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1In case you wanted to know about me:께I'm a some-teen college student in TheWindyCity. I'm majoring in anthropology and hope to someday become an AdventurerArchaeologist. I love cartoons, movies, and comics. 께!!OK, on to bragging rights.께[[index]]께[[AC: Tropes I suggested:]]께* SwitchToEnglish* NerdyInhaler께[[AC: Work pages created:]]께* ''[[Film/IWantToLive I Want to Live!]]''* ''Film/ManhattanMelodrama''* ''Film/LittleCaesar''* ''Film/ShipOfFools''* ''Film/NightTrainToMunich''* ''Film/TheRoaringTwenties''[[note]] Watch this movie. It's awesome.[[/note]]* ''Film/{{Underworld 1927}}''* ''Film/TheRedShoes''* ''Film/FarewellMyLovely''* ''Film/TheThiefOfBagdad1924''[[note]] Watch this movie. It's awesome.[[/note]]* ''TheLadyFromShanghai''* ''TheySavedHitlersBrain''께They [[NeedsMoreLove need more love.]]께----


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