revealed to be that the lovebugs are creatures that feed on dirty thoughts and passion and the like, they don't feed on it so much as are attract by it, can sense it, and prey on it by disguising as your heart's desire than then killing you, almost like a succubus²²they suspect the lovebugs are doing this to end the human race, because other than artificial insemination, reproduction is now very very dangerous, because locked doors and the like won't stop a lovebug²²i see a pair of people say they're going to try tonight and go into their room and lock the door, i go to mine, alone, and try to sleep, remebering that they say that lovebugs are also telekinetic and possess the ability to reanimate the dead, they don't kill people unless they are attacked first or through their weird pseudo-succubus thing, so the idea comes to me that i might be able to talk to one and ask it what the fuck it's doing²²as i sleep, there is a bright flash, and a lot of rumbles of noise from outside my room, i crack open my eye to see the diminutive form of a lovebug, short, with a face like a skull, very purple and pink, its eyes were glowing, it held technologically advanced seeming tools, and began investigating the room.²²it looked at me very closely for a few seconds before shrugging me off and heading for the door, i got up and walked after it as i say the building outside was in chaos as people were running for the elevator and lovebugs were wandering around²²----²²i had a dream last night, barelt remember it as this computer took a while to starr\²basically this girl was doomed to die prematurely and some undefined point, but her and a bunch of other people on a big boat were trying to stop that\²and were going on a bunch of dangerous quests to get the macguffins to save her life\²ans basically i just remember te last one\²where the girl was going through this very dangerous technilogically oriented place, with everyone else cheering her on\²and then she gets to the final bit, this pitch black void with one floating pathway leading to a circular bit, it was quite narrow and it presented her three paths\²she choses the leftmost one, which was stairs\²and she goes up them\²and everyone is pretty confident\²and then this kid is smart and knows something is up\²so she begins sprinting and skipping over every other division of the stairs\²and obviously they begin changing colour and vanishing\²and everyone begins losing their shit and trying to see what's going on from the boat\²including this weird little ewok looking guy\²the rest of them use binoculars and shit but the ewok just points and looks with his eyes\²so the girl is springint not to fall into oblivion, and she eventually gets to the top\²where there's this really generic looking purple potion\²so she grabs it and everyone just fucking cheers\²but then the platform she's on gives way\²and she falls onto the circular bit of the pathway, but she's clinging on to its very smooth, polished surface for dear life\²and she begins slipping\²until something floats up from below to save her\²this weird fucking bird-lizard fucking thing\²and he flies her to the boat\²everyone goes apeshit\²fireworks get launched\²and people say that "oh well good thing there's a feastday coming up, come on, let's eat a bunch of food"\²and they all party and cheer on that boat in the middle of a sea in an infinite black void of mystery²²----²alright so basically it was the video game, yes, and in it there was this knight motherfucker with some point armor, out protagonist, they are in some dank, dark caverns underground, with like bodies impaled on spikes and fires and shit, looting and investigating in typical video game fashion\²they've fought their way here through a load of nonsense and take a map from the notes of the apparent expedition that went here, just tucking it into their inventory²and they move on to a very well-made, stone chamber\²it's circular, with finely-carved everything, there's loot everywhere, and a chest with a sword sticking out of it in the center of the room, also in there is a dark cloaked figure with their own sword, just sitting there, waiting. a boss, and since this was a very dragon age-esque thing, they would require a dialogue before anything happened\²except when a certain distance was reached they just charged in a second and shit got real²²the exit to the room vanished and then the walls blew off, as this cloaked figure, with a tall hat lacking a brim, ragged nazghul-esque robes, and curved sword begins\ going to town, and it turns out this is a lady under it, derisively mocking the party, saying she's never seen such a bunch of degenerates\²the area outside of the walls is this weird trippy thing with a lot of green light flying around, and fainly visible is some bizarre looking cavern, and then things begin coming through, other enemies, thing like weird flying serpents, some chitinous beast, and a massive brute that was larger than the platform, so it just stood by the edge and attack people who came within range\²the battle continued on and eventually the weird serpent got bigger and scarier and i think shot lasers, and the big brute had its eyes stabbed out, but before it could be killed, another big fucking brute came along, this one a cyclops, and just crushed its head\²and it was very gruesome, as the corpse was a persistent entity rather than just vanishing\²and then this proceeds, and i noticed that the cyclops seemed to be hooked up to some weird electric generators n' shit\²it didn't end properly, so that's all she wrote²²----²²i had a dream about parasites\²there were these things that came with fish and crustaceans drudged up from the ocean\²there were many kinds\²some, which i saw a lot\²where these\²small\²long-legged\²spidery crusctaceans\²that charged your feet\²and from their top, would sprout spines to impale your feet\²and would try to stab you with them if you didn't lift your foot\²and if you could avoid them by gaining better elevation\²they would eventually rip themselves apart\²there were also these\²oddly shaped\²pointed things\²that hide in other creatures\²and would pop out, infecting them like the thing\²and they would hide in dead things, living things, anything\²and if they touched you, you were infected\²and everything was just crawling with parasites like these\²and the environment was\²bizarre\²i lived in a great hotel on a large hill over this\²ratty city, very sparsely built, large stretches of grass and nothing inbetween parts of the city\²and i was in, when the parasites started emerging\²in the parking lot of this\²nautical themed amusement park or carnival\²that was pretty run-down\²making it even more nautical\²there was some kind of farmer's market\²and it was night\²but the sky was some great\²it was filled with these\²dark brown-red clouds\²as if there had been a volcanic eruption\²and this very grand, imperial hotel was very pretty²²----²we were on some kind of school trip\²and we were all on a big cruise ship in the ocean, heading to some island\²and we get to port, we have all our luggage\²and getting through port is odd\²as we're on a big concrete, elevated platform, with several steep, diagonal, concrete planes leading down, which e slide down to reach another platform, this one leading into a very narrow concrete path\²this narrow concrete path is surrounded by some sort of semi-extant mesh\²and over to the sides either way is a long drop, little shallow, man-made basins\²and so everyone gets past this, and then we go and get into a small boat piloted by a nigerian woman\²and she takes groups of people to a great big hangar area\²made of concrete\²with a great big open door\²and lots of room\²so we all put our shit down\²and go into the island proper\²i recall nothing that happened on the island\²but nyway\²so its night\²and we're leaving for some reason\²either we had to go because it was scheduled ro osmething serious happened\²and myself and three friends head to a metal door\²open it\²it's the big room again, but we're on a higher vantage\²we flick some switches to turn on the lights, both fro the room and for the woman so she can see\²we open the big garage door\²and people act like she should be grateful she has lights specifically for her\²now we go and go down the stairs to get our shit\²and i'm conusmed by the fear that we'll be going across the entire ocean in that boat\²and try to find ways to entertain myself\²by like stealing laptops and shit from other bags, which line the walls\²but then i remember there's a cruise ship she's taking us to\²and put the shit back, though not always in the right places\²it is pitch black out, and the sea is tumultuous, there's a storm\²and the nigerian woman paddles up, i take my luggage and get on with some others\²she's very, very nice\²chatty, polite\²so we get to the concrete platform, say our goodbyes, and get off²we go across the narrow concrete path, someone notices how nervous i am, leaps off and feigns injury before calling me an idiot\²and so we go on, and i clip myself into a suit connected to a sort of very small-scale chair-lift thing\²so go up the diagonal concrete\²where i see\²tvs\²lined up on the side of it\²with vaguely familiar people talking on dreary room\²in deadpan voices\²well-dressed, identically so\²constantly saying "I think" in their statements\²as they admit guilt to things and yammer on about their actions\²and i know they're related to us leaving\²and that these people were sinister schemers before this point, so their new conducts is unsettling\²i get to the top and while we wait people are playing games and chasing each other around and throwing snowballs at each other somehow\²while we wait for the cruise ship\²and i'm alone in my waiting\²and having trouble breathing, so i try eating snow\²that won't melt in my mouth\²until i scoop it up only by licking it\²and then i wake up²²----²²i had a dream again\²so it was in a nice big house, and it was fall\²it was similar to halloween but halloween had already happened\²i was in a room full of a bunch of junk and costume parts\²and there were people there\²some random guys, and, surprisingly, olive tree himself\²i forget how i knew, but i knew that at night a man was going to come and rob the lace and kill everyone inside\²and so did olive and one other person, so we were finding like shit to prepare\²like setting up our hiding plan\²and we went around, and i tried to find somewhere to hide\²and i went downstairs, which was pitch black since all the lights were off\²and realized that i couldn't just lock a door or he'd kick it down\²and that i didn't want to hide, that'd be too dangerous\²i wanted to fight this motherfucker\²so i head to the storage room\²and search for a weapon\²everyone kind of rolls their eyes at this idea\²and people tell me it's not halloween anymore\²and i find some useless shit\²then i find this kind of makeshift flail with a rope\²and people say it'd make a good weapon\²but then it breaks\²however, i did find a real fireaxe\²and as everyone was leaving the room, as the sun was going down (it had been sunset anyway but now it was dark) i found this fucking halberd\²so i head to a nice bedroom near the front door and set the fireaxe down near the bed were olive is sitting, and, being a lazy motherfucker, he says he doesn't intend to fight because fighting in a 3 v 1 seems too dangerous to him\²and the other person there is too weak to lift a fireaxe\²so it's going to be me vs the killer\²i get pissed off, check the front door, it's closed\²i go back to talking to them, and i look back at the front door\²it's open, and all the lights in the house switch off\²and so i heft my halberd\²i notice the room has two entrances\²so i shut both and hold up\²i can hear footsteps and rifling about\²i decide to lure the killer into the room instead of hunting after them\²so i turn on the tv and all the lights i can\²and wait\²they don't come\²so i begins sneaking around\²and in the kitchen\²there's a bunch of people\²in like blue jumpsuits, with crates\²i walk in\²and they all shout\²"Mazel Tov!"\²and it turns out, they were a jewish kosher catering company\²that someone had accidentally hired\²and misinformed me about\²and we're all sitting down and talking\²and i'm eating their food, and it's okay\²and the head of their company is like this very pretty woman\²very cheery\²and she says not to do something in particular\²i think it was insult the food but i don't know\²anyway someone does\²and she just turns\²pants-shittingly terrifying\²like an evil goddess or something\²OH SHIT I HAD ANOTHER TOO²²i was out on a beach\²it was some tropical resort\²and i noticed how just\²bright and big and beautiful the moon was\²it shined so bright i could get a good picture\²and it was right over city lights on the ocean\²so i get out my camera and take a picture\²and it fucks up because my mother, who is drunk at this time, harasses me\²so i go for it again\²and it takes\²but\²in the picture\²there is\²a shrouded figure\²like a bridal veil but made of pale sackcloth\²i get mad and am about to tell them to get out of the way when\²they're not there\²i look at the camera again and nearly shit my pants\²i run away\²and i run into this tropical area with like an old roman-esque road\²and stumble upon two guys\²who i watch\²they have like a map\²and they're calmly chatting\²they're like the irl embodiment of gamefaqa and this is like a game\²and they go into a creepy cottage\²and get tied up\²and it turns into like this either crudely drawn or 8-bit world\²but it's like a point and click adventure game\²there's a black, bearded man with a red shirt\²and the house is full of macabre shit and blood\²and the black man is apparently working for "the boss"\²who is the like bandit-king thug\²and there's a woman in there called like\²"sugar"\²who is some kind of (very clearly sex) slave\²and she's like chained up in the basement and shit\²and he mentions her doing homework or something, it's fucked up\²so they managed to trick the guy into letting them go\²and he's friendly about it\²and they head out, thinking that how they deal with this moment will decide what way the game goes, as this is like a branching story, but most branches will kill you, because it's like sienna\²so i forget the specifics here, but they go down on route that kills them, and then they say "that was an example"\²so they josh each other around a bit and laugh while looking at their map, which is revealed to be an illustrated guide of the routes\²and they head off on one, which they say\²"This is the only route we can take at the moment, and it's the hardest."\²so they head back into the cottage\²head up into the attic\²and it's fucking massive and dusty\²and they root through and old desk under the window's light\²and they find... something\²and then something happens, i think the ghost appears\²or somehting like that\²and then i think it ended\²²----²²basically it was set in a sort of cyberpunk future, but it was very run down and dilipadted, and very vaguely east-asian in the design of the buildings and the people and such\²and basically it began with like a film intro\²like of te company that made it\²and then the rating secreen\²which was three scary fucking guys\²jumping around a dark room\²and then 18+ popped up in a red triangle\²and then it goes to the movie\²so the protagonist, a young teenager, is sitting in a shitty bar full of miserable assholes\²when on the state TV in the bar, very chery, ear-piercing music begins playing\²everyone begins panicking, fucking running out of the bar and heading for their vehicles or houses\²all the shops begin closing, and all of the tvs every are playing the song\²the protagonist runs by one of the fleeing bar patrons, who as wearing a saudi arabian sort of headresssing\²and gets onto his motorcycle, which he speeds fucking home on, to his shitty tenement apartment\²and then he runs up the stairs and gets to his apartment just in time, as the song ends and the official state announcing things come on\²as if you are not in your home watching the announcement when it happens, you are killed\²so basically it announces, that there will be a new battle royale-esque thing\²so they'll take a randomly selected group of under-18's and force them to kill each other for a prize\²no one knows why they do this\²it's not like the hunger games where there was a rebellion\²there's just no given reason\²so they list the names\²and the protagonist is among them\²he's devastated, his mother is crying and puts her head on him, and the next day the government's men take him off\²to this colossal\²simply mind-numbingly big tower\²all black, shiny, with a very curvy design\²and they say this is where the killing would happen\²it was built specifically for this purpose\²so they toss him in, and say he's the last one they put in there\²and then seal the doors behind him\²now here's where my recollection gets fuzzy, as i don't remember much\²except within the hundreds of floors\²shit just gets\²weird\²like one floor\²filled\²filled with fucking birds\²that despite not being the top floor, can still see the sky through a skylight\²a very tall pyramidal skylight\²so perhaps it was just\²so tall it went though the other floors\²the walls were always black, and the floors always had gray tiles\²two of the floors were infested with thick plant life\²and the protagonist, somehow, manages to reach the top floor with his posse of like two people\²avoiding death by some fucking abomination\²and the other competitors who hadn't killed or hadn't been killed by this point\²and makes it to the top floor, which is dark, and seals them in\²it informs them that they've won\²and the protag begins questioning this\²and everything\²when\²some lights come on\²revealing this room is filled\²with black\²maggot-y, leech-y, squirming semi-solid forms\²everywhere\²mounds and mounds of them\²some are coloured to make symbols and images\²but this like\²fucking\²mind-breaks the protagonist\²as the voice of the government lectures them on\²how this had no point\²and that this was motivated out of sheer contempt for humanity, just as every other action is\²and they continued with the most awful\²nihilistic rant i could conceive of\²which i don't remember now\²and the protag is reduced to a sobbing wreck as his posse kill each other\²and then, right at the end, some how\²he realizes\²that he has loved every minute of it\²and that he loves the government\²it then cuts to a scene at the start, in the bar, where a book, yellow, with one small figure, and one large figure, holding hands sits, the title, proudly emblazoned is: "The Government Loves You", and on the back cover is "You Love the Government", the author's name, i think, though i'm not sure, is the protagonist's²²----²²my father and i were on a tourist trip to north korea\²i felt greatly uneasy on the ferry, it was a gray, stormy day out, and we dock\²and after a lot of walking around, come to a very crowded parking lot in pyongyang (which is odd, as in real life north korea, the only people allowed to drive cars are the military and government officials)\²we've gotten seperated from our tour, and are very nervous\²so my father just\²hotwires a car\²and begins driving\²and i'm fucking stunned\²and as we're leaving\²he honks and swears at a parked car\²and i see who's in it\²kim-jong un\²so i shit a break and begin freaking the fuck out\²"no, it's fine. who gives a shit"\²as we illegally drive in pyongyang after having honked at kim-jong un\²he wants to finish the tour\²so i stuck in the car, convinced i'm going to die\²and the dream trails off from there²²----²²it was in this\²tropical resort place\²and for some reason\²i think it was the gov't\²just\²killing children\²everywhere\²babies, toddlers, tweens\²just\²being fucking murdered\²and all the parents were sobbing and fighting\²it was unpleasant²²----²²basically it was\²in the backwoods, somewhere out in the mostly uninhabited part of british columbia\²and there we a hotel\²it was like a\²psycho-based attraction\²meant to simulate staying in a hotel with a psychopath\²it was nighttime, and we (me and family) hadn't quite reached out destination yet\²so we exit the car and book a room\²the guy running the show, who is like norman bates, warns:\²his mother does wander the hotel at night\²whatever you do, don't look at her face\²she will try to get you to look at it, she will make noise, she will torment you\²but don't look at her face\²we go up to our room, an exclusive one, on the 14th floor\²the hotel is not all that impressive\²it is will lit, but the carpet has an ugly pattern and the walls have green, slightly peeling wallpaper\²it feels scummy\²we go to our room, which has a name on it\²something like: "Alexander Kovernskis" or something\²and we head in\²the room is pretty small for a suite\²there are two queen beds, which are more like very large cots, that fit in with the "cheap hotel" aesthetic\²there is a window that peers outside over the forest and into the night\²it is pitch black out\²i am very scared about the prospect of that woman\²so we decide to head out to do some tourism and hope by the time we get back, she'll be gone\²but in the meantime we get a free pizza from room service, in a green pizza-box\²and then we head out, driving by the small settlement near the hotel\²there are mountains looming over the valley\²and the settlement seems like some kind of industrial area\²there are processing plants, shitty trailers for workers, and heavy machinery through the fences\²there is a great brown brick building, with big smokestacks that are spouting black fumes\²so we drive past this and head to vancouver, somehow\²visit a museum, go to the large gift shop, and buy some shit, it was day, oddly enough\²so we head back\²it's night again\²the great brown building is connected to the hotel\²and i figure that the great brown building used to be a hospital\²but as we drive buy, i look through the window\²and i see doctors, wheeling patients around\²and it turns out the brown building is still a hospital\²so we enter the hotel, ready to try and sleep through the night\²head up the elevator\²we walk to our room\²and\²there is a woman, standing in the open door frame, facing away from us\²she wears a purple sweater thing, with a darker purple kind of sweater-ish skirt kind of thing\²with brown hair, shortly cut, with a bow in it\²i shout "don't look at her face"\²and close my eyes\²she turns around\²"Oh... what do we have here... my lovely little lost lambs..."\²and begins trying to grab my hand to scare me, but i'm dancing around with my eyes closed\²i managed to slip past her to get into the bathroom and get inside the shower\²it was one of those ones where it's like a glass booth\²and i begin fighting to keep the door closed as the woman tries to open it\²she begins getting more unhinged at this point\²so i struggle harder, and i accidentally look at her face\²she stops for a moment\²it's a normal face\²but she begins\²working herself into this creepy mania\²so i take this opportunity to attack her after breaking the glass door and going at her with a piece of it\²she stops me and the whole thing turns out to have been staged, the woman is quite nice, shares good conversation with us, and leaves\²the end²²----²²i had a nightmare, i don't remember much of it\²but it involved a very\²dark urban setting, it was night\²and two men were walking around\²and they were being hunted by something\²one was inside a fenced area and was going to work like a mission control\²but then what was hunting them showed up\²it was a dark, animal thing\²immediately leaped over the fence\²and then it got so dark that it was pitch black\²and by that point i couldn't see shit\²and no one but the creature could either\²eventually i hear the sounds of it attacking and killing the two men²²----²²i had a dream, it was like it was set in a video game, and the gme would take place over a series of nghts, it seemed set in some kind of school, but it was also on what felt like either a small or a very large cruise ship, as certain areas were very reminsicent of ship pavilions or corridors, it was nighttime\²there was an encounter on this game, which felt like the penultimate bit, the final "night" or what have you, against some wretched, dessicated mystical corpse in a wood-paneled shopping food court\²it was a boss fight that posed too much trouble for whoever was playing so they turned tail and tried to find a different way of accessing the boss, there wasn't\²so they headed off to the stairwell, where they discovered one of the protag's (who was a schoolgirl) teachers\²the teacher as this massive bearded man wearing a torn up beanie and a thick parka coat\²the protag was relived to see him and began talking to him, distraught, about what was going on, to which he nodded understandingly\²more teachers showed up and revealed they knew about everything that was happening, the eternal cycle of nights and complete horrors that they would face\²and offhandedly, euphemistically mentioned that tomorrow night they were going to have a big dinner and kill themselves to get out of this²and they said she would be welcome to come\²so then it gets ever more hands off as i just start looking through the game's multiple endings on youtube and there IS a suicide ending\²and then the dream petered off²²----²²but it was like a flash series about a robot grill\²and she was stuck on a train with obvious parodies of professor layton and his sidekick, luke\²and they were gibbering imbeciles\²she just wanted to get off the train and go home but they kept like accidentally tormenting her by being retarded\²and she started having a nervous breakdown\²this resulted in accidental murders of unrelated people\²which fucked her up\²and then she roasted both of them alive to make them go\²and then a bunch of other animatos made [animator name] responds to [name of original short]\²where they do like\²other stories with the grill\²including like her going on a fear and loathing in las vegas-esque romp with other grills\²and shit like that²²----²²so basically\²there were these creatures that weren't from earth that were primarily aquatic\²they reproduced i think by taking the biomass of other creatures and adding it to themselves and doing some cannibalistic shit?\²i was a human collaborator with them and was helping oversee their breeding efforts\²i was hungry though so they offered to take some eggs and boil them and shit for me to eat\²so we try to boil four eggs which i fucked up and i dropped them a small distance\²the weirdly accented woman beside me who was an alien was like "no it's fine" and dropped them into the boiling tank\²and at that point they begins to hatch and shit in the water, and the eggs got really grotesque, the texture of like fried eggs\²and we begin pulling shit out of the water, things that the egg had hatched into\²shit that looks like livers/placentas connected by the crude starts of a skeleton to long, black, meaty, smooth tails\²and it was repulsive\²and we dragged four of them out\²i was told that tomorrow we'd get pulling a "master" out of some water, which was the biggest kind of alien\²and that this one was the biggest one they'd made in a while\²which meant it was massive\²that's it\²i always had to write a school report about how my school opposed fascism²²----²²stephanie karloman was a mad scientist\²her basement was this massive fucking laboratory\²where she made all sorts os fucking amazing scifi inventions\²she had a weird man from another dimension in an energy cage\²a giant dimensional portal several stories tall\²but she had been acting really oddly lately, and the other third heaven kids were concerned and investigating\²and they found this and couldn't believe it\²and started speculating this was the cause of her behaviour, maybe something had come through the portal and possessed her\²gabby tran was like\²"frick, that doesn't make any sense"\²the lab was just so magnificent, though\²she was off tinkering in a side room²²----²²basically it was like some coastal resort town\²and there was this man in a long black coat, brown skin, beard, black hair\²and he was walking along the beach and looked up\²massive space probe started coming down\²shined a light on his face\²she seemed delighted to recognize it\²he was a chill dude but was on earth on official business from space, happy the probe came\²woman's voice says\²"it's time"\²cool like fuckin boba fett woman comes flying down, holding and official document\²a bounty\²they're both law enforcement here to find some human who their government wants for some reason\²they were offered different rewards, woman is going to get a very limited edition earth comic book of which she is a massive fan\²its cover contains a picture of the author, who is a punk-ass looking woman\²she's super excited and bubbly about it\²black coat man is very chill and positive, asks her to walk with him to the location of their quarry\²he talks about what they'll do with the reward, tells her if he gets it he'll split his money with her\²she's taken aback by his random generosity\²he shrugs and they begin to go on a long campaign to hunt down this human\²they're morally on the wrong side of the situation, their government is evil, but they themselves are good people\²some of their exploits include:\²the woman taking off her getup and disguising in a bar\²where she fucking\²les-hits on their target and gets stone-cold rejected\²the les-hit being a tactic to get her alone\²boba fett woman like dressed up in a dress and made her hair and makeup immaculately perfect, while in a seedy bar, because she doesn't know how bars work\²black coat didn't do much hunting, just kind of\²calm walking around\²he didn't really seem to give a shit about anything\²²----²²this fiery infernal demon made a deal with a sinister wish-granting entity for the ultimate power to torture the entire world\²the heroes come to beat him, but they're utterly inept\²get fucked up, and he's about to devour one of their souls when the gate of destruction or whatever gets blocked\²he wonders what the fuck and asks his wish granter, who hates him, and there's a lot of tension\²the wish granter says "you have the right to torment them, but NOT to the destroy them. their lives re under a sacred contract that cannot be broken"\²and they glare at each other for a minute²²----²²set up as movie, right, first bit is in forest, characters are three australian men, camping or something or scientific expedition in woods, going to dingy, large cabin in middle of wood\²forest is full of horrid insects, they hatch a plan to get in without getting eaten alive (which poses real threat)\²if goes off the rails as one of the men fails to oclose the door as the other two men hide deeper in the cabin in ignorance\²man spends good few minutes fucking around\²eventually goes through second door to talk to the men, but this involves going hthrough a very narrow space\²when he gets there, both of the otehr men were plating cards\²he's sreaming "it's like fucking beelzebub out thee! help! help!"\²they run off\²to close the door, but it's already filled wit insects out there\²the hero goes to join them but then goes back\²a man he'd been seeing before, in very heavy makeup in robes with strangely done bbrown hair, was lying on the forest floor\²he was friendly if terribly odd, and he seemed angry or distressd\²asked the man to lend him a hand and hand him some velcro\²very pleased when he did\²e set the Velcro on the ground where it became big piece of metal with sharp bolts\²then he turned into a piece of metal like he was never there\²at that time the hero notices a very injured man crawling up to him, the secnd man who they'd brought\²he's like\²"oh don't worry i'm fine...."\²and they begin crawling to the other door out, whihc leads to a very weird, wooden set of pseudo-stairs\²the hero and the man begin climbing it, and\²then i see\²a headless corpse\²with a chewed, repulsive stump over its neck\²flaapping around\²that grabs the second man and kills him before dragging itself off\²the hero is horrified\²but then the second man, with an awful hole in his skull, begins moving again with a blank expression\²and begins crawling after, up the stairs\²to the protagonist\²the protagonist climbs upon the veyr large and exaggerating railing\²as he sees\²more and more and more\²terrifiying, shambling corpses moving through the woods of all kinds of people²he wander and sees the bizarre geometry of the forest, with stone platforms, carved as if by hand, in oddly shaped lakes, the stairs going on forever\²and he hears a voice narrate the situation\²"in the end, it turns out the disease recognized porn actresses the same as everyone else"\²"perhaps it was the bit of fluid which clung to someone member when they were done, or perhaps it was simply the collective vices of humanity accumulated"\²"the world would not survive, already the great powers of the word had fallen, with africa daring its own peoples to survive for a few more months as swine flu swept the continent"\²the whole thing felt very 1990s²²----²²i was in some like, the landscape was quite tropical and green, and i was on a very long, large sandy beach\²the sand was very fine and soft and night was coming\²people were on it, but they were thinning\²soon it became so dark out i couldn't see one inch in front of me, it was total blindness\²i was so scared that anyone could get me or i could wander into a riptide and die\²soon i saw a whole bunch of people travelling along the beach, a bunch of adults, my parents leading the pack, my father with a flashlight in hand\²i ran towards them for safety and they continued a brisk pace with me at their side, in the distance on the slightly inclined horizons, condos and their lights glittered away like candles\²we made our way to a cozy, yet fairly spacious condo/cabin\²it somehow projected modernism/futurism in its architecture and yet a rustic, log cabin feeling in its materials/demeanour\²it was possible to get to the second/third floor (ambiguous due to the fucked design) without trouble, but due to the architecture²it was hard to get back down\²you had to make a descent on some stairs, hop onto a fairly narrow outcropping, and then spring your way onto another set of stairs\²so then it was revealed\²there was²a serial killer was out there and would stop at nothing to kill everyone\²i²understood everyone was dead no matter what²despite their confidence otherwise\²so they're talking about who's going to go out to try and hunt the killer down\²and everyone is going, i ask to stay inside and they all agree to leave me\²i wanted to go on the computer and say my goodbyes before i blew my brains out when the killer would inevitably bash down the door to the bedroom\²we accidentally rendered an emergency ladder to get down easily inoperable (which also would serve to slow the killer's progress to the bedroom)\²my mother decides to hop down, seeing that it could be possible to make it\²she leaps²and²feel through the floor, which didn't break\²with an awful shrieking noise²i watched as blood began to bubble and spurt from the floorboards\²the killer did that, somehow\²i just²stared\²understood at some level it was a dream\²and just went to the bedroom\²and i woke up²²----²²so like basically it was like this town, with pastel coloured like kiddy-cartoon buildings where it was always night, the grass was green and cut and lovely\²it was ruled by the mayor and was currently, because it was actually fuckin halloween themed????? in danger from a bunch of horrible demon monster freaks\²there were i think four or five of them²and they'd come to the town to eat people and wreak havoc\²so they come to town a few times as a squad of motley protags runs them off, the monsters so far are p. ineffectual and leave quickly\²after like a few nights of this, shit happens, one of the monsters, a shy, nervous one, saves a woman and seems to have a romantic interest in her, the head of the monsters appears, a composite of oogie boogie and shrek\²and the heroic group's members consist of: a serious, dashing guy who seems to really love this one kid, that one kid, who's a pitiable ragamuffin who is very sweet, one like faceless guy maybe in a hazmat suit, and the person whose skin i was occupying who seemed well-regarded, maybe a bit older\²so one night, the monsters catch the girl and basically force us to chose between their immediate overrunning of the town or them killing her²and we make the choice, and she dies\²the guy is just devastated about it and the whole group is despairing, we retreat out of town for a bit\²we come back to find the monsters massed on its outskirts so we run to warn the mayor, a diminutive mustachioed man in a fine suit\²he likes hears this\²jumps up\²begins screaming and howling down the street, running out of his house to sound the alarm\²we run out after him, and the streets are just filled with havoc\²the monsters are fighting with mobs of people, dragging them out of their homes and getting punched and kicked and stabbed with pitchforks\²the heroic group begin taking them on, going and stabbing the monsters with their one-shot daggers,²the great big fat one who was about to eat a woman gets stabbed, turns gray and into ash and fades off\²the nervous one is actually kissing the woman he admires, and she seems to be reciprocating, but he gets stabbed by the grieving member of the group in a blind hatred, the nervous one sighs, resigned, and said he had to try\²the woman stares, confused, at his ashes\²we dispose of the rest, but then the leader of the monsters runs up, laughing maniacally and into a large, tudor-style house\²we follow him in and begin chasing him down and trying to get him, our knives don't work on him and he could snap all of us in half like a twig if he could get his grabbers on us\²we managed to corner him into a rec room on the second floor\²we're playing games with out lighters and dancing around him to see if we can't catch him on fire\²he flips couches over and grabs at us, singing his song\²i manage to pin him under some covers and light them up, struggling to keep him pinned but one of the members of the group decides to give themselves up to keep him pinned in the fire while the others escape\²everyone runs, and then through the window we see the monster king isn't dead, he's just smoldering\²we try chasing him down but he escapes through and open back door and runs down the road so fast no one can catch him\²and that's how it went²²----²²it was a about a jason vorhees-esque serial killer and basically\²he had been going around this suburban town butchering people in their homes and had been killing parents but sparing their kids, inviting the to follow him to somewhere mysterious, which they always did because he was like the pied piper\²so eventually he actually²spares an investigating teen\²tells them in his silent way to go to his house\²the kid and some adults and such arrive there to figure this out and save the kids\²adults and everyone but the teen hide\²they go in\²house is all ruined and disused and just a real shithole\²no sign of the children\²eventually police pull up to the back door, looking into it, but get caught up talking\²the killer pulls up to the front in a stolen car\²limps in\²he's badly wounded\²gaping hole in the chest\²wheezing\²the teen takes pity on him and tries to help patch it up\²the killer lets him and then eventually shrugs him away, taking out the stitches and healing it with a satanic ritual\²so that half relates to TH half\²where the third heaven investigation team are running into a shadowy, massive tower in the real world\²it's pouring with rain and lighting and they're all bolting through its chambers and stairs\²the tower looks like a mishmash of suburban and urban environments\²and they're being chased by the killer from earlier\²they rush up through a house, and their next foe in the tower is called 'Mr. Cancer, MD"\²so they're going up to fight him, when the stairs lead out of the tower and along its exterior side\²the faceless one climbs like a spider/ape along the safety railing of the stairs, along with another faceless one who looks like forrest\²and steph is the first person to reach the top of the stairs to the roof and see Mr. Cancer, MD\²she's so horrified she actually stumbles off of the stairs, as there was a small patch at the top with no safety railing\²the forrest faceless one saves her by grabbing her hand\²and the real faceless one actually falls to her death because she saw Mr. Cancer, MD and no one saved her in time²²----²²i dreamt that kylo ren and rey both died on some vast snowy plain on an ice planet, enveloped by smoke, and i cannibalized their corpses, which tasted like ashes\²i then saw a squad of imperial stormtroopers run away down a snowy slope, screaming as a colossal worm emerged from beneath it with eight eyes and a fanged mouth and a somewhat human facial structure, and it ended up chasing an officer who strayed off to save himself into an extremely narrow passage he had to struggle to fit through, and the worm collapsed its girth and became super flattered and kept going through at its rapid pace and caught him²²----²²set in this dingy, disgusting like\²grotto\²full of water\²only way to gross it was a rickety dock\²with a little kiosk floating next to it\²this was some kind of like\²hike-attraction thing for the park\²a mountain grotto lead somewhere else\²and it was pitch black out, only things lighting the grotto were some scant, sickly green lamps\²we were supposed to be going ahead, the reason no one went this way was because there was a restaurant a while back and to get the one on this path one would have to go by\²the Fungi (probably from Yuggoth)\²that had infested the path ahead in the shadow\²we waited around the kiosk for a while, debating what to do\²the water was totally placid and black and ice cold\²the kiosk was empty\²had been for a long time²²----²²three, weird, miscellaneous people\²one of them might have been a skeletal nazi i don't remember\²they were trying to get across a vast land of plains and rolling hills to get to california for some mysterious and important reason\²and they had all stopped in the middle of some hills as they talked about how they wished they had a horse to do this on, rather than going on foot\²they saw a horse rush by\²and then another one, which was very tall and oddly coloured, like a rotting human corpse\²they said it wasn't a horse, rather a creature native to the americas that the natives used as horses before the europeans came\²two of the men were eager to fuck around with it and ride it, but the third was very afraid, as it was a very sinister creature and he just wanted to move on and get out of here before night fell\²eventually the three men²walked from²the Middle of Nowhere\²into what seemed like a reasonably developed city park\²they saw people pushing baby strollers around\²all of that kind of stuff\²and there were also²all kinds of animals and beasts, including a large, black wolf²who seemed very keen to menace the three of them\²they had a small child with them now, and the wolf came close to it and seemed to be on the verge of eating the kid²they shoo'd it off\²eventually they continued along the same course, walking onto a bit of the grass with many animals and strange people on it, an academy for psychics/magical people\²the wolf and another animal begin snarling at each other, turning to the three men and snarling at them\²one of the men, not the nazi, but a living person, sees his hand is skeletal and puts it near the wolf's mouth, who nearly rips it off\²the wolf is about to tear him and the other, white, wolf apart when white owls come and begin clawing at it, making it stop\²the owls serve as a ruling class of enforcers in this sort of thing, as the wolf and the owls were both speaking english, the wolf threatening people in a refined baritone and the owls speaking like scottish schoolmistresses²²----²²there was a cult massing in a catholic school's auditorium\²it was all dark, the cult leaders were all in white with the symbol of a red hand\²they ran a mass, using students as altar severs\²they had them stand in a circle and receive red hands for sacraments\²sent some of the students to stand near black cabinets and beg for favour, where they would hear 'free voices'\²one of the cabinets flew forward and to the ground when begged²²----²²a space station, that was large and full of narrow off-shoot corridors\²there was the protagonist of the dream running through them\²and encircling the corridor from outside as a tentacled mess\²one end there was a great leviathan creature flying through space towards them\²on the other end the corridor was being devoured by a giant, rounder sort of head-shaped thing with a giant, toothed maw²²----²²i had a dream i must write it down\²took place in small town near a city, quaint suburban place\²the protagonists were the teens and young people of the town\²essentially weird supernatural happenings were going on in this place, such as weird demon fellows, like an ancient magical knight or enraged muscle freak in the sewers\²and they were all empowered by magic very similar to personas\²eventually the bad guys discovered that they could merge and combine their abilities\²and these things had ranks and names depending\²little red markers that you could see\²so three groups merged themselves\²the evil knight and muscle man merged, forming a shambling, colossal monster known as the Carnage Knight, with a power level of "apocalyptic" rank\²then like a hive-mind group of even children who were having a birthday merged into a flying squid monster with a similar rank\²then a third monster formed out of similarly bizarre sources and was of similar power\²each of these creatures could end humanity due to their power and cunning\²so the protagonists, a motley crew of about a dozen and a half gathered in a backyard during the late hours of the night and debated action\²their ages varied from 13-30, with the average being like 17\²they agreed eventually that they'd all have to fuse into their ultimate form, even the non-magic people might have to join in on this one\²their ultimate form was named like Rejazzum or something like that, it had the word jazz in it²²----²²one involved me and charlie the pug going on a scary adventure\²it was through a vast shifting land, we ended up in a forest and were being hounded by a very muscular tiger and a horrifying hyena thing\²all i had to defend us was a weird polearm thing\²i managed to fend them off and kill them by keeping them away from me while charlie distracted them\²i then found out from the sinister suburban house whose backyard abutted the forest that these were the "hounds" of a very evil man²who would pursue whoever wronged him\²i logically went 'oh shit' and fled, covering my tracks\²i fled past a barrier of plastic film into this really trashy backyard of a big suburban home full of rednecks hanging out\²i put on a fake southern accent and greeted the major ones, saying i moved in down the street\²the owner was a redneck in a wheelchair, fat, stubble, had a bloody colostomy bag and catheter hooked up to him\²it cut off there\²my next dream had me as bill from it\²i was helping organize files on pennywise from WW2??\²we were in a comfortable room but pennywise kept laughing at the door\²and kept trying to come in\²bev held the door shut but he broke through and i ran to force him out\²and there was a long pants-shitting fight were i clung on for dear life and beat his head while he kept trying to rip me apart\²eventually i used my weight to force him out the door, but he was about to brake in again before i cut a deal with him\²i told him i knew how the novel ended and he left²²----²²it was this weird video game\²it was set on this tropical island with gray skies\²in it i was travelling around with my family, trying to make it from the peak of a small inland mountain to the really beautiful beach we could see\²we had to walk over all kinds of broken trees and logs and forestry and such\²and we ventured past some abandoned and ruinous little shacks and houses\²we eventually made it to the beach, with a little cabana and shops and stuff\²people were milling around\²it was nice but dreary due to the skies\²i went off for a walk as my grandmother sat down\²i came to a cabin and slept in it\²when i woke up, i was in a dark corridor\²it was nicely carpeted and felt like somewhere in a palace, being decorated like a modest wing of mansion\²paintings and scrolls lined the walls with the faces of people i knew and hundreds of names\²the lights n the ceiling burned faintly\²it was very comfortable\²i walked forward\²each chamber was about three meters long and separated from the other chambers by two doors, being a long chain of rooms\²intermittently in the dream i would wake up and find myself in a moonlit home\²i felt an odd terror during those periods, but did go out onto the sunlit beach town to do my business\²when i went back to sleep one night, after doing some thinking i realized that this realm of the dreams was heaven\²and that in the final chamber i would know and see who i loved most\²i opened the door and walked in\²there was a small shrine, decorated with picture frames and candles\²names that were listed were: my parents, my grandfather, and some others that i can't quite recall\²i felt an extreme sense of contentment after this\²i felt like i knew something more about myself\²i left the room\²i found myself waking in the moonlit room again, struggling to breathe\²i managed to sort my lungs out and fell back to sleep\²i was in heaven again\²i felt that terror again\²i started moving quickly, trying to re-enter the love room\²but then i turned around and right right right behind me was a floating gray head, with a long, rectangular slit where its eyes should have been\²it screamed at me in unrecognizable and incomprehensible tones, the language of the angels\²it meant something like "you should not be here"\²i woke up in the moonlit room and couldn't breathe\²i could see something in the shadows\²at this point the format quickly shifted gears into me watching a let's play of my dream\²the player did a cut to black and said "yeah sorry guys, i had a power outage and when i loaded it back up i got this:"\²the game gave you a message saying that since you didn't sort your breathing out, you died\²since it was a symptom of 'them' who are the 'gray ones; working to 'assimilate you', since it became easy to do that after you went to heaven\²and the doctors diagnosed your death the final day as being due to a collapsed lung\²and you'd have to start the whole game over again, which had been 48 percent completed²²----²²3d third person video game\²starts in a dingy prison cell like dark souls\²the protagonist is a modern day woman with a ponytail and leather jacket\²she seems confused\²leaves her room and steps onto the muddy groun\d²she's in some little maze/complex with no ceilings and decrepit stone walls\²she sees ahead of her a little archway and approaches it as wooden wheels turn over her head and such\²suddenly a shambling knight, falling apart at the seems, runs at her to bludgeon her with a club\²she manages to get away from him and continues are her quest through this place, with its sickly yellow skies and burton-esque malicious trees\²it was all very gothic\²through her quest she is continuously pursued by a strange red thing\²she can't let it grab her once or she will die\²eventually this culminates in her at the end of her path, with a key like a modern housekey and approaching a cozy little area with a wood path leading to a wood door, flanked by mud and scaffolds\²she trips, and then looks behind her to see the red thing (vaguely feminine)\²she starts hurriedly crawling to the door as the red thing follows, robes not touching the ground\²the guardian of the door is just a bystander and observes her, hoping calmly that she can do it\²she fumbles with the key as it comes closer before she opens it\²as she opens the door, the red thing stops and vanishes\²the woman is now free to leave the labyrinth\²the decisions she made her, the other victims who she chose to save or not to save, will impact her future\²the game seemed to run on a permadeath mechanic\²except you kept your items when you died²²----²²i was watching a film in a theater and the movie was interesting\²it opened up with this big monologue, talking about how the old world was forever changed by this big catastrophe and the rise of the new order\²where they kidnap children and force them to labour away in their creepy castles and forts and shit but apparently help maintain society with magic\²their regional deputy for italy (where this dream was set) was a frosty, cruel woman, she ran the show\²she had a major enforcer/deputy who ran the groups who searched for runaway kids, a grizzled older man in a heavy black overcoat. his name was like crowley or something\²another major figure in this regime, quite possibly higher than the lady on the totem pole, was a mysterious figure known as Mr. Gumball, who had been instrumental in setting things up\²mr gumball, in this order, ran a huge chain of like candy-themed amusement parks that children could earn an allotted time for by giving up candy rations and indenturing themselves for greater spans of time to the order\²the dream opens in one of these parks, filled with uniformed children playing around with the occasional blue-suited, brass-buttoned guard watching\²the girl has a very serious expression on and is scooping with a bucket in a pond full of candy lily pads and candy fish\²overhead a giant screen with an older man's face on it has him spiritedly yelling about how they've made the best society possible from the ashes\²as she's scooping a guard comes up, kind of a willowy guy, unintimidating\²he says in a mildly thick accent, lower-cass brit\²"I myself always avoided the Pollywoggles. But I notice you've had your time here, eh? Twice over. You're scooping up the minnows in your bucket."\²the girl was essentially trading in candy fish illegally to give herself more rations to sell so she didn't have to go back to work\²she looked at him and he took out his baton\²"We'll be taking you back, now. With penalties."\²"Unless you'd like to run?"\²she nodded and started hurrying off\²he called her a fool and said she was giving away seven years for that\²and she was off, jumping down a ledge to get to the lower park, which was enclosed by large, european-style buildings\²he summoned, from his mind, several miniature orangutans to chase her down, each costing 20 years from the collective store of lives\²she fled into the city, making like fucking crazy jumps and then gliding in the air with magical wind drafts to avoid the lil apes\²the guard gave chase as the apes sprouted horrible fangs and developed blood red eyes\²he flew as well on the back of a winged ape that turned into horse-like creature\²the apes grew larger at the expense of ten years each and became full sized, leaping through the air\²she was flying over the buildings of the city, which were warm and brown and made of brick and soapstone all felt very warm as well as a bit ramshackle\²she ended up flying into a giant tree next to the tallest building in that part of rome\²she could see the Colosseum in the distance\²apes flew into the tree and there were magic guarding hornets too, who started to sting the fuck out of her\²the guard was on the ground now, watching her smugly from below\²she, however, tricked an ape into knocking over the big propaganda billboard, which fell on him and crushed him\²all his magic creatures vanished\²she then started flying off over the city, looking at all the propaganda over it\²which was vaguely religious in tone\²"Can you aid in the Great Reconstruction?"\²"Help Us FIGHT the Great Poison!"\²"Mr. Gumball Is Always Watching!"²²----²²it was set in this very large, very nice house\²it was pitch black night outside\²the house was filled with all kinds of monsters and horrible shit\²at some point a person/animal just collapsed and turned into this\²it was vaguely a quadraped\²but it was like a rolling mound of like viscera? it was entirely red and slimey and covered in tentacles probably made from intestines and it didn't really have a stable form\²it would stalk around the first floor of the house, looking for someone to kill\²i remember in this house i could slide through special holes the circumference of a grapefruit\²and i slid into one which put me in a little cave section\²and then another which put me in a small room\²i through this place was a saferoom but somehow the thing spotted me through the holes\²but i thought i was safe since it was too big\²then i saw it squeeze, like an octopus, its whole mass through the hole\²it was like\²1.75 times large than a human\²and it did it again after a while to get in the little room i was in\²i had a little "flesh sack" that i tried to wrrap it up and bind it in\²and it seemed to work for a bit\²i was under the impression i'd done this before and was pleased\²before it burst out and started lashing at me\²i was on a ledge above it and i don't think it could jump\²but it could lash at me\²so i jumped off and tried to slide through the whole\²but it just enveloped me in its sack and i died\²it was sort of like a video game though in that i just restarted\²and i tried multiple times to try to find the correct way out of this situation\²studying its patrols\²hiding on ledges with doors partially closed\²watching its shadows flick through halls to let me know if i was in danger\²it was pretty slow\²i managed to make a break for it (quietly) and ran to the basement\²this house i don't think was euclidian\²since the landing by the front door was normal\²and then when i get down the stairs\²there are openings all over the 'ceiling' where the floor would have been\²just to that the thing could have seen me\²i just kept running down two sets of stairs into increasingly geometric stucco designs\²like something you'd see in mexico\²before i reached a super super cozy, spacious basement area\²with at least a dozen doorways in its large first room\²i walked through it, feeling a lot of terror, i'd been expecting to see someone friendly down here\²i go to the far end of the room and grab a kitchen knife²²----²²it was nominally like supposed to be a video game\²and it had a strange title\²it opens, it's first person, there's a very minimalistic level select that's formatted akin to like a real paper spreadsheet\²the first level opens with you standing in this mountainous, craggy landscape\²very quiet, except there's a big, dark lake ahead of you with some lit docks heading into it\²the second you walk five steps forwards, extremely loud, shrieking music starts to play and behind you is a vaguely humanoid shadow that begins walking after you very quickly\²if you run into the water it drags you under\²you have to walk onto the dock to the very end and then it catches you and you hear laughter\²back to level select\²second level\²it's this very strange oil rig platform in the middle of the ocean\²you start out in like this elevated room/crow's nest\²your goal is to stop It from lighting the little pyres scattered about and not let it get you\²this time, you, the player, who is revealed to be an eccentric scientist with an obsession with ufos, have some equipment\²you have the ability of limited flight dueto like quantum instability\²you're armed with like a spray can that It doesn't like\²so you head down the ladder and flip to the other side of it and wait\²very quickly the shadow thing starts climbing it and whispring\²you spray it between the bars and it falls\²it's been stunned\²but only for like five seconds\²after which it gets back up\²it moves faster than you\²so basically the rest of the dream is on this pitch black oil rig playing keepaway from this shadow thing²²----²²i woke up in a small, rectangular, sleek metal room with some blue circle lights in the walls, with a single window filtering in sunlight near the roof, it was flooded somewhat, and the floor was irregular and mechanical\²i got up and woozily made my way out through the door, noticing the view thick vines in that room, and emerged into a concrete corridor covered in vegetation and vines, with the way to my left leading to a basement and to my right leading to a more open, sunlit plaza area\²i went to the plaza, and the floor plan was interesting\²it was three stories, with the top storey being the roof. it was shaped like a square with doors along the perimeter walls and a corridor or door to the outside at each of the cardinal directions. the ceiling of each floor was mostly open to the sky in a square shape, so you'd have the perimeter with a paved walkway and then on the ground floor most of the plaza was a garden open to the sun.\²on the second floor there was a guard rail over the hole, same as the third floor\²on the first floor, it was more poorly lit and just covered in strange plants and large, closed flowers\²i was drunkenly stumbling my way around before people from the floor above began to shout down, scared, telling me to come up quick but to be very careful\²i stumble up the stairs and there's a couple dozen people on the second floor and a couple dozen more on the third floor²this is some kind of tropical resort area where everything went bad, i can see huge resort buildings in the faint distance abutting mountains and jungle, a jungle which surrounds this whole building\²everyone is dirty and seem to have something wrong with them²they run me through what the situation is\²apparently the plants on the floor below (and which curl and grow slightly on the upper floors) are all the same entity, some kind of invasive, undiscovered plant species that infested the resort\²it kills and infects humans with some pathogen contained in its spores, but can only aerisolize spores when the flowers bloom\²it's not supposed to be able to bloom in sunlight, but since it grew during the night it's on the verge of blooming, and apparently excessive vibrations could cause a flower to begin to bloom and produce spores and kill people\²which is why they don't let people go down to that floor\²they're trapped in the resort since the flowers have overgrown the doors on the first floor\²i spent a while exploring the top two floors before deciding the only way we were going to survive was to do something in the basement or on the first floor²and i called everyone to listen to me propose a plan before i was struck with a vivid memory there of me having done this exact thing before and getting their support, as if i'd been there since the start for seemed like months\²and then the words in the original speech changed, screaming "yuu'koth" in some alien tongue over and over again in unison, as if the flowers had entered my memoies and changed it\²i got a party to go down to the first floor and the dream ended²²----²²it was set in this really gray, miserable suburban area, not a slum but a city that suffered from urban decay ala. winnipeg²i was watching a teenaged dude walk home from high school when he was approached by a super cheerful girl who seemed excited to talk to him\²it was painfully cheery and the dude noticed it and went along\²the girl left but looked at him weirdly\²he walks home, his friend greeted him part way down the sidewalk, a diminutive, brown-haired guy, he was kind of a teasing jerk but still fairly kind\²he said all the girls he knows have been talking about the dude and that he wishes people would come after him like that\²the dude chuckles nervously, talks for a bit more, then turns to open his back fence and enter his home through the back door\²he comes into his house, and is about to go upstairs to the rest of his house from the back entrance when he notices he didn't lock the back door\²he goes and locks it, feeling unsafe, and when he does he hears someone try to open the door, pounding on it briefly before walking away\²he gets a flash in his mind like a half-remembered dream, something about making girls go crazy for him\²he begins to lock and seal everything down in preparation for that night\²my dream ended there but another one started\²this one was about me\²i was in a concrete stairwell, warm sunlight filtered in through the windows, i went down the stairs, past a conrete landing with two doors, and to the bottom of the stairwell, with an unusually narrow and short door more meant for crawling and crouching than walking through\²i passed through it and ended up in a concrete hallway, with a few short pieces of stairs as it descended, it curved to the left in front of me\²i went down it and saw another hallway, to the right after two meters was a wall with a window letting light filter in, and a door on the wall to the right of the window's wall\²directly ahead of me was a door leading to a large rectangular room with a stairwell going down, to the left of that door near the roof, however, was a little passage/vent thing to the same room\²to my left was a long hallway leading to aother rectangular room with a stairwell\²i meander about a bit, before finding something written down talking about spores resting in books, rendering people subject to latent infections\²a woman rushes by me and i follow her, trying to tell her she's okay and there's no pathogens here, but she wouldn't hear me²i manage to catch up to her by the narrow crawlspace door, where she turns and seemingly smiles to me, before i hear this sickening groan and crashing sound behind me\²i run to check on it, and i see a vague outline of something in the doorway to the rectangualr stair room\²i climb into the little passage to look from the safety of there\²and i see a truly disgusting, hulking fascimile of a person, with flesh fused and unfused binding its face like a plastic bag, bloody, raw flesh straining around its deformed bones, its teeth gnashing in agony\²it begins to thunder around, trying to find and kill anything it can\²i spend the rest of the dream hiding from it, in the passageway, on top of doors, and so on²[[/folder]]


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