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1* CrossDressingVoices: Averted with Cody who's voiced by a child actor Troy Davidson, but played straight with Cody's friend Jake, who was voiced by voice actress Creator/KathSoucie.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: To date, there have been little to no home media releases, primarily due to the series rights being tied up between Disney (owner of ABC) and CBS (owner of distributor King World). The series did air on ABC sister cable network Creator/ToonDisney for several years, so at least there were reruns.* NamesTheSame: Saddle Sore shares his name with an in-universe cartoon character from the ''WesternAnimation/BikerMiceFromMars'' episode "So Life Like", who was coincidentally also voiced by Creator/JimCummings.* NoExportForYou: There was a Mexican Spanish dub produced, but it was only broadcasted in a few Latin American countries and the series itself, oddly enough, was never broadcasted in Mexico despite being dubbed there.* PlayingAgainstType: You know who co-produced this show? [=KingWorld=]. As in, the people who distributed ''Series/WheelOfFortune'', ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'' and ''Series/TheOprahWinfreyShow'', and who rarely produced shows themselves. The only other kids programming they distributed was ''[[Film/OurGang The Little Rascals]]'', so it's bizarre they got involved (perhaps it's because rival Group W/Westinghouse was distributing ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987'', which was airing on Creator/{{CBS}}. If it was, then there's lots of irony involving that- CBS, which merged with Westinghouse in 1995, acquired King World in 2000). * SimilarlyNamedWorks: A really bizarre example involving the already mentioned Mexican Spanish dub, as that dub was named in Latin America as ''Las vacas vaqueras'' (Cowboy Cows). It shares the same name with the Latin American Spanish title of ''Disney/HomeOnTheRange'', and considering how obscure the dub of this series was in Latin America, it's very likely Disney didn't know about the existence of a similar named series in that region.* TalkingToHimself:** Carly and Jake were both voiced by Creator/KathSoucie.** Creator/JimCummings voices Dakota Dude, Saddle Sore, Skull Duggery, and several one-shot characters and bit parts.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: More episodes were planned after the second season, but were never completed.* TheWikiRule: [[ The Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Wiki]].


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