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1²²MEMETIC KILL AGENT ACTIVATED²²²CONTINUED LIFE SIGNS CONFIRMED²²²REMOVING SAFETY INTERLOCKS²²---------------²²!Tropes²* {{Sockpuppet}}²* CrazyAwesome²* CutenessProximity: [[AC: It's Pikachu!]]²** [[AC: And Kirby!]]²* {{Troll}}: Goes too far sometimes.²²!Pages I made:²* {{Characters/Invader Zim}}²* WeAreAtATeenSleepover²* Several, less savory pages²* More to come²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: Things that interest Pies ]]²²* {{Kirby}}²* OrderOfTheStick²* {{Homestuck}}, though he doesn't see why the trolls are especially intriguing.²* {{Pokemon}}, though he knows nothing about Gen 5.²* TheProtomen²* InvaderZim²* {{Metroid}}²* {{Disgaea}}²* SonicTheHedgehog, especially [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehog both]] [[SonicTheComic comics]]²* YouTubePoop²* SuperMarioBros²* EarthBound²* BrawlInTheFamily²[[/folder]]²²


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