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1* CreatorBacklash: While writer Richard Pursel still loves the episode, he has made it clear that he does '''not''' like the parts with the brutally abused and suicidal frog, which were added into the episode by John K despite him being ''strongly'' against it and vocal about it.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: This episode was originally written in 1991 during the original series's run. For better or worse, [[SavedFromDevelopmentHell it was saved for the Adult Party Cartoon.]]* WriterRevolt: Creator/JohnKricfalusi and Richard Pursel conceived the episode out of their frustrated believe that there were only a handful of TV episode concepts that had simply been repeated over and over. A ZanyCartoon character going to therapy was the only thing they could think of that had never been done before.* WriteWhoYouKnow: Ren's father is a combination of John K's own stern father (who voices the character) and his Unitarian minister grandfather.----


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