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1<<|TheContributors|>>²²Umm, I'm just a dude who likes to spend his time doing chill things. Comics, video games, drawing, TV, movies, going for walks, cooking, this site, etc. I studied animation in college [[ (here's my senior project)]], but what I really wanna do is write and draw my very own ongoing comic book series! Who needs money, anyway?²²Tropes associated with me:²* ApologisesALot - Sorry, I can't help it!²* ChivalrousPervert - Yup yup.²* LovableNerd²* NiceGuy²* NonActionGuy²* PastimesProvePersonality - Haha, I'm definitely a cartoonist.²* SweetTooth - Oh goodness, I need my chocolate.²* ThinkHappyThoughts²* TurnTheOtherCheek²* TheWindyCity - My home! Best city in the world, no doubt.²²----²!!Now Tell Me Things!²²Hey, cool, studying animation? Really a fascinating subject. It's inspiring to see someone out there DoingItForTheArt. Go for it! :D --@/Tropers/OuttaTheBLAM²²Here's to a fellow comic-book fan. - @/{{Tropers/Krrackknut}}.²²I could have sworn I commented on your page sooner! Anyway, here's to a fellow Killers fan and artist! Your animation was quite amusing :D -- {{Tropers/Leradny}}²²You'd better add [[BiTheWay Charlize]] [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Theron]] to your shipping of me and Brandon Flowers xD - {{Tropers/Leradny}} again!²²'''{{Superman}} is faster!''' - {{Hadri}}²²I hope you're watching. We want to meet up again; you should come! [[ Let us know in the thread.]] - {{Hadri}}²


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