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1* DevelopmentHell: The film rights for the play have been bought and sold over the years, but always with the proviso that production not start until the play has been closed in London for six months, which only finally happened in 2020 because of the UsefulNotes/COVID19Pandemic. Even then, the show returned the following year, so no, COVID-19 is not going to provide whoever currently owns the film adaptation rights an excuse to start making one right away -- "closed" means "actually closed", not "forced to go on hiatus during a worldwide catastrophe but then coming back as soon as possible".* ItWillNeverCatchOn: ''Christie herself'' thought it might last about eight months in the West End. [[LongRunner Six decades later...]]* NamesTheSame: Christopher Wren, the character, shares his name with Christopher Wren, architect of St. Paul's Cathedral. The character is an architect, as well. [[spoiler: [[InvokedTrope Deliberately invoked]] InUniverse, as this is just a pseudonym.]]* NoAdaptationsAllowed: None can be made while the play is still running.* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: In 1952 this was a contemporary play. A mention of ration books meant this was already showing its age just two years later when rationing was abolished. The radio being the source of news and entertainment, the fashions (possibly much more overtly "1950's" than they would have been in the actual 1950's), and especially the shock of a woman wearing trousers cement this firmly in a narrow time period.----


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