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1!! Tropes relating to me²²* BerserkButton: I have 3 major ones. The first is advocating white supremacy. The second is disrespecting the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The third is Greedo shooting first.²* ChallengeGamer: definitely²* HelloInsertNameHere: Named the rival in Soul Silver [[GodwinsLaw Hitler]].²* OneTruePairing: Phinabella (Phineas & Isabella)²* {{Speedrun}}: Loves making the tool-assisted kind. I am currently working on a Brutal Mario TAS.²²!! Pages I created²²* VideoGame/HammerBrother²* Fanfic/PeekingThroughTheFourthWall²* Fanfic/BabysitterFromHeaven²* Fanfic/TheDevicesAndMachinationsOfLisaLoud²²!! Unpopular opinions²* VideoGame/DrJekyllAndMrHyde is nowhere near the worst NES game. That honor goes to Cheetahmen II.²* The StarWarsHolidaySpecial is more tolerable than Film/AttackOfTheClones.²²!! Video collection highlights²²* An autographed widescreen VHS of Grease²* Side 1 of the unreleased Discovision version of Bullitt appeared on my Laserdisc copy of ''Film/ThreeDaysOfTheCondor''²* A demo tape of ''WesternAnimation/{{Pinocchio}}''²* An Oscar screener of ''Film/ForrestGump''²* The recalled tape of ''Disney/TheRescuers'', only watched in December 2017.


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