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Context Trivia / RedDwarfSeasonVIIBeyondAJoke

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1* ActingForTwo: Creator/RobertLlewellyn played both Kryten and Able. The original plan was to have Kryten play a minimal role, but rewrites led to him doing double duty.
2* DeletedScene: Scenes cut from the episode:
3** As Kochanski suggests to put the lobster Kryten has just cooked back into the oven for a few hours as they all go into "''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' Land", the Cat instead suggests to Kryten that he puts the lobster into stasis since Cat may never again emerge from ''Pride and Prejudice'' Land once he meets the Bennett sisters.
4** Inside ''Pride and Prejudice'' Land, Lister suggests that the giggly Bennett sisters have been "hitting the wacky baccy", and Kochanski says that's just how girls were back in them days.
5** A differently angled and slightly extended take on the aftermath of Kryten entering the simulation and blowing up the gazebo with the tank.
6** In the aftermath of Kryten's heads exploding and Lister and Kris trying to fix them, Cat enters the room. Lister asks him where he has been, and Cat says he been looking in the mirror for nine hours.
7** As Kochanski suggests finding a new head for Kryten, Lister mocks her saying 'why not phone up "Heads-U-Like" and get them to deliver. Get one for Anne Boleyn while you're at it'.
8** The Cat discusses his phobia of vampires, since they have no reflection in mirrors and this is his worst nightmare.
9** As Lister, the Cat and Kochanski hide from the Simulant Trader under an old quilt, Kochanski tells them both to get their hands off her. After the Simulant has gone by, Cat says that he must the cologne of "Corpse for Men".
10** The conversation between the Simulant Trader and the Dwarfers in disguise as Kinitawowi is significantly extended. He believes them to be 'midget GELFs', and seemingly falls for it, offering them a batch of soup "fresh this year". He accuses them of the being the thieves that stole from him last time the Simulant was in AR, but luckily, finds it funny (ironically his real Kinitawowi partner was ransacking ''Starbug'' at the time). Lister asks the Simulant why he hates humans so much, but then fails to defend humanity for anything worthwhile it has ever done.
11** More of Kochanski and Able telling Kryten not to access his hidden files, as the Simulant gives him the code.
12** Kryten tells Lister that he has found some books under Lister's bed, and Lister admits an "education thing I'm going through, I'll grow out of it", begging Kryten not to tell anyone since it will destroy his image.
13** Able's escape from ''Starbug'' with the Escape Pod, and sacrificing his life to save the others, is shown in full whereas it was barely seen in the televised episode. This includes Able going through the Starbug ducts, entering the Escape Pod and activating the nega-drive before he dies.
14** The ending to the episode in "Curryworld" originally had extra dialogue, including the Bennett sisters describing exactly what curries they are getting, and Lister singing.
15* PropRecycling:
16** The model for the Escape Pod which crashes at the end of the episode with Able in it, is the same model of Escape Pod that takes Rimmer back to Red Dwarf in "[[Recap/RedDwarfSeasonVTerrorform Terrorform]]".
17** The Kinitawowi suits worn by Cat and Kochanski are the same Kinitawowi suits made for the GELFS in "[[Recap/RedDwarfSeasonVIEmohawkPolymorphII Emohawk: Polymorph II]]".
18* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
19** In the original script, Kryten was a tatty-looking butler in Creator/JaneAusten World, and had a much smaller role in the episode. There would have included an appearance by Spare Head 3 as Kryten's new permanent head, before the search for a replacement speech chip led the crew to a GELF scrapyard. They get the chip - and pick up the body of another Mechanoid - in return for helping the female GELF dealer remove an aching tooth. Able was also much different in this early script, with a "know-all" drive that made him far more capable than Kryten, at least until his apparent help with the navicomp put them in harm's way. In amongst Kochanski trying to teach Cat to read, the episode was much more about Kryten's jealousy over this new, superior droid.
20** The episode was originally going to end with Kryten's "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" line as he carried Able's body away from the wrecked pod. However, the studio audience audibly groaned and jeered at the line (which was left in the finished episode), causing Doug Naylor to realize they couldn't end the episode on such a note, and forcing them to hastily throw together the "Curryworld" scene after the main shoot had finished.
21* WriterOnBoard: Robert Llewellyn has said that Kryten blowing up Pride and Prejudice Land was due to his own dislike of costume dramas.