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1* ActorInspiredElement: The line "I think we only use ten percent of our hearts" was an idea by Creator/OwenWilson.* CastTheRunnerUp: Creator/WillFerrell turned down the role of John in favor of the smaller role of Chazz.* DyeingForYourArt: Creator/BradleyCooper gained about thirty pounds of muscle to be believably intimidating.* FakeAmerican:** Creator/IslaFisher naturally continues her tradition of playing Americans rather than Australians.** Creator/RachelMcAdams likewise is Canadian.* PlayingAgainstType: Creator/BradleyCooper had been typecast as {{Nice Guy}}s after ''{{Series/Alias}}'', so getting cast as the BastardBoyfriend was different for him. He jokes he only got the role because the director had never seen ''Alias''.* RealLifeRelative: Creator/OwenWilson's uncle is the man who laughs at the "Jabroni" joke in the Italian wedding.* StarMakingRole: Along with ''Film/MeanGirls'' and ''Film/RedEye'', this brought Creator/RachelMcAdams to prominence.* ThrowItIn: Creator/OwenWilson and Creator/VinceVaughn improvised the "lock it up" banter.* UncreditedRole: Creator/WillFerrell as Chazz.* WagTheDirector: According to an interview Creator/IslaFisher gave to ''Entertainment Weekly'', the film's producers wanted Gloria to be naked for five scenes. She apparently managed to talk them down to just one. And even then, they used a body double so Isla wouldn't have to be naked on set.* WordOfGod: A long standing rumor was Richard Riehle appearing as an extra in the funeral scene. He denied these in 2017.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** Creator/NicolasCage was considered for Chazz.** Creator/VinceVaughn recommended Creator/JustinLong for the part of Todd, having worked together in ''Film/{{Dodgeball}}'' before. Ultimately Keir O'Donnell was cast.----


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