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1* ApprovalOfGod: The surviving Beatles (Paul and Ringo) and the widows of the deceased members (Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison) were made aware of the film prior to production and the premise met with their approval.* DeletedRole: Creator/AnaDeArmas played a role as a rival LoveInterest that was deleted from the final film, but can be glimpsed in some trailers. This was apparently because test audiences found Jack too unsympathetic.* DuelingWorks: With ''Blinded by the Light'' - another British film with a British Asian lead that's a love letter to 60s/70s music (in this case Bruce Springsteen). * FakeBrit: Downplayed. Glaswegian actor Creator/RobertCarlyle cameos as [[spoiler:an alternate universe version of Liverpudlian Music/JohnLennon]].* FakeNationality: Downplayed. Sarah Lancashire is a Lancashire native putting on a Liverpool accent as Liz.* MissingTrailerScene: The trailer has an additional sequence from Jack's [[Series/TheLateLateShow Late Late Show]] interview in which Creator/JamesCorden, wanting a demonstration of Jack's songwriting skills, challenges him to "write something" on the spot. [[ExactWords Cut to Jack performing "Something"]] from Music/AbbeyRoad. The scene is also notable for featuring Creator/AnaDeArmas in her DeletedRole.* OrphanedReference: There's a comparison made to Coldplay's "Fix You" being the greatest song ever made by one of Jack's friends. This was less random when Chris Martin was meant to have a role in the film.* RealLifeRelative: The flight attendant on Music/EdSheeran's private jet is actually Ed's fiancee Cherry Seaborn.* ThrowItIn: Danny Boyle heard about a recording studio beside a railway track, and had Gavin's become one in order to incorporate it. * UncreditedRole: Creator/RobertCarlyle as [[spoiler:Music/JohnLennon]].* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** Music/EdSheeran's role was originally meant for [[Music/{{Coldplay}} Chris Martin]]. ** In the first draft of the script, Jack only become moderately successful thanks to the songs. This was changed to him becoming a worldwide sensation, and his love story with Ellie being emphasised too. Overall the story became LighterAndSofter.** There was going to be a scene where Jack encountered George and Ringo in a pub. However, Boyle and Curtis decided that this would dilute the impact of [[spoiler:Jack's meeting with John Lennon]].** Curtis toyed with the idea of having the color purple not exist in the alternate reality but quickly abandoned the concept because it would have required far too much attention to detail (i.e. sets, costumes, etc.). The band Music/DeepPurple would have been called "Deep Orange".* WorkingTitle: ''Cover Version'', ''All You Need'' and ''Jack Got Hit by a Bus''.----


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