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Context Trivia / TitansgraveTheAshesOfValkana

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1* AllStarCast: They are all stars, as far as the geekdom is concerned: both Laura Bailey and especially Yuri Lowenthal are famous {{Anime}} and VideoGame voice actors, Hank Green counts among the Internet's uber-{{nerd}}s, and Alison Haislip had a chance to endear herself to the public with her ''TabletopGame/{{Fiasco}}'' performance earlier on ''Tabletop''. And, of course, Wil is [[JustForFun/OneOfUs Wil]].
2* DevelopmentHell: Season 2 was teased at the end of the series... and years later is nowhere to be seen. [[WordOfGod Word of Wheaton]] is that, due to legal wrangling with Geek & Sundry's parent company, a second season may not see the light of day.