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1* AscendedFanon: Before the manga was adapted into anime, Minekura wrote up a character profile for the four main characters and jokingly "assigned" Hakkai Creator/AkiraIshida as his voice actor. Once the adaptation is made, guess who actually gets the job to voice Hakkai?²* DecompositeCharacter: Akin to another Sun Wukong/Son Gokuu, the one in this manga shares the original Zhu Bajie/Cho Hakkai's hunger from ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest'', while the ''Saiyuki'' Wujing/Gojou has both the "lust for women" part and "fights with Wukong/Gokuu" part.²* TheOtherDarrin: Like you wouldn't believe.²** For ADV's dub of the first series, which was recorded in Houston, some of the English actors would change in the first two seasons. Dokugakuji changed near the end of the first season from Jason Miesse to Mike [=MacRae=] and Shawn Taylor replaced Karen Coffer as the Merciful Goddess for three episodes as well. The difference for the latter was more noticeable than most since Taylor used a strong English accent that Coffer lacked.²** Dr. Huang was voiced by Kelli Cousins (who also provided the vocals for Hakuryu) up until episode twenty-nine. She was replaced by Rozie Curtis for her last number of episodes in Season Two.²** Averted in the movie for the most part, except for Kanan where Creator/SashaPaysinger replaced Creator/AllisonKeith in the role.²** Even minor and unnamed characters would fall prey to this. The Fake Hakkai was voiced by Creator/JohnSwasey in Season One before Creator/MikeVance replaced him for reasons unknown (John was still voicing FillerVillain Zenon at the time). Also, the Merciful Goddess' messenger Egan was voiced by Creator/JarrodHuffaker before being replaced with Creator/AdamConlon.²*** A boy who assists the Sanzo party late into Season One was first voiced by a young Creator/CameronBautsch and was replaced by Creator/SamFoster (former ADR director Steven Foster's son) less than two episodes later.²** While none of the original actors reprised their roles for Geneon's dub of the sequel series, which was recorded at Burbank's Creator/BangZoomEntertainment, was mostly consistent except for a few cases:²*** Creator/CindyRobinson replaced M.A. Lovestadt as Lirin in Gunlock. The change was rather subtle that less trained ears never noticed the difference.²*** Creator/KirkThornton replaced Creator/SteveKramer briefly as Jiroshin at the end of Reload; Kramer would return for his remaining appearances in Gunlock.²*** A rather odd case of this would be young Sanzo/Koryuu. He was voiced by Creator/MonaMarshall in some early filler episodes, but later during the God arc, the voice is done by Creator/MelaLee (who primarily voiced Yaone). Instead, Marshall is now voicing the titular God as a child, meaning that she is basically talking to the child version of a character she had previously recorded for in the same season. Confusing, right? It comes full circle in Gunlock where Marshall is back to voicing young Sanzo. All in all a rather strange choice since Lee could have just as easily voiced young God instead.²** In the Gaiden OVA, while Sentai Filmworks was able to regain all of the original four leads, all secondary characters were recast, most likely due to them either retiring/being unavailable. Karen Coffer was replaced with Creator/ShelleyCaleneBlack as the Merciful Goddess (she'd previously voiced Yaone, who didn't make an appearance in the OVA anyway). It continued with Creator/LeraldoAnzaldua replacing JasonKonopisos as Gojun, Creator/JohnSwasey (Zenon) replacing Creator/BenPronsky as Li Toten as well as Creator/ToddWaite as Jiroshin, and Creator/ClintBeckham replacing Creator/TonyOller as Nataku (the last of these being justified since the original actor had long since gone through puberty). The Japanese version also had this, with Creator/HirokiTochi replacing Creator/KazuhiroYamaji as Gojun and Creator/MinoruInaba replacing Creator/TsutomuIsobe as Toten²** The Japanese side was no less immune to this trope, as the original O[=V=]As had a completely separate cast from the TV series. Creator/WataruTakagi was Sanzo, Creator/KosukeOkano was Goku, Creator/KoichiYamadera was Gojyo, Creator/YukiMatsuda was Kougaiji, Creator/TomokoIshimura was Yaone, Creator/YumiTouma was Gyokumen, Creator/MasashiSugawara was Dokugakuji, and Creator/SakuraNogawa was Lirin. They would be replaced by Creator/ToshihikoSeki, Creator/SoichiroHoshi, Creator/HiroakiHirata, Creator/TakeshiKusao, Creator/YukoMinaguchi, Creator/ShinobuSato, Creator/DaiMatsumoto, and Creator/KaoruMorota respectively. Only Creator/AkiraIshida would reprise his role as Hakkai in the TV series. Controversially, Minekura stated in an interview that enjoyed Yamadera's performance as Gojyo better. (Though she also wrote in one of the artbooks that she "likes him so much it vexes" her.)²** In Reload and Gunlock, there would be more recasts, with Creator/JurotaKosugi replacing Matsumoto as Dokugakuji and the late Creator/TomokoKawakami replacing Morota as Lirin. Creator/ReiIgarashi would take over for Creator/MisaWatanabe as the Merciful Goddess and Creator/MitsuruMiyamoto would replace Creator/KenNarita as Koumyou Sanzo.²** A peculiar version goes to Hakuryu, who was voiced by Creator/KaoruMorota in the original seasons (also Lirin). The vocal effects were provided on and off by Creator/TaeOkajima and Creator/EisukeKotanizawa in Reload, but in Gunlock, only Okajima provided the voice. The Japanese effects were retained in the English dub as opposed to letting an English actor/actress redo them, like ADV's Creator/KelliCousins.²** Another minor change was Creator/KahoruSasajima taking over Creator/YukoKobayashi as Koryuu and Creator/MasayoHosono replacing Creator/KayuSuzuki as young Gojyo.²** ''Reload Blast'' has Creator/DavidMatranga, Creator/GregAyres, and Creator/VicMignogna reprising their roles as Sanzo, Goku, and Kougaiji respectively, however, Hakkai is now voiced by Creator/MicahSolusod (as Braden Hunt hasn't done anything since 2011) and due to the 2014 controversy that pretty much ended Creator/IllichGuardiola's career, Gojyo is now voiced by Creator/IanSinclair, and also voices his previous incarnation Kenren.²*** Dokugakuji was recast on both fronts yet again with Jin Yamanoi replacing Jurota Kosugi and Creator/JoshGrelle replacing Mike [=MacRae=]. Kosugi has gotten too expensive and [=MacRae=] has mostly moved on from voicing in anime.²* ScheduleSlip: The series has been running since 1997 but has yet to be completed and has gone on Hiatus many times due to 1. author Kazuya Minekura is also doing another manga titled ''Wild Adapter'' and 2. her ill health which led to her having a hysterectomy and a jaw operation to remove a tumor on her right upper jawbone!²* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/VicMignogna was initially called in to audition for (and more than likely be cast for) Gojyo in the dub for Gensoumaden, but he backed down from the offer because of Gojyo's excessive use of profanity, so he instead auditioned and was cast to play Kougaiji.²** The original title for Gensoumaden in the dub, was going to be called "Paradise Raiders," but they decided to keep it as Saiyuki.


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