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1[[,,,]]²²Hi. I'm a bisexual trans girl who enjoys writing, video games, and music. I'd like to think I'm pretty nice.²²[[folder:Vandalism]]²²* I AM FIRST ONE HERE! YESSSSH @/{{Inhopelessguy}}²** A momentous occasion, to be sure. @/{{Collen}}²* I AM SECOND ONE HERE! Most excellent - @/ThatOneGuyNamedX²* Eerie is better than spooky anyway. :P (Helloooooooo!) - @/{{Noaqiyeum}}²* Call me... @/{{darnpenguin}}!²* Evening, Collen. You're nice. Carry on. Stiff upper lip. -Mura²* *throws frozen fish at you* Because I'm Icelandic you see and therefor only eat fish ~Finchgeam²* Hello I felt I should vandalize here -@/{{phantom1}}²[[/folder]]


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