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1* TheCastShowoff: Chris Barrie shows off his skills as an impressionist when Rimmer takes on the personalities of crewmembers.* CreatorsFavoriteEpisode: Norman Lovett named this as his favourite episode.* DeletedScene: ** An extended sequence of a malfunctioning Rimmer impersonating many more of the dead Red Dwarf crew outside the Holographic Projection Suite. Whilst Rimmer begs for help his voice and actions imitate Holly (saying that he is mad); Captain Hollister (asking Lister for his cat); a deep-voiced Scottish man; a Brummie (Birmingham accent); a begging and praying animated Italian man; and a woman with a high-pitched London accent.** The full length '6am wake-up call' discussion between Rimmer and Queeg was cut for time.* NoStuntDouble: Creator/CraigCharles performed his own stunts in this episode where Lister is thrown from his bunk as the ship is hit by a meteor, and then when he flies over the console in the explosion.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: An early draft of the script included the Wilma Flintstone discussion between Lister and Cat which will be later seen in "[[Recap/RedDwarfSeasonIIIBackwards Backwards]]".* WritingByTheSeatOfYourPants: Grant Naylor later admitted they had reached the end of the script without knowing how the plot would be resolved.


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