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1* CreatorBacklash: Creator/HenryFonda said that of all of the movies he'd made, he liked this one the least.* HeyItsThatPlace: The golf course where Henry Fonda and Tony Curtis are seen playing about 40 minutes into the film was also used as a location that same year for the final screen pairing of Creator/DorisDay and Creator/RockHudson, ''Send Me No Flowers''.* ThoseTwoActors: ** It's the second out of three films to star both Creator/TonyCurtis and Creator/NatalieWood after 1958's ''Kings Go Forth'' and before 1965's ''Film/TheGreatRace''. ** It's also one out of six Curtis did with actor Larry Storch, along with ''Who Was That Lady?'' (1960), ''40 Pounds of Trouble'' (1962), ''Captain Newman, M.D.'' (1963), ''Wild and Wonderful'' (1964) and ''The Great Race'' again (also with Wood). * WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** Following Creator/AudreyHepburn's success in ''Film/MyFairLady'', Creator/WarnerBros reportedly tried to sign her to a multi-picture deal that would have included the starring role in this film. She refused, although they still got her husband Creator/MelFerrer to play in it.** Creator/SuzannePleshette was also considered to play the lead role.** Diane [=McBain=] was originally announced for role of a female magazine editor that apparently was written out of the final script.----


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