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Context Trivia / SilentHill3

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1* TheDanza: Heather is named after the actress who voiced her. Her last name is not given in the credits, giving an impression of the [[CharacterAsHimself character as herself]], to the point that early promotional materials had her character name listed using the actress' full name, Heather Morris[[note]][[NamesTheSame No relation]] to the ''Series/{{Glee}}'' star[[/note]]. Justified in that listing Heather's ''real'' last name [[spoiler:-- Mason (as in, [[VideoGame/SilentHill1 Harry]]'s daughter) --]] would have [[InterfaceSpoiler spoiled a fairly significant plot point]] that comes about halfway through the game.²* KonamiCode: Used to turn Douglas from a hard-boiled detective into an utterly creepy (almost) nude flasher.²* TheOtherDarrin: For the ''HD Collection'' release, the original voices were redubbed over completely by new actors, much in the same vein as ''VideoGame/SilentHill2''. Unfortunately, unlike that game, there’s no option to switch between the original and new voices.²* RecycledSet: Brookhaven Hospital. You even get to go to the roof, although for Heather there's nothing there but some monsters and ammo.²* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Art director Masahiro Ito [[ revealed]] in a recent interview that the game was originally intended to be a ''rail shooter spinoff'' of all things. While this concept was thankfully scrapped, there was in fact a Silent Hill rail shooter released 4 years later, ''Silent Hill: The Arcade''. ²----


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