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Context Trivia / TheAncientMagusBride

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1* ActingForTwo: Creator/AtsumiTanezaki voices both Chise and Isabel in Episodes 7 & 8.˛* TheDanza: Angelica Varley was voiced by Angélica Borges in the Brazilian Portuguese dub.˛* FanNickname: "Bone Daddy" for Elias.˛* OvertookTheManga: By episode 23 of the anime almost all of the manga's (at the time) current 44 chapters had been adapted, meaning episode 24 featured mostly new scenes that manga fans haven't seen.˛* RelationshipVoiceActor: Elias, Lindel, Ulysse/Ruth, Renfred and Joseph/Cartaphilus [[Manga/{{Haikyuu}} were once volleyball athletes]]. ˛* StarMakingRole: AMB is the show that got Dani Chambers exposed to the English-based anime community.˛* TheWikiRule: Has a wiki [[ here.]]˛----


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