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1* TheCastShowoff: In "The Promise of a Child," Joy sings the titular song at the community Christmas pageant, with Chris and Gizmo providing instrumental back-up and a choir of kids giving back-up vocals. Shannon Chan-Kent, who is an experienced opera singer, provided Joy's singing voice in doing the lead vocals for that song. (As an aside, fans of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' will immediately know she'd previously shown her singing talent by providing Pinky Pie's singing voice).* CrossDressingVoices: Gizmo, who's identified as a male robot, is voiced by Creator/CathyWeseluck.* DawsonCasting: Chris and Joy are tweens (with Joy expressedly stating in one episode that she's 12), and while we're not told how many years it's been since Gizmo's creation, he's likely the same age as or younger than both of them chronologically. Their respective voice actors were ''much'' older at the time of the show's debut; Sam Vincent was 40, Shannon Chan-Kent was 23, and Cathy Weseluck was the oldest at 41.* HeAlsoDid:** Series writer Sean Roche had previously written for shows that are decidedly non-religious, to include ''WesternAnimation/WhereOnEarthIsCarmenSandiego'', ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987'', ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'', and ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution''.** Storyboard artist Jerry Yu Ching has also worked on films like ''WesternAnimation/ChickenLittle'' and ''WesternAnimation/MeetTheRobinsons'' and the short film ''[[WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five]]''.** Colin Murdock, who voices Superbook, also voiced the Judgeman and the Count in ''Anime/ZoidsNewCentury'', Mari's father in ''WesternAnimation/TheCrampTwins'', and Bunto and Vertex in ''WesternAnimation/{{Rollbots}}'', among other roles.* RealLifeRelative: Michael and Lucifer are respectively voiced by real-life brothers Brian and Paul Dobson.* RelationshipVoiceActor:** Sam Vincent (Chris), Shannon Chan-Kent (Joy), and Cathy Weseluck (Gizmo) have all worked together in previous productions. Most notably, all three are alumni of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic,'' in which they have respectively portrayed Party Favor, Pinkie Pie's singing voice, and Spike (along with other characters). Sam and Shannon have also worked together on ''WesternAnimation/VoltronForce'' (Pidge and Larmina, respectively) and ''WesternAnimation/SlugTerra'' (Eli Shane and Beatrice "Trixie" Sting), and all three voiced characters in ''WesternAnimation/TheDeep'' (Sam voiced Simling Finn, Shannon voiced Jess Gorman, and Cathy voiced Hickman). Shannon and Cathy also worked together in ''WesternAnimation/TheLittlePrince,'' respectively voicing Jouna and Okoda. As for Colin Murdock (Superbook's voice actor), he's worked with Sam and Cathy on ''WesternAnimation/{{Rollbots}}'', where Colin voiced Bunto and Vertex, Sam voiced Spin, and Cathy voiced Penny.** Brian Dobson (Michael) and his brother Paul Dobson (Lucifer) have quite the resumes as voice actors, including several works of anime and Western animation that they've been in together. Their anime works include ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' (Brian voiced Super Buu and Kid Buu, while Paul voiced Zarbon, Dodoria and Dr. Brief), ''Anime/TransformersCybertron'' (Brian voiced Red Alert and Clocker, while Paul voiced Landmine and Overhaul), ''Anime/{{Inuyasha}}'' (Brian voiced Muso and Paul voiced Naraku and Myoga), and ''Anime/BlackLagoon'' (they both voiced various characters). On the Western animation side, both are ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' alumni alongside Sam, Shannon and Cathy (Brian voiced Sky Beak and Paul voiced Commander Ironhead and several other characters), plus the brothers worked with Shannon and Cathy in ''WesternAnimation/TheLittlePrince'' (Brian voiced Caracatus and Paul voiced the Snake), and they've also voiced several characters in ''WesternAnimation/{{Ninjago}}'' (with Brian voicing characters like Zugu and the Soul Archer, and Paul voicing the likes of Warden Noble and Cecil Putnam) and two minotaurs in ''WesternAnimation/TheHollow''.


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