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1* DevelopmentHell: The film fell into this. It didn't get much new stuff for it announced after the first trailer in 2014. Many fans were expecting the film to be cancelled after ''WesternAnimation/RatchetAndClank'' was a BoxOfficeBomb. Unsurprisingly, it was canceled as a film. It was confirmed in 2017, however, that [[ a TV series will be made instead]].≤** Unfortunately, the TV show seems to be falling into this as well, as it was once announced to have an October 2019 release but has not yet aired for unknown reasons.≤* TheOtherDarrin: In the teaser trailer for the film, Sly is voiced by Creator/IanJamesCorlett as opposed to Kevin Miller. Itís unknown if this would have been changed during the filmís development as a response to backlash, of if any form of this trope would occur for the TV series.


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