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1So you've built yourself a [[CoolStarship Cool Starship]]. You've got [[TheCaptain a qualified Captain]] to pilot it, an army of {{Mooks}} to run it, and maybe even a [[WaveMotionGun Wave Motion Gun]] to do some damage. Now all that stands in the way of your inner [[GalacticConqueror Galactic Conqueror]] or [[TheHero Galactic Savior]] is the sheer size of Outer Space. [[ScifiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale (Or not.)]] ˛˛Well, worry no longer! With TropeCo/TropeCo's patented Faster-Than-Light Drive, crossing space has never been easier! Available in both Warp and Jump varieties, our new Faster-Than-Light Drive is made of pure AppliedPhlebotinum and can be modified to fit any ship in any universe! Capable of running on almost any fuel ever created, our Faster-Than-Light Drive is guaranteed to fail at the worst possible time for no apparent reason!˛˛For added effectiveness, try our optional Drama+ Kit![=*=] For one low, low, price of just 398 [[WeWillSpendCreditsInTheFuture credits]], we'll outfit your Faster-Than-Light Drive with advanced [[TimTaylorTechnology Tim Taylor]] and [[ReversePolarity Polarity Reversal]] capabilities. Not only that, we'll also include a full set of ExplosiveInstrumentation with built in ExtremeGraphicalRepresentation and our all new ViewerFriendlyInterface, FREE OF CHARGE!˛˛->TropeCo/TropeCo is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from improperly installed, used, or modified Faster-Than-Light Drives. Please jump responsibly and never drink and fly.˛->[=*=]Warning: The Drama+ kit has been known to make your ship increasingly vulnerable to HollywoodHacking and OverclockingAttack. Use with caution.


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