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1* InconsistentDub: In the original German dub, Yoyo says that he is a hero of thousands adventures, always have. Doc Croc is described as scientist, nature reseacher and private learner.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: In several countries, the show didn't get a full DVD release. There's [=GT=] Media's 2007 13-disc ''The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm'' boxset of the episodes, but that's kinda it for a full series release in the States. * NoExportForYou: Hasn't aired in many countries. While [=MainStreet=] Entertainment distributed the English dub in the United States, it was only available via an in-house children's cable on-demand service from Charter Communications over there.** Despite that the first two seasons aired in Finland, third season never did. Then again there was a ten year gap between in second and the third season.


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