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1* BreakupBreakout: Kaylan and Volman renamed themselves Flo & Eddie and would join Music/FrankZappa's the Mothers of Invention (they can be heard on the albums ''Music/ChungasRevenge'' (1970), ''Music/FillmoreEastJune1971'' (1971), ''Film/TwoHundredMotels'' (1971) and ''Music/JustAnotherBandFromLA'' (1972) and work with everyone from [[Music/MarcBolan T. Rex]] to Music/AliceCooper to Music/DuranDuran and MANY OTHERS. Mark and Howie also lent their voices to the X-rated animated cartoon ''WesternAnimation/DownAndDirtyDuck''. Drummer John Barbata would also move on to Music/JeffersonAirplane, which would become Music/JeffersonStarship not long after he joined.
2* ContractualObligationProject: The ''Wooden Head'' LP, which was assembled from early rarities and unreleased tracks to fulfil their commitment to White Whale Records.
3* CoveredUp:
4** They recorded and released "Eve of Destruction" first, but Barry [=McGuire=]'s cover became much better known.
5** Inverted with "It Ain't Me Babe", which was originally recorded by Music/BobDylan.
6* CreatorCameo: On ''You, Baby'', White Whale Records president Ted Feigin and vice president Lee Lasseff provided special effects and percussion, both credited under the joint pseudonym Dwight Tunji.
7* HeAlsoDid:
8** Long before he joined The Turtles, drummer John Seiter was previously drummer for Spanky & Our Gang.
9** The album cover designer for The Turtles' two greatest hits albums, ''Golden Hits'' and ''More Golden Hits'', was Dean Torrence of Music/JanAndDean fame.
10** Flo and Eddie would serve as {{Pop Star Composer}}s in ''Westernanimation/DownAndDirtyDuck'' (where they also voice the two main characters) and the 80s ''Westernanimation/StrawberryShortcake'' cartoons.
11* ItWillNeverCatchOn: This was actually the stock reaction that many other artists gave the song "Happy Together" before it was brought to the attention of The Turtles. In fact, so many artists had turned down "Happy Together", that by the time songwriters Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon offered it to The Turtles, the demo acetate was practically worn out.
12* RevivalByCommercialization: A lot of youngsters in TheNineties discovered "Happy Together" through a commercial for [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros64 the original]] ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros''. Then again in TheNewTens when it was used for the first trailer of ''Film/PokemonDetectivePikachu''. ([[Creator/{{Nintendo}} Hey now!]])
13* ScrewedByTheLawyers: The whole reason why Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman used the names Flo and Eddie when they joined up with Music/FrankZappa was because White Whale Records, The Turtles' former record company, contractually forbade the two men from using the Turtles' name, as well as their own names, in a musical context. By the time they got those rights back, they had established themselves as Flo and Eddie and decided they didn't want to lose the cool points that they had gained from their work with Music/FrankZappa under those names to go back to their own, so they continue to use those aliases in conjunction with The Turtles name to the present day.
14* ScrewedByTheNetwork: They had a difficult relationship with their label, White Whale Records. White Whale was a small independent label and The Turtles were far and away their biggest sellers, so the label would always pressure them to record surefire hits. They also tried to get Kaylan and Volman to fire the others and just use session musicians, but they refused.
15* SerendipityWritesThePlot: The band's producer, Chip Douglas suggested a cover of Music/TheByrds' "You Showed Me" for the band to record, playing the originally more uptempo song slowly on a harmonium with broken bellows that only really sounded good at slower tempos. The band liked the more downbeat style and made a ballad out of it at the speed Douglas played it at.
16* ThrowItIn:
17** Drummer Don Murray saying "Close your eyes when you clap" in the background is looped a couple times during the instrumental break of "Grim Reaper of Love".
18** Howard Kaylan jokingly sang "how is the weather?" toward the end of "Happy Together" on his first lead vocal take, and that's the take they ended up using.
19* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Murakami-Wolf-Swenson wanted Flo and Eddie to compose and record the theme song for a new cartoon based on a licensed property that they were working on (as they'd enjoyed a good working relationship with the duo after they had provided the soundtrack for ''Down 'n Dirty Duck''), but for reasons unknown, they were unavailable. The cartoon? Appropriately, it was ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]''.