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Context Trivia / TheLegendOfBoggyCreek

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1* AmateurCast: The director casted locals from Texarkana to star in the film's reenactments. Some of them had witnessed the Fouke Monster in the past and were hired to recreate their encounters for the movie.
2* CreatorCameo: Travis Crabtree's theme song is sung by the film's director, Charles B. Pierce.
3* TheDanza: Some of the actors share names with their characters.
4* FollowTheLeader: There was plenty of bigfoot-related films afterwards, like ''The Legend of Bigfoot'', ''Creature from the Black Lake'' and ''Sasquatch''.
5* NoBudget: The director had to shoot the movie using an old 35mm camera and cast locals from town rather than actors to remain within the $100,000 budget a local trucking company gave him.